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Gov’t drills driving school owners in Douala

Owners of driving schools in Douala are currently undergoing a training on how to effectively drill potential drivers.

The training in Douala was organised by the Minister of Transport as part of efforts to curb the numerous road accidents that has rocked the country’s roads recently.

According to some of the facilitators, the training is part of government’s attempt to regulate the sector and curb the recurrent road accidents provoked by incompetent drivers who fly the road with fake driving licences.

Most of these licenses, the facilitators went on, are issued by fictitious, ill equipped driving schools. To them, the training will make potential drivers more apt.

Journal du Cameroun

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  1. This Gov´t is mad….No road signs ,No Speed Limit signs even if there´re dirty never clearned up.
    They now talking of ungergoing Training with driving Schools to drill potential Drivers lol
    Satanic governement .Keep on killing dont Forget you have a Family.

  2. Look at the dangerous nouvelle bonaberi road at Bonaberi where a market straddles the road. There are no lights and no overhead footbridge for pedestrain crossings. People are hit everyday by taxis and bensikins. The authorities do not care. Terribly stinking generation in power.