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Good Shepherd opens innovative academy in Cameroon

Good Shepherd Sustainable Learning Foundation in Milford is creating educational opportunities for co-ed secondary/high school students in Cameroon, in partnership with a grassroots Cameroonian nonprofit.

The new bilingual coed residential school, which opened on Sept. 12 to 350 African students, aims to create economic sustainability, protect AIDS orphans and other children from human trafficking and other exploitation, and promote gender equality.

Twenty percent of Academy students will receive a full scholarship . “Education yields a larger impact than any other form of help or aid we can give to improving health, raising income, promoting gender equality, and reducing overall poverty in developing nations,” says Good Shepherd SLF Co-Founder Brenda Ruello. Good Shepherd SLF’s Board of Directors includes Pike County residents Molly Flewharty, Elizabeth Geitz, Brenda Ruello, and Sam Ruello.

The organization has been recognized by GreatNonprofits as a 2016 Top-Rated charitable institution for their efforts in Cameroon.

For more information visit goodshepherdslf.org, email [email protected], or visit their Facebook page atwww.facebook.com/ImaginingTomorrow.org. (Pictured: New students at Good Shepherd Academy in front of their dormitory on the first day of class.)

The Pike County Courier

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  1. the school uniforms we see above is exactly what school children wear in england.are we not capable of using african tissue to invent school uniforms with cotton grown and transformed in africa.do we know where the material used to sow those uniforms come from?check and you shall realize that occupation is Nothing but economic exploitation through the oppressors model.

  2. I hope None of the teachers will be British or White.they use this Name CHARITY or NON PROFIT to send paedophilles and Homosexuals to go and sex children in Africa.How can a westerner with no child,has never married go to teach African families how to raise their children.our mothers raised 7 and more children perfectly without assistance from Paedophilles and Homosexuals.Msf,save the children,Kindersdorf etc.French,US peace keepers.

    • All teachers and staff are Cameroonian. The Academy is run by Good Shepherd Academy Association headquartered in Bamenda, Cameroon and chaired by Cameroonian Anglican nun, Sr. Jane Mankaa.

      • a cameroonian anglican nun is Nothing but the clone of our enemies.this kind of schools are good in fabricating mentally dépendent docile worshipers of wereh ngang”jesus”.children who grow up phisically to adults,but remain children in thinking.

        • @BAH ACCHO

          “”a cameroonian anglican nun is Nothing but the clone of our enemies””

          but whatever these clone represent, you are by far the worst enemy of the very what you pretend to defend.

          “”this kind of schools are good in fabricating mentally dépendent docile worshipers of wereh ngang”jesus”. “”

          what a glorious bragger! why every time you open your mouth, you sound all kind of stupid! is that a demoniac possession? did you really thing you can get away with this empty nonsense?

          if you are not even able to answer a simple question of what is the purpose of human life on earth, why do you care about Good Shepherd’s business anywhere at all. I feel so sorry for you.

          un vrai retarde celui la.

      • MS Geitz @ it would be good if the girls are allowed to grow their hair and decorate it anyway they choose to attain a bit of self confident individuality as they are members of a very culturally rich country otherwise your restraining their creativity which is fundemental to any normal education..A 20% scolarship rate is alarmingly low considering its charitable status the walls could of been given a lick of paint all things considered,a cheerful ambience creates a cheerful attitude.

        • MODILU,,,,there is absolutely Nothing like a demon.only mentally indoctrinated,spiritually robed and culturally uprooted people allow such myths to manipulate and hold them like animals in a cage.how can somebody with a thinking brain hold such irrational unscientific thinking?according to indoctrinated brainwashed african muslims and christians,the purpose of life is to worship the lie they have never seen but believe called god.but why did he not help your ancestors when they were being violated by carnnibalistic labou islamic and aryano christian bandits?mystery.

        • @Phyrne, the girls wear their hair however they choose. This picture was taken on the first day of class. I agree with you! Creativity is very important. Please also know that I am not the decision maker at GSA. Sr. Jane Mankaa and the GSAA Board of Governors are.

      • Thanks Elizabeth Geitz for your organization to set up such a school in Cameroon. I have visited this school in Bda and has one of the best facilities and state of the art equipments. We only hope that our fellow Cameroonians running this school would opens its doors to all under privilege Cameroonians and not to a selected few.
        As for our resident clown Bah Acho: this is a man who has abandon his fatherland Cameroon more than half a century ago and now spreading distorted information about his homeland because of his inability to return. He would forever remain in his little dungeon called “home” and leak his wounds for the rest of his life.

        • ABAKWA BOY,,,,i know if an african christian or muslim think for one minute thier brains will start bleeding immidiately.they have been indoctrinated to the point thier existence rotâtes round mimetism,reciting lies planted in thier minds to cage them like rats manipulated with bits of food from outside.

      • MS Geitz
        While we appreciate your “good will” and effort to come and “help” our people, you have to keep in mind that Cameroon is NOT a” POOR” country. The year is 2016 and we really don’t want nor need this kind of poisonned gift!
        As a White privileged woman livind in the USA, what exactly can you offer the African Children if not brainwash them? what are they going to learn from you and your people? that GOD is White and he loves All the Children no matter what, right? Can you please teach that to your White police in the USA and tell them to stop killing black kids!
        You want to “help”? tell your people to pay back for ALL the damage they caused and still do to the black race, and let Africa handle her own issues.

        • Good Shepherd Academy in Bafut is the brainchild of Sr. Jane Mankaa and a team of Cameroonians in the NW Province. All decisions are made by that team, the Board of Governors of Good Shepherd Academy Association headquartered in Bamenda. The team is 100% Cameroonian and there are two PhD educators on it who worked hard to create a vibrant new curriculum that will serve the needs of the students. Good Shepherd SLF works in a cross cultural partnership with them; we work together to meet their goals.

          As for the issue of white police in the US, you are right on target. It’s a serious issue that many of us are addressing.

        • Ms Geitz, Thank you most sincerely for your contributions in providing quality education to these underprivilege, forgotten Cameroonian kids. I admire you even more for your courtesy in taking time to dignify the empty rants of these unfortunate good for nothing individuals on here who keep taunting you for crimes that are no fault of yours. These are frustrated individuals who have nothing to offer their communities back, have contributed nothing, yet wouldn’t appreciate the generosity of someone who is willing to help. Ignore them and move on. Thanks once again for your humility and being a woman of dignity you are.

        • Its a big sacrifice to be seperated from family,their connections and community,just because someones an orfan it dosnt mean theres not a family willing to adopt them in their area or not of cameroon and its a much more common solution than in other countries and should be taken into consideration.Just because a family is poor it dosnt mean it should be left to go to educational collage.
          Local language practice should not be hindered .Its identity.Ive seen many adults who dont know what family / relationships mean due to being in boarding schools as childeren orr who they actually are,anyone with Ausbergers kept out of a family culture and brought into a noisey collage one can bring extra hardship.Its commendable to offer some western education but its 30% of what a child uses to become a happy adult and forigen religion (which is prelevent in the board,are any traditional belivers? ) quite frankly, is not needed at all in Cameroon.

        • Bikutsi je crois que c est une bonne initiative il faut arreter de raconter les salades le cameroun est riche avec quoi? Il y a des milliers d enfants qui n ont aucun moyen de frequenter une ecole meme publique et ici en suede et ailleur je Connais des blancs qui sans etre des milliardaires font beaucoup pour ces enfants faut aumoins apprecier et je ne vois pas meilleur outill de lutte contre la pauvrete que l education. Cameroun est riche blabla , tu reves? On produit quoi? Biya devait prendre l argent qu il garde en suisse contruire les ecoles. J ai vu des salles de classes ou les eleves ont des parapluies ouverts quand il pleut

  3. Please anyone reading these should just ignore them. These are young frustrated people.

  4. @Bendo Old frustrated people you meant like our own false prophet @bah acho Kikikikiki

    • FOR EVER YOUNG,,,,when people are brainwashed to believe in human myths like propherts.there is Nothing good to expect from them because they have lost what makes us humans”thinking”.

    • Bah nacho without cheese I once took you to task and made you run this site for a month or so with this question so since you didn’t learn your lesson I will start again. Bah you love Cameroon soo much and hate aryans yet you are living in France, Cameroon’s worst enemy, you live there, pay taxes there ,shop there etc so directly you are putting money in the French treasury and supporting French companies who then turn around a and use that money to make weapons and instrument they use to distabilize Africa and especially Cameroon. So Mr know it all strategic thinker hors pair, how do you reconcile all the highfallutin you display on here and your undying love for Africa and hatred for all things aryan yet you willfully participate in the destruction of your people with your sweat and intellect by helping the French government and economy? If there is any shred of dignity left in you can you please answer these questions or for ever shut the hell up and change tunes because your record is scratched and it keeps skipping on the turn table.

      • saying Something different from what you have been indoctrinated with is hating aryans.but show me one aryan defending africans like you do.question what’s wrong with your mind?response you have been conditioned to remain psychological chained by aryans.i am not a voluntary slave so awnsering question is reserved for people who think and act like you.

  5. Bah achu I have never read any comment from you that appreciates , you are always opposing every thing , good or bad . A school has been created instead of you appreciating , you are busy cursing . If I may ask what have you ever done to help your village even if your village people have to pay for the services . I think you where born in the days of madness

  6. @Elizabeth Geitz Episcopal priest and Canon also a columnist, I have read your book “I am that child; changing hearts and changing the world” was very impressed with journey and volunteer work in my country Cameroon, and wish you the best to continue with full strength and GOD guidance with all your endeavor especially phase 2 of your foundation cultural exchange project in bafut, looking to Jesus as your reward and the inheritance not men knowingly that you’re serving the Lord Jesus Christ for ever you do as work , taking according to the epistle to the Colossians 3:23-24 from st Paul & Timothy and also to the book of the Hebrews 13:6 we should not neglect to do good and to share what we have for such sacrifices are pleasing to GoD

    • You are even more dangerous than her! what a waste!

      • @Bikutsi, are you offended by the fact the missionaries are now doing something to help the kids of Bamenda who have been abandoned by your tribal thugs of the beti-fang-bulu crime syndicate who have run the country down through corruption and embezzlement of the common wealth of Cameroon. What have you contributed to help Cameroun from your prostitution work in Sweden. Go and hang if this help hurts you so much.

        • CHOOKMAN,,,,to understand what the word missionary mean,read missionary conquest by george tinker an indian of america.infact according to tinker those we naively call missionaries are bandits organized by the US system to infantilise our masses.help does not exist,not to talk of help coming from america.who says america says genocide,war pillage,etc.wale ambao wenaiwesi wataona.

        • @Chookam

          Excellent retort! And if this charitable school was built in the Beti-pahuin axis, you will not hear this nerd say a thing. Thank God this not a government project else it would have been in the centre or east like the rest.

    • we need more psychiatric hospitals than schools to lock up the mad people walking our street quoting garbage from violent books like the bible and koran.

  7. Many Church organisations in Cameroon have done more good working within all the communities in regards to education, health care, jobs and hospitals than the government has ever done, they are also involve in rural areas and villages, therefore this is a credit to their efforts to continue to support young children by openning a Bilingual school which will empower children,s ability to comprehend French and English languages, helping their future work opportunities in the country and abroad,the many Cameroonians abroad who are bilingual, has gained them versatility and better job opportunities.

    • sorry to differ with you bro,
      since i lfet cameroon i have never used french and have never had the opportunity to use it.
      french is useles to me.
      Even in kamer i never spend 2 hours in Douala when i arrive, I have to drive straight across the mango to feel that am really at home. bad luck language.

      • True,French is a useless language because most French people in France speak fluent English, most tourist who travel to France get by confidently without speaking French language, the problem is in some regions in Cameroon such as Yaounde, Douala etc whose primary language is French and that primitive pidgin, it is of a huge disadvantage abroad, as it holds their self confidence and ability to get better jobs.

  8. @Elizabeth Geitz once again on behalf of all Cameroonian of good will across the glode we wanna sincerely thank you for all What your foundation is doing to help lifting the most vulnerable among us ,from what ever plight life has put them through, apart from that the volunteer work you good folks do in your foundation it’s a further testimony too our common humanity as one people, and the proper nature of what the church should be and doing according to Mark’s gospel 16:15 when our Lord Jesus Christ say to go into all the world to proclaim the gospel to all creation and also the word of st Mathew 25:31-46 when Christ the king answer the righteous among us saying whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine you did for me

  9. for those still doubting the rule schools like this or NGO’S created and sponsored by the US government play withen thier empire build to exterminate us physically in oder to populate africa with thier type.i advice you to “read confession of an economic hitman” by john perkins who once played the rule the lady above is playing right now.in this book perkins reveal some the technics america use to change government in countries that refuse to bow to its interest.the case of panama Under omar torijos is classic because the field was prepared in advance through NGO’S hiding Under the roof of charity.in cameron they are trying to change strategy.it is better to take children from childhood and mold thier minds in line with US economic interest,so that in future they can be imposed from outside like leaders.do not be surprised that in future once the plan takes shape,the woman above will be on propaganda channels like cnn explaining why we need democrazy through one of t students from this school.when you reach US cities like new orleans,you see mad people sleeping everywhere on the street.one Wonder why an american will invest money in another country to educate others while leaving thiers in distress?it is by carefully examining the history of america from the cultural genocide of indians now packed in reserves to await extinction and the inslavement of africans that we realize we are dealing with extremely dengerous people tamed by a tragic history of sustainable exploitation.

    • ACCHO, well said.

      It’s about time these crooks are exposed as the arrogant masters of genocide that they are.

      A country with millions of its citizens living on food stamps like the USA isn’t qualified to come to Africa and “help”.

  10. @Chookam you’ll have a good point even though i will appreciate your writing more without the personal insults to bikutsi , yes we may be a rich country with abundance of mineral resources but still does not change the fact on the ground of absolute poverty among we the people in that country

  11. Ignorance is a very dangerous thing. Read this careful!
    In 1555, John Hawkins a white English missionary arrives in Africa Sierra Leone. There were thousands of villagers celebrating their harvest festival of crops. John Hawkins tells the polite villagers that God has sent him to preach about a God named Jesus. After the sermon, Hawkins asked how many were ready to receive Jesus. 500 hands went up. Hawkins invited them to the beach where his slave ship named JESUS was waiting. Hawkins urged his new converts to enter the ship for their salvation. …

  12. Help Africa in its struggle to free itself from western domination. No matter where the black man is, he will NEVER be respeted until Africa is a World Power. That’s mine and many others struggle. If you can’t help, att list get off our way. We will do the jobb for you and your children.

    • Bitkusi, Biya your tribes man is the most missionary inclined stoge and idiot in Africa, worshiping the popes and his french masters until calling himself the best student of france. what have you done about that. Who else has ensalved Cameroonians more than Biya and his click of bandits mainly from one ethnic group of the country. Travel to the Anglophone regions of Cameroon and see the reckless abandone and rape of the people and their resources by the biya’s crime syndicate before pruding anyone for attempting to help. When the french through their french cooperation agencies CD2 pumps money into the development of the french side of the country I never heard you complain about the fear of the western agenda. By the way tomorrow October 1st is Independence day in the Southern Cameroons and preparations are currently in high gear to celebrate this day. You guys should focus on 1st january celebrations and leave us alone. I curse the day these frogs where brought into one’s life.

      • @ Bikutsi, you are complaining about Ameriacn police shooting black people but I never heard you complain about the massacre biya has committed on Cameroonians, ranging from lake Nyos, commendement operationelel in Douala, bepanda 9, 2008 strick to stop him chaninging the constitution to eternalized himself in power, ritual crimes slaughtering women and children for their blood and organs, killing Anglophones for simply celebrating their independence day etc etc. Remove the peck in your eyes before lookinf elsewhere. you are a hypocrite Bitkusi vraiment de dieu. eh kei.

        • what is an anglophone or francophone if not a psychologically chained human.you are worshiping the slavery called anglophone,where is africa,i mean you own identity?

    • Bikutsi, this website is one of such tools that is being used to maintain western domination on Africa. And may people posting here are simply paid to promote mental slavery in order to soften Africans up for exploitation.
      How could a country in which the police desparately look for any excuse whatsoever to kill black people help Africans? I agree that these USA NGO’s will be better served solving problems in their own country first before going around trying to patronise Africans.

      • We still have hope as long as the masses can be given access to information that will help free them from slavery of the mind.

        The following books are available for download for free on the Internet (PDF format).

        1. Christianity Slavery and Labour, by Chapman Cohen

        2. The world’s 16 crucified saviors, by Kersey Graves

        All so called “born again” Africans should read these books. Then decide whether they want to continue defending their slave masters.

      • 3. Capitalism and Slavery by Eric Williams

        Contains a chapter that exposes Christian missionaries (NGO’s of the time) for what they are: tools used by the colonialists and slavemasters to achieve their objectives

    • Bikutsi you are asking for freedom, how can you be free without education? You are probably here in sweden with your kids making sure they receive the best education to come and take your uncle Biya’s place , i don’t think you even consider Bamenda as a part of Cameroun.

  13. ACCHO you should stop cheating on people here. You live in France with dual citizenship collecting RMI time to time,clapping (françoise yolande) overtime and others Aryans head of States when they get there. And spreading lies to fool people here like many others liars on this forum. On vous connaît!

    • COLBY,,,,since you were indoctrinated from childhood to develop a dépendent mindset.you think everybody is like that.but sorry i am not a voluntary slave,i sell groundnuts on my own in tadmarket.i am y boss.

  14. Brothers ,
    What ever these people do its good but my simple question is that ….I was in the USA DETROIT for work . What I saw was deplorable ….I was in queens and I saw the same …..why don’t these guys use this money to help their people …..Africans there in prison after they come out they cannot work because of record …..this money could also creat jobs there and help the people there build houses and schools for this community .
    The hidden agen is to promote superiority of one race over another …..if you live in U.S. A OR CANADA …ONLY AFRICAN FACES ARE USED FOR CHARITY ….Naturally they want to show they are doing something …puffy has just open a school in NY …..OK ….complaining of the same issue we are complaining of in Cameroon ….wake up and build you future ….beggars …..

  15. Christianity (and to a great extent NGOs) is just a scam, a type of soft (psychological) weapon used against people who have been marked for extermination.

    And like victims of all scams, by the time those who have been deceived by christianity or NGOs realise, it’s too late.

    The natives of north America learned the hard way. By the time they opened their eyes, more than 90% them hard been exterminated and most of their land now belonging to those who committed the genocide.

    Those responsible for this genocide built many churches and schools.

    Africans must learn from history or else we will be doomed to repeat the same mistakes. And might end up like the natives of north America.

    • 1948 United Nations Convention on genocide (read American Holocaust by David E. Stannard)

      Article II
      In the present convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group, as such:
      (a) killing members of a group
      (b) causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group [e.g. brainwashing Africans using foreign religions]
      (c) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part [ e.g an education system in which africa’s contribution to civilization is never mentioned thereby giving the world a false impression that Africans are of no worth]
      (d) imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group [e.g various family planning campagne being promoted by foreign NGO)

      • We Cameroonians are revolutionary only in out thoughts and not in action. Reading all these one gets the impression that Cameroonians are very educated well informed people, and yet we are ruled by one of the most primitive, ignorant arrogant dictators in the world. Where then has our revolutionary spirit gone to. When are going to say enough is enough. Or ids our strength only ends on the internet and we just want to prey on this poor, vulnearble Americam Sr

      • We cameroonians seems to be revolunary in our thoughts , but not in our actions. Reading all these one gets the impression that Cameroonains are very educated, well informed people, yet they are ruled by one of the most primitive, senile, ignorant, arrogant and dangerous dictators in the world. What then happens to that revolunary spirit of cameroonians claimed here.

        • Unity is strength and information is power. The Internet can serve as a powerful tool for us to share valuable information that will help us free our minds and then get together to free ourselves from foreign colonisation.

          Super heroes only exist in movies, Africans will need to unite to have a better chance of survival. Information will help us understand where we are; how we got here and where we want to be next and how we can achieve it.

          A revolution will have a better chance of succeeding if a vast majority of the people understand what they’re fighting for. Therefore they need to be made aware of valuable information that’s been hidden (suppressed) from them.

          It’s true that some African countries are ruled by dictators, but those dictators are essentially figureheads for certain powerful western countries. Their job is to protect their masters’ interests at any cost – hence brutal dictators to the local African people but pussy cats to nationals from western countries.

          ACCHO mentioned a book, confessions of an economic heatman. This is the type of information that can be very helpful to many Africans.

          Prey on a poor vulnerable American Sr???? What are you trying to insinuate?

          The information that is being shared here is far bigger than one single racist, and/or his/her dogs.


  17. I read this thread w interest. Since there is a serious shortage of secondary schools in our country, and some here are opposed to missionary schools, what do you suggest to close the gap? What are you doing to help our young people who want an education?

    • Really shortage ,when were you last in Cameroon ……Canada has more schools than Cameroon but statistics canada last year put forth the record that 42% of Canadians are SEMI ILLETRATE ….tell me what is the importance of creating schools to bring out semi ILLETRATE s …….lol. What has all the doctors from Cameroon in England and west done to change our country ….wake up guys time to put your ideas and hands together with to build FATHER LAND

  18. @interested your questions are good to be asked to those who have never offer a single piece of chalk to their fellow brothers and sisters school goers to their village,but who spend all their time criticizing a single good initiative that can help needy in Cameroon.

    • @Colby @Interested Cameroon is not a country per say, but an African colony of some western countries. Perhaps you should ask the colonial masters these questions?

      FCFA-franc de COLONIES française d’afrique

      Free thinking Africans understand how difficult it would be to move forward if we don’t free ourselves from colonialism.

  19. FCFA – Franc de COLONIES française d’afrique

    A colonial slave currency being used by colonial slaves for the benefit of their slave masters in the west.

    GOC – a colonial slave government of a western overseas territory.

    To continue using such a currency while celebrating independence makes us international laughing stocks. Using such a currency is equivalent to us giving away our birth rights.

    Imagine USA using a currency called pound for British colonies in America and then celebrating independence day every year? Or China using a currency called Yen for Asian countries that were colonised by Japan?

    The message this sends to the world is: Africans are fools and are readily available for exploitation, enslavement and extermination.

    Which other people are proud of using a currency of the oppressors who have been trying to exterminate them for the past 500 years?

    Let us free our minds and take action to secure our future before it is too late.

  20. @birth right Your words are mere rhetoric and indicate no desire to help anyone, including yourself. If you are not happy with those you call ‘colonial masters’ then do something about it. In the meantime our children need an education, while you sit and do nothing for anyone.

    • I’m sure native north American children needed an education. Where are they now?

      Africans will need to work together collectively to free themselves from colonialism. But first we (Africans) need to free ourselves from mental slavery.

      I’m doing my part by raising awareness of the numerous lies that are being used to enslave us psychologically. I’ve provided a list of books that can help free Africans from mental slavery.

      FCFA – Franc de COLONIES française d’afrique

      What’s your contribution?

      You don’t agree that France is a colonial master of cameroon?