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Former Ghana president denies report that he called for Biya’s ousting after Jammeh

Former Ghana President Jerry John Rawlings has denied a report published by French media Radio France International (RFI) on Saturday saying he called for the ousting of Cameroon’s President Paul Biya.

The report by RFI journalist Jean Baptiste Placca in French alleged that the former president had called on ECOWAS to send troops to Cameroon like they did in The Gambia to oust Biya.

Rawlings in a statement on Sunday described the assertion as a false report and that he “granted no interview to any local or international media on the subject matter.”

“We condemn in the strongest terms the attempt by RFI to smear his reputation with such falsehood,” the statement added and threatened to take legal action.

Jerry John Rawlings
The RFI audio reported with its accompanying text have not been deleted from the website as at Monday and no statement has been written by the French media in that regard.

Former President Rawlings first came to power as a Flight Lieutenant in 1979 after a coup d’etat and after handing power to a civilian government, took back control in 1981.

He resigned from the army and ushered in a democratic era in Ghana where he won elections twice since 1992 to finish his two-term limit.


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  1. It is information from the same rfi that our ignorant culturally Batared masses rely to call our leaders dictators. We even saw CNN bombarding lies against meh-taah-kuh(donald trump). Why not rfi kikikiki

    • @ Bah acho… Can you name the lies that CNN had against Trump?

      • Calling him racist, anti Islam, the devil who want to dismantle peaceful otan,the enemy who want to negotiate equal relationship with terrorist Russia, the coward who describe the last us administration as being irresponsible and blind for arming rebels in Syria to out criminal assad in their words. But which of his declarations is a lie?

        • @Bah Acho……You imagined all that in you sick psychopathic brain?. Waooo. So many trolls on the internet.

        • @ Bah Acho. Everything you wrote came from Trump’s mouth, not from CNN.

  2. We do not care! You peoples should mind your business. Where is Ivory coast today? We cameroonians are better than all of you…when the time come we will rise and stand up against all ya muppet from corporation in western world. I wish cameroonians can stop working completely for all theses corporations untill we are completely free…we have good land and will not starve the chineses did it etc…..Greed is what is killing us all! and that is what Capitalism do to all of us!

    Capitalism = greed!!!

    • When will that time come? That sounds that the voice of a weak Muppet who has become acquainted to living under tyranny. For every one that time maybe different. For us english Cameroon, that time is now. You can either join us or we will do it for you. But we will not live one more year under that tyranny of Bi Mvondo Biya. Blame all you ills on the west while you live there and enjoy the fruits of the blood and sweet of their ancestor who gave their live fighting for freedom so you can come here and live freely. Have you ever asked how many lives both black and white that had to be sacrificed for the right to live freely in the west. Their freedom did not come easily. Read you some history boy!

    • ET….is trump saying the truth or lies as projected by propaganda media groups with cnn at the head?

      • @ Bah acho. Trump is a professional liar. He lies every 5 min and when CNN called him out for his lies he goes after them.

  3. THERE IS GOD OHHHHH United States

    The history of Cameroon will be rewritten and Biya will be on exile pretty soon to join his gay Muslim friend from The Gambia. What’s the point of even going to school in that rubbish country ? No school for Five years and west cameroon will be fine. To hell wit Biya and his French thieves. Sooo old and soo DUMB .. E never see nothing..!!

  4. Things are taking a funny turn.
    Change can only come within.
    Changing BIYA for someone else might change things.
    The problem is we “Cameroonian”

    • Tribal trepidation at best. The Beti clique is quick to criticize a news they never acknowledged or posted in the first place. Tell your tribal uncle that he can sign all the decrees there is in the world but we won’t comply. Remind him the northists once also had the same misconception. You here ma Ndzana Rutaganda aka Mbappe.

      • I was hoping you could add value to your comments.
        You are just a frustrated bonobo roaming this site all day long with nothing meaningful to add except ranting against ..

        • @Mbappe,

          you do not want change in that french plantation. you are a beneficiary and defender of the status quo. evolues like you who are paid to spread falsehoods and distract from the failures of your arrangement with france are the true traitors of africa.

          you are an unrepentant genocidaire feeding on the blood and sweat of africans whom your masters in elysee hold in captive

    • Read :.., might not change things.

  5. let us not dream.there is nothing showing that the current president can lose any election in cameroon and that a coup or a push can oust him.the guy is talented and very wise today many may not understand him but later they will see his utility.i am a christian born but i would like to say that THE IS GOD OHHHHH IS Instead gay and dumb for insulting how muslim brothers

  6. Jerry didn’t know he was on media. Did he?

  7. Biya is the worse president in Africa..
    This man is just a shame not only to Cameroon but to Africa..
    This is a man who has been in the political Arena for many years but have nothing to deliver than changing Cameroon to a tribalistic, and racist country..
    He took people from the forest that have no patriotic feeling, no sense of purpose and direction, gave them lots of money and all they could do is buy houses in the west, save in the west and make the white man laugh and make a mockery of the black man……

    He needs to be chased out of Africa..
    he should be eliminated and be driven to Europe..
    He does not even deserve a jail in Africa….

    Such dirty Africans should be buried in Europe when they die…

  8. Dr Rawlings peace can only reign in Africa if brave men like you point a direct finger at these dictators! Ghana is what it is today because of you! We of Southern Cameroons are held hostage by Paul Biya’s junta. Please stand up for your people, history will remember you just as it remembers Nelson Mandela! Biya should not be in a palace he should be Charles Taylor’s neighbor where people see the world only by peeping through bars! I know you have to deny these things officially but deep down in your heart you know that people like Biya should file up behind Hitler in the bad side of history

  9. There is no smoke without fire , I believe J J Rawlings made this statement but for diplomatic purpose he had to deny through a written statement , he is correct Biya should go

  10. ….nevertheless, if JJ Rawlings asserted that, we really appreciate it because that’s what is needed, if this beautiful country can ever change. At least if Rawlings did, his voice may help to galvanize weak hearted comrades. Cameroon needs help!

  11. Even if they want to use force not the ECOWAS military .Our military is too strong for a combine ECOWAS force I tell you .maybe UN ?

  12. It is amazing how some on this forum thing “democracy” will solve all problems in Cameroon.
    As I have been saying the problem is not actually the singleton BIYA, the problem is the system
    In place in Cameroon.
    A lot of folks still don’t get it;BIYA could leave but if the system is not change same issues will remain with the next hit.
    Dear Cameroonian don’t be naive by thinking a change in personality at the helm will make all issues go away.
    1) how many political(opposition) parties practice real free elections to change their leadership on a regular basis. If they don’t what makes you believe the will be any different if in power.
    2) who can assert here BIYA cannot win free el toons in Cameroon.
    3) the problem is the “Cameroon mentality” and we have seen a bunch of people outside of Cameroon and still receiving salaries from the GOC and spend all day pretending to be on the right side of things while doing the exact opposite.
    4) we should reinvent the ducational system in Cameroon to teach some values to the masses and decentralize poets from Yaoundé to the locals and this will bring accounts to the elected officials.
    5) separation or not will not solve the NW and SW issues in the long run. Don’t be short sighted, what will a micro state do and at this point no one can assert the masses want that separation. It seems to be the will of the expatriates mostly because of some personal frustrations with their lives. The therefore believe separation will bring peace to their miseries.
    5) the solution is to be inclusive is this struggle for hardship I.e bring aboard all cameroonians and fight as cameroonians instead of “English speaking” …..

    And way that was my 5 cents

    • Mbappe,
      This is what we actually want on this forum, that as people who are younger than the ruling clique in Cameroon and who might or might not be called upon to make decisions for the country one day, some of you should go beyond the cat calls, taunts and interjections you are noted for and lay out your own vision of things. Whenever you shoot off your mouth as you have done now, nobody no longer doubts why some of you prefer to resort to taunts. But you have to keep trying, may be you can perfect the art of organising your thoughts and turn over a new leaf.

      Late Andze Tsoungui once said laws are made by people and are broken by people. Civilisations are crafted by men of vision. Struggling too hard to demonstrate that Biya is not the problem is a laughable piece of publicity. You cannot decry the fact that people continue to pay out salaries to people who don’t work under Biya’s watch, yet you think he’s not the problem. Biya is the system and the system is Biya, that is why we say he incarnates the institutions of the state. For instance, he so far the remaining politician who put most of the institutions we have today in place. He was brought home two years after independence to help in crafting the new state. He was there when the two entities went to Foumban and he is the one who killed the united state and signed into effect a republic. He’s the one who first put up a fight about granting multipartism and this led to the loss of life in Bamenda and ghost towns around the country. He’s the one who transformed the multiparty system into a one party system by transforming major politicians into political eunuchs u der the canopy of presidential majority. Under him the assembly has been a lob sided affair with his party having 150 men and the others barely a handful. To compound his watering down of the democratic procesd, he unilaterally stitched the constitution to perrenise himself in office. This is a treasonable act , but since le Cameroon c’est le Cameroon, all establishment parrots like you can do is make excuses and abet his actions.

      I think you are honesty challenged, because somebody like you who proudly ask the military to go out and kill your compatriots just because they raise their voices about inequality cannot suddenly start complaining about the system. The system you called on to go out and hit the people cannot be bad! Let’s take a closer look at your rant!
      1. Biya forestall competition by modifying the constitution and having Elecam. Also he has his presidential
      Majority where people like Tchiroma who once spat fire against him have been tethered.
      2. He has the knife and the yam and no one can beat him with that.
      3. Really, it is the Cameroon mentality. Biya’s minister of public health carried bags of money, walked up to the counter of the Douala airport and left the country. Money has repeatedly been stolen in the home of the present minister of health. Biya signed off on Essimi Menye’s fictitious medical evacuation and he absconded. How else do you want to spin this one bro?
      4. You want decentralisation ? How can that happen when you don’t take criticisms kindly, when you call in police to silent protesters? Are not the same man? You want it completely centralised man!
      5. Equatorial Guinea is a micro state, Singapore, a place I have been to about 10 times is a micro state and they are doing things. Did someone inform you that only the micro state near La Republic will fail? Where is E.Guinea?
      You have a word, bonobo that you use when you go off, and this doesn’t show you off as someone who particularly likes to bring people on board. You however did a great thing to write more than six lines, it has given an insight into the workings of your warped brains, but keep up!

      • @De Pimento
        Well written bro. A leader leads by example. If cleansing has to be done then from above. As long as Biya’s only worry is conserving power with a selected few we can not move forward.

        • Leavam bro, whether kontri ku just mysteriously start develop yi self without the ideas and input of its leader don pass my power.

      • De Pimento

        Remember this proverb: “If you try to cleanse others, like soap, you will waste away in the process”.

        Dispensing this type of message to this particularly obtuse individual is like building without a foundation. Look no farther than his first sentence above to confirm his dyslexic disposition: “It is amazing how some on this forum THING democracy will solve all problems in Cameroon”. This is hardly an isolated spelling error! That is the substance emanating from one who claims to have two legs to stand on and correct my language.

        • Ok big PROF i am not on this forum to impress anyone with my english skills. There were some vocabulary errors I give you that.
          I wrote this piece while in a thread mill on a mobile device, so please chill.
          As long as you the meaning of what I am writing I am cool with that.
          I did not your contributions in your reply.
          The guy in China at least brought forth some arguments to refute mine and I respect that