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‘Gov’t is working hard to ensure that no other state is created in Cameroon’-Philemon Yang

Journal du Cameroun | Cameroon’s Prime Minister, Philemon Yang says the government is working to ensure that no other State is created in Cameroon.

Yang who is also CPDM Regional Permanent team leader in the North West made the remark during last week frank exchange tour with CPDM elites in the region.

During his tour across the Divisions from May 7-11, 2018, militants decried the indiscriminate killings of security forces and civilians and quizzed the PM on why the government cannot go beyond the status quo to give peace and security a chance. The forum equally gave party youths the opportunity to express frustrations with CPDM elite who do not support nor give youth a chance to shine in party activities and nation building.

Reacting to militants’ worries, Philemon Yang assured them of President’s Biya’s determination for activities to return to normalcy. He said President Biya has decided that there should be dialogue

The Prime Minister stressed the need for the population to respect curfews and stay disciplined and urged the population to showcase pride in celebrating living together on May 20, which is Cameroon’s National Day.

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  1. Day-dreaming. Nothing more nothing less

    SC is gone. The informal union is F-I-N-I-T-O.

    • “….President Biya has decided that there should be dialogue”.


      Dialogue takes place only in the absence of war.
      During wartime, the belligerents can only N-E-G-O-T-I-A-T-E

      Biya can, therefore, only negotiate with SC WARLORDS.

    • Now that Dictator Biya has realized that his FOOLISH war is UNWINNABLE, he surrogates have started talking about dialogue.
      If Dictator Biya really wants to dialogue, he should fulfil the following conditions:

      1. withdraw his terrorist soldiers from SC i.e. stop the war
      2. the dialogue MUST be INCLUSIVE and GENUINE

      INCLUSIVE DIALOGUE means that all three groups of Anglophones must be represented.

      1. Unionists, such as Musonge, Atanga Nji
      2. Federalists, such as Dr. Balla, Dr. Munzu
      3. Separatists, such as Mark Bareta, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe


      1. ZERO NO-GO-AREA for discussion
      2. Roundtable i.e. all parties EQUAL IN STATUS
      3. No dirty tricks by any party
      4. No preconditions e.g. the form of the state is sacrosanct

    • Of course, sending Anglophone CPDM sycophants to “dialogue” with Anglophone CPDM Sycophants is a sheer waste of taxpayers money.
      Our boys will continue to fight until the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC emerges by 2035. Orders for more sophisticated weapons have been placed. they include roadside bombs, Improvised explosive devises(IED), surface to air missiles to bring down planes and Rocket-propelled grenades ( RPGs).
      It is now a question of the survival of an ENDANGERED SPECIES called AMBAZONIANS. We can no longer depend on third parties for survival. LRC IS SLAUGHTERING OUR PEOPLE WITH IMPUNITY.

  2. Welcome to Ambaland foreign PM of lrc

  3. A useful idiot

  4. Ambazonia Amba

    Hahaha hahaha I love this
    La rape-public how market.
    The fear of the amba boys is the beginning of wisdom.
    Ambazonia has risen to fall no more.

    Ambazonia rising rising rising
    Ambazonia rising to fall no more.

  5. Look at yang calling himself a leader when his people are being killed like animals and he is going around talking of respect. I got news for you Mr big man history will remember .Shame on you traitor.

    • @foolish, stupid, cavani how many times Yang went to Bda/Bea to beg his fellow country men to engage in a peaceful dialogue with the government? Wisdom is about listening no matter how angry you are Yang was stoned by youths misled by stray thugs in US, Europe and Asia if not the Cameroon army he would have died by now.He reaffirmed the indivisible character of Cameroon you dull thought he was jocking still populations saw the hell before coming back to their senses I heard some fools abroad are urging the kidnapping of french native speakers in Bda/Bea just try then you Will never hear the name “Anglophones”in that country anymore to show you that idiocy can be contagious.

      • Ground Control

        Just try you say? It’s akready going on. We will pick out all those Bassa – Bami traitors hiding amongst us and snitching our people out. The house cleaning is still on going.

  6. Hahahahihihih! I ku die laugh! On which leg are Colby, Zam Zam, Pharaon, Mbamois, Pinguiss, Ras Banga, going to stand. “ We don’t negotiate with terrorists” has strangely become ,” President Biya has decided that there should be dialogue” ! Let’s see how you guys spin it this time around, now that your supreme leader is about to throw you under the bus! Pharaon, you ku soon get muntoli!

    • Wusai dis one comot again?

      It is clear that even the dialogue approach is not going to be of your taste simply cos it is going to hamper your agenda.

      It is just a move to finally complete the file and declare you a terrorist organization.

      Cam côté sey wuna mov’t go deny dialogue, or negotiations how wey some arda one dem di call’am?…

      • You mean like that my uncompleted Boko Haram sponsoring agenda, right? You want to brand anglophones terrorists for the second time? What nativity! You guys can turn and twist, you will come back to the inclusive dialogue you have rejected all along! Na you and your pipo been run like ngong dog dem, we dey for wu land!

      • I Can see that you are happy about the dialogue issue.

        Of what benefit do we then have to kill each other first, if not cos of stupidity?

        Eske you even know sey Baba no bin even want this union matter? Na wuna mama, Queen yi pipo dem bin even force yi into di matter. But still, na fine decision. Ifi all man fit lef njakri aside, then put kondrey for front, we no go get match for Africa. But, eske ova mbut for both sides go ever gree?

        Make no mistake, wa problem na for both sides.

        Until we go learn for accept each other and put kondrey fo in front, mbrrr, no way.

        We go so-so chakara place fo no nating…

    • Dull @FF I have told you that we will kill all terrorists in our country for the remaining people with common sense we will open dialogue I am not a kid and we are not joking keep fooling yourself.

      • Camel, it seems you have not killed all the 8 million terrorists, and you already want to open dialogue. How do you dialogue with sensible people who don’t have a fight with you?

        • I have said it yesterday,I am saying it today, and I will say it tomorrow that we will kill all terrorists in our country as well as their backers even amongst civilians.

        • So says the programmed parrot!

  7. this weak son of a bitch is a fail politician his wasted puppet life, he is a anglophone door mat with no power like a prominent prime minister, his entire Muna family are the curse of the evil colonial french slaves in SCs recruiting other weak cpdm backwards traitors to live in luxury while selling their regions resources, peoples freedom and development to french Cameroon, Cameroon has always been two countries,the majority of Patriotic will of the people in this SCs revolution do not recognise cpdm the blood suckers thieves in the English regions, those handful of slum low class pigs of elites live in denial, this revolution is looking forward till the end, they can burn all the villages but not the spirit of freedom fighters in the Rep. of Ambazonia!Yang, the regime is in denial,

  8. Our country has always been “2 united nations” and not “one and indivisible”. LRC cannot unilaterally succeed the federation absent consent from Southern Cameroons ad infinitum. This internecine war is creating unnecessary permanent enemies.

    Josip Broz Titi also claimed a new nation could not be created in Yugoslavia which has ended up as six (6) countries following ethnic and historical lines – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. Beware.

    • 1. Dictator Josef Wissarionowitsch Stalin vowed that the Soviet Union will remain “one and indivisible” ad infinitum. However, the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 resulted in the creation of 15 independent countries.
      2. Dictator Josip Broz Tito promised that Yugoslavia will remain “one and indivisible” forever. Today we know that he was only day-dreaming
      3. Dictator Umar al-Baschir swore that Sudan was “one and indivisible”. Today we know that he was simply playing to the gallery.
      4. Dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam pledged that Ethiopia will remain “one and indivisible”. Today Eritrea is an independent country
      5. Dictator Edvard Beneš swore that Czechoslovakia will remain “one and indivisible”. Today there are Czech Republic and slovakia as independent countries

    • 6. General Suharto vowed that Indonesia will remain “one and indivisible “. However, today East Timor is an independent state.
      7. etc.

      Whenever I read on this forum that the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC can NEVER be divided, I simply laugh.
      Believe me or not, the entity ILLEGALLY referred to as “one and indivisible” LRC is already history.
      It is, therefore, easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for Dictator Biya to force SC to remain in that farce called “one and indivisible” LRC.

      The genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated by LRC terrorists should be considered as the last kicks of a dying horse. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS

    • @MD Our country will remain one hence the UK transferred the sovereignty of the southern Cameroons to the then president after the referendum.A dull man will say there is no union treaty between the two sides then I will answer if a slave sold to a new master can ask to the former one to show the proof that he agreed to be sold.

      • @Colby, which referendum? What took place on 11 February 1961 was a plebiscite and NOT a referendum. The word referendum is NOT even mentioned in the Resolution. The outcome of a plebiscite is a non-binding consultative opinion. See UNGA Resolution 1352(XIV) on 16 October 1959 online.

        Hence, the 994th UNGA wisely put in place UN Resolution 1608 (xv). Well, Ambazonians have found out. These killings must stop. This war is madness. Are you pleased about what happened to them? And that they end up in this situation – force fed, exploited and killed? Read widely and be wise.

        • Regardless of surprising censorhip on this site, the truth will prevail at the end. LRC should negotiate. Mr. Biya is not God, he should come down from his foolish pedestal and negotiate peace like a man in office in the Gulf of Guinea. Like Mobutu, the West will eventually turn against him.

        • @MD And what the UNGA have done so far since the beginning of this so called Anglophone problem?

        • @Colby, UNGA did its part. It is now up to us as apes or man to do the right thing using our own black brains. What is wrong a holding a referendum to settle a self-determination quarrel like in Canada or Scotland? I call for a referendum because Southern Cameroons are a certified people and used to be self-governing territory. Do the right thing. Save lives. Stop an internecine war. Check one’s ego.

      • Weren’t you the one who was harping about dialoguing with sensible Anglophones? They cannot be slaves without anything sensible about their existence and at the same time sensible enough to have dialogue with you. Idiotic French slave! When you sell a slave to a new master he has no voice, but when you want to negotiate he mysteriously acquires common sense!

        • My [email protected] many of you so called Anglophones are now getting back your senses that’s good remain some weed smokers intimidating population but we will deal with them ferociously .

        • There you go Colby with a violent outburst. This is what led to genocide in Rwanda. All civilized people must yield to reasoning. With your attitude, Southern Cameroons will inevitably separate from LRC.

    • SC is gone. The INFORMAL union is dead and buried. Biya and France know that the annexation of SC has been reversed. The diabolic agenda of France has been exposed.
      Now that Southern Cameroonians are aware of the demonic agenda of France and LRC, nothing can now convince them to cohabit in the same country with the gendarmes, BIR, police and CPDM politicians who have committed genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in SC.


  9. I wish to know if the government is short of funds to continue the unwinnable war? We don’t want dialog so the demon should correct the statement that he wants to negotiate. Hahaha the gerdamnes left their post in south west and escape seeing only 4 figters.????

  10. When he talks of negotiation, he means negotiating with anglophone Cameroonians with Agbor Balla as their leader. He didn’t say negotiating with Ambazonia terrorists. Stop mixing apples and bananas. Your leader Ayuk Seseko will die in kondengui.

    • Well written bro,with your head like a pig

      • @ Peppersoup

        Cursing is a sign of weakness and it’s only used by losers.

        • US of Africa,
          Why are you barking endlessly? At the beginning you called Balls terrorist, now you want to negotiate with him. See who is pouring water in his own drink! You said there would be no negotiations about the form of state and with terrorists, now you are craving for dialogue from Balla who favors federation. Drunkenness has had the best of you over the years and the effects are clear to see! Balls is not fighting a war with you, on what grounds do you want to negotiate with him?

  11. SC and LRC are two DIFFERENT STATES with two DIFFERENT “peoples”. They are equal in status as per UN resolution 1608 of 1961

    If Dictator Biya wants to dialogue,

    1. “one and indivisible” SC will choose her dialogue delegation
    2. “one and indivisible” LRC will choose her dialogue delegation

    Simply put, Dictator Biya has no right to choose the Southern Cameroonians to dialogue with.

    • @ Mvomeka

      That’s not true. The South Westerners and the North Westerners are completely different people. They are of different ancestry, have a different culture and hate each other. The only thing they have in common is the white man’s language called English. For your information the boundary of our beloved Cameroon can never be determined by some colonial master’s fabrication.

      • @ Bobjazz
        Thanks to people like you, Cameroon is establishing new norms for virtually everything and the bemused world looks on. Our governance has become the preserve of one person as made possible by great intellectual legitimizers like you.

        A new boundary is being erected between the NW and SW just as arduously as people are being hoodwinked to believe that an internationally recognized frontier does not exist at the Mungo. Good luck with the fraud. As Issa Tchiroma looks forward to a deserved retirement, your triumphal entry must be bubbling.

    • @ Firefighter I think too much dog meat is confusing your brain. You keep replying to my write-ups calling me US Africa. I am not one of you weaklings who keep on changing screen names. I am Bob and always will be Bob. Balla has always been and will always be my man. Your lies will never work on me. anybody who has read Bob’s write ups knows where I stand when it comes to Balla. He is a real hero and not those your Ambazonia sh’t hole leaders who hide in foreign land with their children while deceiving innocent anglophone children in Cameroon to go and die. I have noticed that whenever you can’t challenge somebody, you start calling them names of other forum contributors. Not everybody is weak like you to be changing screen names.

      • US of Africa,
        What is Bob? When you arrested Balla and branded him terrorists was he your idol and was he and his children living abroad? When did he go from terrorist to hero, and why that sudden change of heart from you? When you are caught in your own lies you start beating your chest of being Bob. Are doing all your radio milles collines propaganda from Cameroon. The black hearted thug you are have been rejoicing in and he killing of innocent people , all this while crowing in the whiteman’s backyard. Are your children schooling in Cameroon? Do you know what your propaganda has done to families? Idiotic French slave, who knew you would start cosying up to Balla? You are A. And you are fighting war with B and you want to dialogue with C ! Drunk thug!

        • @ Firefighter,

          I am Bobjazz. I don’t have a thin skin like you to be changing screen names. Balla has been and will always be my man whether you like it or not. Your Biafra leader Ayuk Seseku will rot and die in jail. Keep on letting dog meat confuse your brain and calling me somebody else’s name. I am not here for any foolish propaganda. I am an anglophone who cares about the fate of real anglophones. I don’t think you anglophones with tainted Biafra blood care about us. That’s the reason you are causing all types of atrocities in anglophone villages. As I have said before if you have any balls why don’t you carry out your atrocities in Biya’s village? Chop dog, Udo, Okon, Ibiobio man. Read my lips: NOBODY WILL DIALOGUE WITH YOU TERRORISTS. YOUR LEADER WILL DIE IN JAIL.

  12. He has S T Muna`s blood flowing in him, i mean the cpdm pm.
    Cameroon, has had more than one 20th May, and what makes
    this so so special that too much emphasis, is on this? All loan
    money will be wasted on this, the people lacking basic necessities.
    Bad to be in a state of confussion. History will write the cpdm as
    a political party, that became drunk when the people said enough
    is enough.

  13. Prime Minister Philemon Yang! If you are Really the Head of Government in Cameroon, Then it is your responsibility to ensure that Cameroon is properly decentralized. Let Every Region Elect their own Governors, Divisional Officers and Mayors/Counsilors etc. Stop sending thoes characters to Govern Anglophone Regions who cannot speak English , they know nothing about Anglophone Culture and they donnot Know The Geography of our Area. Majority of this people don’t know the Development needs of the region and they don’t have our Interest at heart.

  14. Premier ministre Philemon Yang! Si vous êtes vraiment le chef du gouvernement au Cameroun, alors il est de votre responsabilité de veiller à ce que le Cameroun soit correctement décentralisé. Que chaque région élise ses propres gouverneurs, agents de division et maires / conseillers, etc. Cessez d’envoyer des personnages à des régions anglophones qui ne parlent pas anglais, ils ne connaissent rien à la culture anglophone et ils ne connaissent pas la géographie de notre région. La majorité de ces gens ne connaissent pas les besoins de développement de la région et ils n’ont pas notre intérêt à cœur.

  15. Long live Ambazonia, hallelujah

    For all the innocent Anglo slaughtered & brutalized , the children, mother’s , grandma&grandpa hiding in the forest under tress running to be kill by la republique rapist bastards moronic soldiers,its Will be very difficult for majority of us Anglo to forgive dis useless stupidity from people like u, Mr Yang when Ambazonia GoD willing is free from dis evildoers cowardice la republique

  16. Yesterday on `press hour`, Joe Chebonkeng, said ` it is the people who are running
    to the bushes`. For the sake of gov`t positions and their stomachs, anglophone civil
    servants, have all become cpdm and supporters of lrc. Wonders, shall never end.

    • You are a loser today you will be a loser tomorrow @Joshua you will spend a century in your hideout and will never get common sense. I have noticed your comments are all the ones of a classic “Bamenda”.

  17. After the so-called ULTIMATUM of ex-convict Atangana was ignored by Southern Cameroonians, that criminal started fighting for a Mercedes 500.

    The truth of the matter is that ex-convict Atangana is too dull to understand that he was NOT entitled to a Mercedes 500.
    Permit me therefore to assist him PRO BONO

    Super Minister = Min. Terr. Admin + Min. Decentralisation = Mercedes 500
    Min. of Terr. Admin = Min. of Decentralisation = Mercedes 250


    Ex-convict Atangana is NOT entitled to the Mercedes 500.
    The Mercedes 500 was meant for the super Minister ( Terr. Admin +Decentralisation)
    Ex-convict Atangana was given only 50% of the super ministry, 50% of the budget, 50% of the personnel, 50% of the assets. He is therefore entitled to 50% of the Mercedes 500 i.e. Mercedes 250

    • The reason why ex-convict Atangan was given only 50% of the:

      1. the personnel
      2. budget
      3. assets, including the Mercedes500
      4. powers of the super ministry,

      is a subject matter for another day.

      However, suffice to state that the decision was NOT unconnected to the MARGINALISATION of the Anglophone, ex-convict Atangana.

  18. Colonial slave pm is out to sell the colonial masters evil agenda

  19. Doing the wrong thing all the time

  20. Finally, there is an Anglophone problem, Mr. PM. Atanga Nji, fooled you.
    All that is needed now, is to become more radicalized and to not leave any
    stone unturned. You and your master, refused dialogue and now, sorry,
    there is no turning back. Truth is that there is no other state being created,
    but a state leaving a careless union. There is time for everything.

    • We are not at the level of “mea culpa” anymore dull man we are now seeking to put and end to the hell populations of trouble areas are living into .

      • Watch your genocidal language Colby. You want reasoning to prevail and lead to justice and peace. No people are governable without their consent. See how Great Britain ultimately had to negotiate with Irish nationalists (7% of population). The British Army killed many Irish people but had no long-term solution to the Irish problem. You think 20% of the population can be conquered by killing millions. You’d wind up at the International Criminal Court. All your estate gone as restitution and reparations. Watch it.

        • @MD nothing can work without common sense because its the only fairly distributed thing now when you urge people to use their minds instead of their Gregarious instinct and they don’t want to listen the only way is to castigate them you know my position I have been a strong advocate of constructive criticism.