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GCE Board Chair promises to pay Examiners as threats to boycott 2018 session heighten

Journal du Cameroun | The Board Chair of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) Professor Peter Abety, says Examiners who marked the 2017 session of the examination will be paid “on or before January 20, 2018.
The GCE Board Chair made the statement while presiding over the 49th Ordinary Session of the GCE Board’s Council that held in the conference room of the Board in Buea, on Wednesday, December 20, 2017.
The Council session was dedicated to the examination and adoption of the 2018 budget and the 2018 GCE examination registration.

The GCE Board budget that was adopted stood at FCFA 6,454,000,000. “However, other very important matters were examined; including the out-of-station allowances owed Examiners who marked the 2017 GCE Board Examinations.

The Council, after considering the efforts made this far by the Registrar and the Chairman to follow up with the Ministry of Secondary Education to have this debt expunged, resolved that the 2017 GCE out-of-station allowances owed Examiners, which stands at FCFA 1,265,000,000, shall be paid in its totality to the Examiners in January 2018.”

After congratulating the GCE Board Registrar for orderly presentation of documents, the Examiners for their patience and profound understanding for taking part in the marking of the 2017 examinations and calling on Teachers “to continue their sacerdotal assignment of teaching the children with diligence, abnegation, commitment and high sense of sacrifice, the Council called on parents to ensure that they register their children for the 2018 examinations before the deadline of December 29, 2017.

The promised made by the GCE Board Chair that the Examiners who marked the 2017 session of the GCE examinations will be paid on or before January 20, 2018, came almost one month after the Examiners threatened to boycott the 2018 marking session, if their money was not paid.

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  1. Ok so GCE Board still exists ?????

  2. Abety is a Fraud.
    Supporting this gangster regime.
    What happened to payments?

  3. A failed system imposed on a people.

  4. Talk about the payment for last year’s GCE marking comes up now only because another GCE season is around the corner ! Smells of fake business.

    • Last year you were amongst the driving misleading force telling people on this platform that the school year will be blank, that they must stop educating themselves . You have started again please !!!! I Know They call you Prof or what ever please don’t start again you are the idol of many Anglophones here ooooo.

      • @ Colby
        You display palpable aspects of the typical school dropout trying to catch up. A sensible thing would be to return to school, pick up where you left off, and make it to the end. And then reenter the world of ideas.

        For your information I never ever mentioned the idea of a “blank school year”, that being completely out of my area of interest/competence. “Nemo dat quod non habet” (I try not to give what I don’t have). Your guesswork has landed you on the wrong shore.

        • You see how dishonest you are Dinga when You say something stand on it that is the attitude of a mature man.Unfortunately Admin can’t forward that post .

  5. what a shambolic left behind Cameroon education board, GCE? no English country in the 21st century is still sitting GCE, this is one of the causes of the Anglophone problems, the government is failing to empower all the English speaking children a modern, better educational system so that they can be competitive in the world of technology and innovation, shame! shame!

    • The same GCE board provided the best Anglophone elite when it was freshly created today it is famous for the empty coconut heads and no one seems to be question why?