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First lawyers and teachers, now doctors are striking in Cameroon

This is the second time doctors have taken part in a strike in Cameroon this year.

Doctors in Cameroon are taking part in a strike demanding better working conditions and pay. The doctors union, known as SYMEC, called on practitioners nationwide to take part in the strike, which began on Monday (15 May) and is set to continue until 17 May.

This is the second time doctors are taking part in such strikes in Cameroon this year. The first action occurred in April, with reports saying doctors had left patients without critical care in the capital Yaounde.

The High Commission of Cameroon has not responded to a request for comments on the ongoing strike.

However, in April, the government deemed the previous strike as illegal as SYMEC is not a legally recognised union, something the union denies.

Authorities are also believed to have banned SYMEC President, PierreYves Bassong from taking part in TV programmes.

Cameroon is already witnessing anti-government protests and strikes in its English speaking areas. Lawyers, teachers and students in the Southwest and Northwest provinces, Cameroon’s only English-speaking regions, have been striking since October 2016 against perceived marginalisation and the use of French in courts and schools in the provinces.

Amid the ongoing unrest, some groups have taken to the streets demanding a return to a federal state system, the breakaway of the Northwest and Southwest provinces and the restoration of Southern Cameroons, also known as the Republic of Ambazonia, a British mandate during colonisation.

The Cameroonian government is facing condemnation for the way it is handling protests, amid fears at least six people have been killed during rallies. Dozens have been arrested, with rights groups calling on authorities to investigate the fatalities.

Cameroon has denied allegations of excessive force by the military and police to quell protests and has rejected calls for a referendum on a possible return to a federal system.


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  1. Using Kondengui as a lockup to quell popular disaffection –teachers, lawyers, judges, journalists – has shown its limitations. An alternative outlet is therefore called for.

  2. It is dangerous now because gov`t is in a tight and dangerous situation.
    Dem don see wetin.

  3. Yaounde has disagreed with a lot of us how the State can be re-organized to accommodate everyone with their sets of beliefs and traditions as well as cultural backgrounds. In disagreement and disapproval, Yaounde has unleashed terror and not counter arguments, using the law to create fear, panic and confusion which has finally turn into resistance and complicated the situation.Now everything have turn around like a boomerang and the pieces will be difficult to put together.

  4. IBT, les enseignants et avocats travaillent dans ma région d‘origine qu‘ils soient anglos ou pas. Si les docteurs anglos veulent grever, ils sont libres (au SW & NW pas ailleur). Ce sont leurs gens qui souffriront & c‘est leur souhait. Es ce que Biya se soigne au pays? Les anglos sont libres de revendiquer le système médical anglo saxon. Et puis quoi? Brulez tout, cassez tout mais au SW & NW. Si votre mère là aux francos ou au territoire franco, vous allez voir ce que vous cherchez. On saura QUI EST KMER & QUI EST BIAFRAIS.

    • Please, we don’t have to be cynical about this. Doctors in Cameroon are on strike. They are demanding;
      1) The establishment of universal healthcare coverage for all Cameroonians.
      2) The GOC stop posting young doctors without salaries for the first 2 to 3years of their career.
      3) The retirement age for doctors be moved from 55 to 65years, amongst others.
      It’s completely absurd that in a country that is in dire need of doctors, we send them on retirement at 55 and keep others in service up till 65years.
      Universal healthcare coverage is the key to solving the problems of our healthcare system.

    • This is no issue of Anglophones or Francophone s. It has to do with the survival of our healthcare system.

    • It is sad when you read such incoherent messages from people like Mbamois. It tells your level of education and about Cameroon as a whole. I really feel sorry for this fellow because you don’t even know where you can start educating him. It was probably the right thing for you to move to the UK to have some education about the english system of government. But I think it has not really yielded much to you. I will stop here and ask you to carefully examine yourself or seek expert advice.

      Take care and hope to read more maturedly from you with ways forward to help the nation.

  5. @Mbamois
    If they ask u Francophones what u are fighting over.What are u going to say?Is S.C your territory.It is becos of this same people u called Biafra,that the S.C teritory came to CMR,not becos of francophones.As a matter of fact,it was only the anglophones that voted during the plebicite of 1961,to ensure that the S.C territory comes to CMR.The francophones did not take part in that plebiscite,as a matter of fact,the francophones did not make any contribution for that territory to come to CMR.But today,it is u francophones who owns the territory and the anglophones have become biafras.

  6. Ambazonians must gain total Independence from LRC in order to live a civilised life, the entire country will need to strike in order to force a colonial mentality regime to change, which is holding the people backwards with bribery, corruption, embezellement, oppression and brutality, it is impossible because the arrogance and pretentious francophones are happy to live in slums,accept oppression,beggars from the regime and fearful of positive change, this strike won’t make any difference as most francophones will accept bribes from the minister and crawl back in their caves as usual

    • TRUE @ ndolloz. Remember that Anglos were never given a competitive opportunity
      to enter these top schhols to qualify like the frogs.
      To this end and with the DNA of bribery, corruption, tribalism etc. their strike will be
      `mami foul cry`.
      The few scape goats – Anglos in the profession, should be very careful.

  7. Prophet Makondjoh China

    Cameroon has no government.What exists as a government is a mafia called the Esingam mafia comprising of members of Paul Biya’s tribe.They don’t care about the average Cameroonian and to their twisted imagination they own Cameroon including Ambazonia.It is this false claims of superiority that made them to use excessive force to stop the protests in Southern Cameroons.Unfortunately for them their time is over and no matter what they do they will still end up as failures.

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