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Go For Full-scale Rehabilitation of Yaounde-Douala Highway!

If a disclosure by Public Works Minister is anything to hang on, then the Yaounde-Douala highway that has been a major headache to public authorities of recent could be rehabilitated in no distant future.

In effect, during his visit on November 23, 2015 to the site of a collapsed culvert between Edea and Pouma which led to the destruction of part of the huge-traffic highway, Minister Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi announced the rehabilitation of the road. Thousands, if not millions, of people who ply the road, some on daily basis, would certainly rejoice over the announcement. Belatedly though, given the advanced state of degradation of the road, that it will be rehabilitated after all ignites hope that the many accidents, largely blamed on the bad state of the road, could be a thing of the past. The huge traffic on the road given its strategic nature of facilitating the movement of goods and persons between Cameroon and Chad and Cameroon and the Central African Republic, could be smoother.

Rehabilitating such a road as important as the Yaounde-Douala highway therefore demands a lot of groundwork. A solid foundation absolutely needs to be laid to ensure that when the road is finally rehabilitated, the problems that necessitated the refurbishment would have been given long-term solutions. The full-scale rehabilitation that the Yaounde-Douala highway badly needs today passes through in-depth feasibility studies. The Ministry of Public Works is government’s engineer and should consequently fully use the powers conferred on it to do a thorough survey of how much the road has deteriorated so as to avoid cosmetic solutions that have been proposed for similar projects elsewhere in the country. The Yaounde-Bafoussam-Bamenda stretch is a bad example that must not be copied, if we must pre-empt chaos.

A comprehensive study will equally determine how much could be used to give users of the Yaounde-Douala highway a road worth the salt. First things must thus be done first so as not to fall in the trap of getting a paltry FCFA 27 billion to rehabilitate a road that needed as much as over FCFA 130 billion like was the case with the Yaounde-Bafoussam-Bamenda stretch. Even before the study is carried out which at term will determine the cost of the project, it wouldn’t require a fortune teller to conclude that huge sums of money will be required to give the Yaounde-Douala highway a facelift. As such, once the amount would have been disclosed, stakeholders will need ample time to source for the financing. Given the financial challenges within and without the country and the limited financial resources amidst huge development needs, it would be better to get the funds handy before taking the rehabilitation works off the ground. With this, we would at least be sure that work will not be halted upon takeoff; that some parts will be out rightly rehabilitated, others given just the opportunity for their potholes to be filled or worse still some stretches scrapped of degraded tar and left in an earth form. Users of the Yaounde-Bafoussam-Bamenda road can tell the story better.

The announced rehabilitation also offers stakeholders in the country the opportunity to possibly widen the road and solve the nagging problem of its narrowness whose nefarious effects have been telling over the years. The least of issues on the road will not also be the procurement strategies. Studies can come up with norms to be applied in the rehabilitation process but the choice of the contractor likewise the control firm would determine whether or not the best practices would be applied, at least to the letter. Strategies are absolutely needed to avoid marrying a contractor and a control firm who would connive to feed fat on the yet-to-be sought resources against national interest which is getting the road in the best of forms within a reasonable period. Failure to do these will be synonymous with compromising the development lift a full-scale and efficient rehabilitation would have brought.

Cameroon Tribune

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  1. @Admin.I heard a ghastly accident occurred on the 18th of November on this highway..No News about that?
    Or was it fabricated by an online newspaper in back home?…….

    Admin: may have happened, heard about it but no official report so far

    • Should we be reading only official reports?

    • @2shillings,

      That was an error on behalf Afrique media and they took the pictures down from their website not before many people had reposted it saying it actually happened. That accident happened sometime in 2013 up north around Garoua side involving a touristique bus.

      I guess admin means that there is no need reporting news that isn’t true or has no proof or backing.

  2. THERE IS GOD OHHHHH United States

    American politicians are claiming that the U.S highways are crumbling and dilapidated and are looking forward to revamp their highways with the so called “transportation bill” meanwhile in Cameroon, Biya and his tribal “empty head chop broke pot” still think a one lane road linking the two largest cities is the best they can offer in 2015/2016. Bullsh!t ..!! Talking about rehabilitation..!Tear that Sh!t down and construct at least 3 lanes in both directions. For God sake it’s almost 2016.
    @ Brothajoe, You sure say those pa them for payee no deserve Na @Alhaji e Sharia law public flogging so ? Happy Holidays guys, we are all one, no Matter all these useless comments on here. All of which doesn’t matter and will change nothing..!
    Maryland people, make wuna no drink and drive ohhhhhh…!!

  3. Mr Talk True Belljoe Reserved

    1-Medicine bag
    2-Mackelele 32
    And the rest of the praise singers go to Cameroon you will be sorry,when you hear of the grand traveux they talk about you will think it will surely happen.
    It’s all a regime and a gang of THIEVES trying to derail foolish and stupid Cameroonians .

  4. Mr Talk True Belljoe Reserved

    There was a loan to build a double carriage WAY so we’re did that loan end up.
    Today THIS fool of a minister is telling the same people they will rehabilitate. THE same road were will money come from?
    I guess it’s another planned loan on the same road right?

    • It seems to me most of you on this forum comment without verification probably because you are not in Cameroon. Definitely, the country is facing lots of problems including siphoning of public funds into private accounts for which the government is trying to bring culprits to justice.
      That notwithstanding and without being an apologist for the successes or failures of this government, let me clarify here that the super highway linking Douala and Yaounde is going on and the level of progress so far means the project will be completed even before time. Rehabilitating the present road is a palliative measure that is very necessary but not aimed at deceiving Cameroonians. To add to this, the Kumba – Mamfe road often announced but not executed is another works in project like so many others. Most of these structural projects will become usable as from 2017 based on current trends.
      Armchair criticism is okay but constructive criticism is what Cameroon needs now more than ever because the present regime will one day give place to another which will not come in with a magic wand but build on the successes and failures of the former. Thank you!

      • NJNP ( NO JUSTICE NO PEACE ) Reserved

        Since you have accused People of commenting without verification, you must surely know much about Cameroon than the People on this Forum.

        I would therefore be grateful if you could help me understand the following bone of contention:

        “The disappearance of Money borrowed for fictitious water Projects.”

        Thanks in advance

        *******PORTABLE WATER SCAMS*********


        ” The Cameroon Government has a long history of lip service to the idea of providing its citizens with basic amenities like potable water.
        In the last few years, the Cameroon government has acquired billions of dollars in foreign loans to finance portable water projects, yet people go thirsty. ”
        The borrowed money for portable water simply disappeared into thin air.

        1. On September 11, 2013, China lent Cameroon some FCFA 85.4 billion to refurbish potable water supply in Bafoussam, Bamenda, Kribi and Sangmenlima.
        2. Cameroon secured a 366 billion CFA franc loan from the Export-Import Bank of China to fund a water distribution project.
        3. Cameroon had signed a convention with the African Development Bank, ADB, for FCFA 50 billion for the development of water distribution networks nationwide.
        4. In the Southwest Region, the Petroleum city of Limbe had gulped over FCFA 500 million for the rehabilitation of its water works
        5. on February 13, 2014, in Yaounde, the Minister of Economy Planning and Regional Development, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, signed a partnership of over FCFA 9.84 billion with the Belfius Bank of Belgium “to rehabilitate and reinforce extension systems to supply potable water in 16 towns – Mbalmayo, Obala, Monatele, Sa’a, Yoko, Yabassi, Bandjoun, Dschang, Bangoua, Djoum, Akonolinga, Tibati, Mbalam, Batouri, Yakadouma and Mououndou

        6. in 2012 another Belgian bank, Dexia Bank, signed an accord worth over FCFA7.87 billion with Cameroon represented still by Minister Djoumessi, yet again to rehabilitate the extension systems of potable water in 16 towns.”
        7. on July 25, 2014, the Government of Cameroon has signed a loan agreement worth FCFA 13.9 billion with a Belgian bank to rehabilitate, reinforce and extend the water supply network in eleven localities in the country.

      • Famous, that was well said. Thanks for making those clarifications. It can be very dangerous if people are wrongly informed.

      • How long sir, will it then take two big companies to complete work on the kumba / mamfe road and with a big budget in place, for example?
        Please tell those whom you support that their problem is the fact that they are reasoning and claiming wrongly – too much work in their hands { for a reason best to their interest} rather than delegating some to others at regional levels.
        The country, belongs to us as a people and not as individuals.

      • It is always a pleasure to read from someone based at home. But please do not lose sight of the fact that these days, thanks to modern technology, Cameroonians do not need necessarily have to be at home to know about the progress of works, if any, being undertaken. An example is the Wouri bridge.

        And if you ask, I can add the Ring Road for “dash”.

      • what about the Bamenda – Bafoussam road have you been on it? I have and I travel that road atleast twice a month and it almost takes as long from Bamenda to Bafoussam as it takes from Bafoussam to Yaounde which is over twice the distance. The region the president is from, had its elites the other day in a newspaper talking about their division crying that they have been deprived from electricity for a whole year, can you imagine that a whole phuqing year. Areas of Nkolbissong and other neighborhoods in Yaounde go for over 6 months without drinking water, and the two lane POS you call a super highway just by your definition of super highway should make anyone with an ounce of brain doubt the veracity of your claims. If the Chinese can build the longest bridge over water in less than the time it takes us to build a few kilometers of bridge over the Wouri then your Biya and his like should off themselves.

      • @Famous being out of Cameroon does not make Cameroonians ignorant of the state of affairs in the country. I do not also think most of those criticising or not hailing the government is out of hatred. The truth remains that the rate of infrastructural development is comparatively insignificant. The roads are getting worse daily when they should not especially since we all know there are funds to construct new roads.

        Please help us clarify how many lanes the Douala to Yaounde super high way has?? We can’t even say we have a rail network. Ethiopia has a metro system but this is a country that most of us when growing up considered a broke country.

        Do you want us to go to airports?? Putting tiles in a section of the airport and painting should be hailed?? Individuals in Cameroon have spent more money on their homes than what the government has plunged into those so called airport repairs.

        The problem with most of us is that we have become so used to bread crumbs that we hail a full stale bread.

        Cameroonians and the government have potential for greater things so let’s drop the uneasy patriotism and call and spade a spade.

  5. Admin,
    I am surprised at this news. Not to long ago, talks were rife of a Douglas – Yaounde super highway to be constructed by the Chinese. I read, on this same forum, about feasibility studies that were underway with respecially to the super highway. So what has become of that project? How come the so called minister is now talking of rehabilitation?

    Cameroon would never sieze to amuse me.

    • NJNP ( NO JUSTICE NO PEACE ) Reserved

      When the article about the construction of the so-called Douala – Yaounde super Highway was posted on this Forum, Doubting Thomases, such as the writer, dismissed the story as baseless, unfounded and the usual dirty trick of the GOC.

      Today, the Doubting Thomases have been vindicated 100%.
      The GOC has been caught caught in flagrante delicto. The Minister is now speaking of Rehabilitation, feasibility studies, etc.

      The whereabouts of the loan already taken for the construction of the super Highway is unknown to Cameroonians. “Comme d’habitude”, the money has simply disappeared without a trace into thin air.

      Our Internet choir master who calls himself Mungo Akonolinga kanga aka United States of Akonolinga expects cameroonians to accept the Status quo by singing the national antem and sending motions of Support. to Biya. He is dead wrong. The evils of this Regime will be exposed on this our Darling Forum, come rain come shine.

      Like it or not, Cameroon is a KLEPTOCRACY ruled by fear, intrigue and deceit not law. Simply put, this God-forsaken country is ruled by thieves. These kleptocrats continue to borrow Money on behalf of all cameroonians and the borrowed Money simply disappears into thin air.

      • Mr NJNP. As usual u hit the nail on its head. This government thinks Cameroonians have amnesia. Today this and tomorrow that. Selling the future of the nation with no justification.

  6. Late Ahidjo’s government never used to borrow money from international donor countries to carry out projects for the country. But today, Cameroon people drink mimbo and her leader preach all useless lies bamenda is your answer will borrow money from left to right, front and back yet no account is given to the public. Late Ahidjo had warned cameroonians that, biya will take cameroon ten times backward.

    • Are you saying this just to please a people or you checked the records to be sure that Ahidjo never got any loans? Please let us be serious, and stop be too partisan or emotional.

      • @Tony . . . there is an open contest here for all and sundry to outdo each other in taking a swipe at the country. And it just so happens that this reference to Ahidjo’s government is made with reckless abandon and in complete disregard of any modicum of objectivity (which, of course, is in short supply on this forum). To make a sweeping statement that “Ahidjo’s government never used to borrow money from international donor countries to carry out projects” borders on re-enacting a theater of the absurd. I lived all through the Ahidjo era and can vouch with integrity that the Victoria-Tiko highway was built at a cost of CFA 960 million with funding from the IBRD and executed by RAZEL & Spie Batignolles. Like it is today, there were hardly any significant project in Cameroon without billboards listing a foreign funding agency. Even the Dschang university center was not built with Cameroonian funds, talk less of Lyceé Bilingue in Buea & others like it that enjoyed funding from Canada. When you see this kind of false assertion, it points to one unique feature of the Cameroonian mindset – obtaining information from the grapevine and repeating it so often that it is elevated from gossip to reality.

        • Yes sir……SOFATI for example, was a Canadian undertaking that erected a number of Technical Colleges, including Kumba which President Ahidjo inaugurated. And I am sure the Tiko International Airport did benefit from foreign loans too However, the level of borrowing in those halcyon days was quite modest, not the Brobdingnagian amounts we are accustomed to these days.

      • NJNP ( NO JUSTICE NO PEACE ) Reserved

        1. Every Country on planet earth borrows money to finance Projects.
        2. The US, Germany, Britain, Japan, etc. always borrow.
        3. Cameroon under Ahidjo borrowed.
        4. Cameroon under Biya still borrows
        5. However, there is a difference between the borrowing of Ahidjo and that of Biya.
        6. The difference is in the ACCOUNTABILITY of the borrowed Money
        7. The borrowed Money by Ahidjo did not end up in the foreign bank accounts of the Nordists.
        8. Simply put,North Cameroon was not considered as the epicenter of the embezzlement of pblic funds during the time of Ahidjo.

        • NJNP ( NO JUSTICE NO PEACE ) Reserved

          9. Today, the Betis have taken Advantage of Biya at the helm to embezzle the common wealth of the people of Cameroon
          10. Inexhaustive list of Embezzlers from the epicenter of embezzlement of public funds:

          Colonel Martin Claude Owona, Colonel Ernest Mbila, Lieutenant Colonel Zacharie Nkoumou,Titus Edzoa ,Michel Atangana, Frank Biya, Paul Biya, Mendo Ze, Roger Belinga, Michel Eboutou , Abah Abah , Ambassa Zang, Mekongo Abega Félix , Remy ze Meka, Bernard Messengue Avom, Atangana Mebara, Olanguena Awono , Biyiti Bi Essam, Akame Mfoumou, Gilbert Tsimi Evouna, Mendouga Jerome, Joseph Edou, Boto à Ngon, Jean-Baptiste Nguini Effa, Roger Ntongo Onguéné, Gérard Ondo Ndong, Antoine Ntsimi, Catherine Abena, Lazare Essimi Menye, Henry Engoulou, Ze Jean Blaise, Meva’a Ndouga Dieudonnée, Oyono Oyono Timothée, Abessolo Gervais, Wodjo Assoumou François Moïse, Antoinette Essomba, etc. , etc., etc., etc., etc,

  7. Foreign firms are expensive. Much is spent on transportation and very high profit margins in hard currency. Whatever happened to the genie militaire who built roads and bridges in those days? The collapsed culvert should have been identified in an inspection months ago and repaired. This is the duty of the civil authority in charge of roads. There are countless officials sitting in their offices doing nothing or taking time off in government cars to ply to their villages on full pay. Note that Cameroon Tribune never asked a question about any preventative inspections and maintenance by the department of public works. Soon this same incident will repeat itself.

  8. Mr Talk True Belljoe Reserved

    Tony you must understand a person drawning in debts and someone who got a loan to be credible
    Ahidjo didn’t leave the country with any debts that will destabilise the economy.
    He has much saved than what would have been term money loaned in his reign

  9. Again, when Biya came to Buea for the 50 yrs. celebration thing, his `o`ver sabi talk talk minister `, announced that a colossal amount was in place for the construction of the mile 30 / mondoni / tiko D`la road project.

    This example catches my interest as I always mention it as a close case study.

    Where is the money or the project?

    Although it is not surprising, that the docile people continue to be fooled all the time, what about our Mayors, DO`S`, SDO`S, Governor and Political Party Preachers? What exactly, are their takes on this?

    Joshua will come to this again.

  10. So from building the whole road now we talking of rehabilitating the road? What is wrong with this government? Do people really think before they talk or do they just open their filthy mouths and say anything because they think no one keeps track of what they have been saying in the past. Regime apologists will come here very soon and start singing praises as usual. Absolute rubbish. Wouri bridge is there scheduled to take 4 years to build a 2km bridge and now it will take another year to finish making it 5years, the Chinese took 2 years to build the longest bridge on water more than 40km in length and it will take us 5years to build our 2km bridge? What is wrong with us? Is it that we are not just accustomed to development or what is the problem? Should everything be completely damaged before they make changes? Look at Douala airport (I won’t call that crap international airport), everyday we hear of rehabilitation why can’t they just scrap that thing down and rebuild a befitting airport? Don’t our ministers travel out of the country to see other airports? This country is sick, last coco indeed.

  11. Is the minister really serious about rehabilitating the Yde- Douala highway? Someone must be joking. What happened to the super highway that was to be constructed by the Chinese? Why should a class of people hate the country so much, to even divert funds meant for infrastructural development projects? Why should such a thing be happening in Cameroon and the masses don’t react? Those of us in the diaspora should kicked off a tough campaign from early 2016 against the regime. Suggesting that each Cameroonian in the diaspora should write a letter to the Parliamentarian/Representative/Senator of his/her constituency castigating the excesses of the regime. If a good number of Cameroonians in the diaspora indulge in this act,such a huge volume from across the world might put the spotlight on Cameroon from the beginning of 2016 . We have had enough of Biya and his ministers. Please,can we indulge in just this simple act? All the letters can be forwarded in the first week of January 2016.We can brainstorm over this forum about the content of the mail. Just a suggestion,we need to do something about Cameroon.

    • NJNP ( NO JUSTICE NO PEACE ) Reserved

      As Comander-in-Chief of the Internet Warriors, I hereby commend you for your wisdom.

      Cameroon has been neglected, insulted, ransacked, robbed, ashamed and disgraced by the 33 years of the failed policies(=BIYANOMICS) of Paul Biya.

    • Nice prescription, wrong patient!

      Such an approach would work beautifully if the so-called Reps of the people were the electees of the people rather than the nominees of the president. Sorry to sour your day, pal.

  12. Lah-yer sungmini

    Oh the pains i feel about news as such. Lately there was a talk on the supper high way from douala to yaounde, now we are hearing about rehab. May God almighty save and deliver us

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