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Fifteen die in Cameroon goldmine collapse

APAnews | At least 15 goldminers have died, following the collapse of a goldmine in Ngoe Ngoe town, eastern Cameroon, sources told APA on Thursday.

The victims, like the people in surrounding communities, have as their main activity the search for gold.

According to the newspaper Le Messager and the weekly Repères, the mine where the tragedy occurred was “abandoned by Chinese operators, without proper arrangements, contrary to the regulations in force.”

According to the Forests and Rural Development Association (FODER), which investigated in the field, “43 people died at the mining sites in the east of Cameroon in 2017 in the space of ten months.”

Although popular in the east of Cameroon, placer mining is an obstacle to the regulation of the sector through the appropriate structures put in place by the government.

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  1. Terrible. Don’t blame Chinese businesses! They do what Cameroun permits. There is a whole ministry to regulate this sector and ensure safety and certification of work sites. Ask the Ministry of Mines, Power and Technology Development – is it more in power than in office? What is the minister actually doing? Is he only running supply chain to make golden statues? Do safe work manuals exists to permit artisan mining? Was this worksite certified? Sealed off until made safe? Needless loss of lives.

  2. A gov,t that protect it,s own People. Was that area not suppose to protected from the local Population?
    They will rather send Military to go kill innocent cameroonians ín S W and NW regions of the Country.
    May their souls rest in peace.God help Cameroon

  3. In his book power and strategy in an inter linked economy .Japanese strategist kenichi ohmea says countries that posses raw materials will continue suffering from what he calls supplyer mentality if they dont think about creating added value.to demonstrate his point he use Malaysia a country with abondant natural resources that was complaining of exploitation by multinational companies taping it’s resources at imposed prices.but once it shifted from the supplyer mentality to manufacturing.it became one of the fastest growing economies.this I to say we must first cultivate our land,build companies,generate money in the process to exploit the resources beyond with the objective to process the resources to finished products.