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Football: Hugo Bross sacked as Cameroon coach

APAnews | Hugo Bross, the Belgian coach of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon has been sacked.

Bross’s dismissal on Monday by the country’s Football Normalization Committee was over a run of poor results by the Indomitable Lions who will miss out on the next football World Cup.

The Belgian was hired to coach the Indomitable Lions on February 2016 and led the team to the 2017 African Nations Cup.

He however failed to qualify the team to next year’s World Cup in Russia, succumbing the spot to the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

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  1. This is ridiculous….His contract was to end in February. Why not wait till then and then simply not renew? Wel, who knows the terms of the contract regarding firing? maybe the early termination fees would have been cheaper than paying him his monthly wages till February?

    Never have I agreed with the sacking of a coach because I always emphasized that our problems are fundamental and not directly linked to the coach. Poor structure and management have a more negative impact. BUT in the Broos’ case, it was clear that his impact to the team as a group and players individually had plateaued if not diminished.

  2. Korup Forest

    The truth behind it is that he has NOT BEEN PAID since 6 months. Not only him but also the staff. He gave them till December 15th to arrange things but they did not. Instead of this they sacked him. Anyway you must be a fool to coach an African team as it always ends this way. You don’t get paid. Always money stories. He is not the first victim and will not be the last.

  3. Who is sacking who?stupid fecafool.he won afcon with nothing and this is what he gets

  4. who cares,even they sacked themselves,they are a bunch of heavy thieves,his lawyers will deal with them,why not just wait feb and not renew his contract?stupid decisions .Idiots.