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‘Globe Watch’: How can we stop illegal immigrantion into Europe? [+video]

Unauthorized traveling is creating sleepless nights for most governments across the world. Globe Watch on CRTV puts the question how can we stop illegal immigrants into Europe?

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  1. l,enemi dans la Maison Germany

    when the Europeans were coming to Africa around the 1860s, who gave them visas? Who gave them working permits? and who gave them resident permits?? Was that not illegal migration to Africa too. Have you so soon forgoten that they raped out women, forced our men to work without pay, killed many who resisted and robed our raw material and artistical heritage to develop their Europe with. worst of all, they filled the hands and minds of our people with bibles and ask them to cover their eyes and see God, only to open and see that all our wealth has been carried to Europe. its not illegal to EU

    • @ l,enemi dans la Maison
      By all means, that is a false equivilancy. europeans committed atrocities everywhere they went. Whole native American societies were deliberately wiped out. It was genocide. Lots of atrocities were comitted in far east Asia and indian sub continent too. History is full of such atrocities. How far do we look back in the past just to find people to blame for our incompetence and vices to handle our own affairs? Did european migrants to africa make A Felix Samba to embezzle money to build that palace or goodluck jonathan to sell a $ 500billion for $ 1.3 billion while pple

    • Korup Forest Belgium

      People who always look back will NEVER progress. Germany destroyed half of Europe twice but we build it up again. Germany themselves paid a fortune for the two wars they were responsible for but are one of the strongest countries in the World. African countries wanted independence which was their right but today all those countries look worse than 60 years ago. So who is to blame for that? Tell me how many African countries have really progressed since their independence? Very few. Why is South Africa the most developed African country. I let you answer. Open your eyes and you will see why.

      • @ Korup Park
        Very useful reflections! It is good for a country to have citizens that ask questions, explore unchartered territory and help raise awareness.

        Regrettably these are the exceptions rather than the rule, national policy having submerged the once dynamic people in an ocean of complacence and lethargy, where residual energy and talent are spent on sycophancy for bread and butter issues.

        I am almost always wrong. I hope I am wrong again when someone rises up and turns vision into venture.

  2. The answers to these questions will not come from Europe. But from the leadership and government of the people involved. If our local government can create equal opportunities for all, learn to serve the people and not their tommies, reduce corruption by holding everyone accountable for their actions, invest more in their land rather than outside, create avenues for youths to become leaders of tomorrow rather than have grand parents who are supposed to be taking care of their great grand children, as leaders. Then life would be better for most. On the otherhand, the Europeans should….

    • Rey@ repatriate the 70 year + CAF treasury out of the French one with interest and also reimburse all the high interest these countries had to pay for borrowing their own money?
      Korup Forest@ The Germans still owe that development money of the second war to other countries and they have always paid 1% a year interest on it ,they never paid it back,a German citizen told me this imformation.i agree with enimie dans maison @ king leopald of belgium was the worst example in Congo, the numbers of deaths alone where incredible .

      • @ Phyrne. Not everything a german told u is true. Grow up, Check it urself, germany has paid every thing it owed. That aside, believe me even if all the money africans of all works of life think is owed them is returned to africa, our lot will not change one iota. Our problem is not lack of funds but too much of it maybe.
        Stop looking out to find blame from outside when its clear the problem is us. The 3 poorest countries in the world today where amoungst the first to be indipendent. Haiti, siera leone, liberia. They were never colonised. Y? Use ur head. !!!!!!!!!

  3. Biggy@ first world war bonds paid back only partially (wilmar bonds ? ) if unclaimed you lost the lot in 1959 and intreast paid only on runification , closure of the last trickle in 2010!! and the second world war debt? Further reading Albrct Ritschd who called them the biggest Debit transgressor?
    Sugar/Haiti ,diamonds/Sierra Leone and oil/Liberia of those 3 countires you mention where and still are not exactly for internal use in those countries and they didnt have the ability to built a strong treasury so where did those long term national Taxes on profits end up in ,their treasuries ?