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Gov’t remilitarise NW, SW Regions to combat separatists

Journal du Cameroun | Cameroon’s North West and South West Regions have been teeming with heavily armed military officers, deployed by the government to pre-empt further attacks from separatists, official sources said on Monday.

In recent weeks, unidentified assailants presumed to be separatists, have launch series attacks on public buildings, while kidnapping military and government officials. Namata Diteng, Batibo Divisional Officer was kidnapped a fortnight ago while Animbom Aaron Akiabom, Regional Delegate for Social Affairs for the Northwest Region, was over the weekend kidnapped by unknown gunmen in Batibo, authorities have confirmed.

According to Defense Minister Joseph Beti Assomo, the troops deployed to the regions, will ensure security, public order and the respect of state institutions. At least 30 soldiers have been killed since armed attacks began in November. Some residents in the two regions have hailed government’s plan to ensure security while others blame security officers for escalating the already worsening crisis.

Cameroon President Paul Biya had declared war on the separatists last November. The unrest began when English-speaking teachers and lawyers in the Northwest and Southwest regions, frustrated with having to work in French, took to the streets calling for reforms and greater autonomy. It degenerated with separatists, calling for independence.

Most Anglophone demonstrators have demanded a federal state, while some secessionists have called for an independent state they have dubbed “Ambazonia”.

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  1. “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)

    Dictator Biya was simply day dreaming. Nothing more nothing less.

  2. Bikutsi has said it and it has come to pass…. the trained killers have finally been sent. watch out!

  3. Only criminals should be against the deployment. Any peace loving anglophone will welcome the move provided there is mutual respect.

    • Many people have been killed by the army who are neither criminals nor combatants and you are happy that the army is redeployed?The Cameroon army comprises a bunch of illiterate bandits who neither respect the code of combat or international law.Which army on earth will concentrate its war against civilians than against those who are fighting them?Cameroon as I see it is a big shithole country.

      • Who cares about what a gaynaian think ? Your people are known as dirty , full of inferiority complex and slaves of the west .. shove your opinion on Cameroon where the sun doesn’t shine . Midget

        • Can you compare Cameroon to Ghana?Are you dreaming man?Since your independence how many governments has Cameroon had?Does Cameroon celebrate its Independence Day?Go to the development index of Ghana you will find that Ghana is top and Cameroon is not even found on the map.Yeah Ghana is corrupt but Cameroon is mega corrupt winning the world’ most corrupt country trophy twice.Ghana controls its economy with its own currency and you Cameroonians are slaves to France with your slave cfa.A Ghanaian born engineer is building 100% made in Ghana cars .What do you have in Cameroon except slavery ,torture,gross underdevelopment and poverty. You keep quiet when free Africans are speaking.

    • Every peace loving Cameroonian will demand that the Government cause to be held an all inclusive dialogue.
      All else is garragara

    • Ngyakwe N Browson Etoanei

      I guess my poor mother in the village who was chase into the bush doors was broken bag of rice, TV set, laptop, Gas bottle and series of other valuable items were looted on the 5 of feb 2018 by the so call law enforcement should be happy?It is never too late to change to the better and why not best.The whole world is laughing at us”black race” including illiterates from from Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lankar etc who can barely spell their names

  4. @James

    thank you, like you said only criminal should be against the deployment. Such as some motherfuckers” ambasonia ” who think we scared of that stupid, madness and barbaric act will be punished you very well.

    if the language ” French or English ” was the problem”, Nigeria should show a good example last week more
    than one hundred girls were kidnapping.

    where was the UN, UK, Queen Elisabeth or the prime minister of UK?

  5. jjames your mami pima.how could you say such a thing. so you want those barbons on our land,do you know they would do with people sep laies in those regions-rape,looting stealing etc.i wish you were there,you won’t say such a thing

    • Moronic bastard!!!!

    • @Gentlemanity
      your papa pima. if you love too much your ambaland why you cant go and join the fight terrorist.

      you re opened your empty mouth, and you dont live in Cameroon bitch

  6. When as many as it would please the francophones to kill Anglos has been attained,
    it will then be time to stop the madness. This will be called `dialogue`.

    • There will be no dialogue until secessionist put down their weapons. You cannot fight against any State and expect the State to surrender. But the end is near. When the sufferance of the population becomes unbearable, the population itself will turn against their leaders, and the population will start denouncing the terrorist. The polulation will soon realize that this Abazonia State is nothing but a mirage. As much as “Ambazonians” think they have the ressources to sustain this fight, they really can’t take care of moms and pops who are losing everything. Kamer gov’t is Playing a long game here.

      • That is a good argument you got there, but remember in the beginning there were no arms, even the frontline leaders (captured today) have never avocated for arms and how did the govt respond to that? dialogue or intimidation, inordinate arrest, molestation and you name rest. It is an unfortunate situation out there, nobody wants people to die, but the way the govt is handling the situation is helping in the radicalisation of the youths everyday. People are bitter and angry and if you think that bitterness can easily be taken away by militarising the region and play the delay tactics it won’t be that easy. Others have kept that bitterness for more than 27 yrs till they got what they believe in. At time you don’t even need the money, its take more of what is in the head or mind to get there.

      • When a monkey is infested with lice, you have to tie it’s hands to shave off the fur. The monkey screams and wriggles because if does not possess the mental capacity to figure out why it’s being shaved. Later on the fur regrows and it realizes the itching has stopped but still it can’t thank its owner because it’s just mentally inferior. This is case between LRC and Ambazonia. The later should not be discouraged but continue their journey of liberation. In the end it’ll not only uplift them but their next door neighbors who will not even appreciate your sacrifice.

      • @ lu
        you are a wised man you speak your mind. where in the world have you heard the government surrender to the terrorist? no way

        • If you attended classes when you were supposed to, you probably would recall that there was a time when Ambazonia did not take instructions from anywhere other than Buea. To think we would descend into slavery forever in Yaoundé without a care in the world is foolhardy.
          Prepare to keep the troops in Ambaland forever.
          Our grand children are being given updates of what is happening right now, minute by minute.
          Tic toc, tic, toc.

      • You may have realised that the suffering will be and is already both ways.
        You may recall soldiers complaining about the junk food they were given and their pay.
        Unless the government can get France to print some more money for them I think they will not get anywhere fast.
        I suspect the soldiers will soon get tired and demand accountability from their leadership. Not just the people demanding progress from Amba leaders.
        I have said this before that when all is said and done, it will be recalled that all the fighters asked for was a “discussion” on federalism.
        Mismanagement of the crisis and ignorance has brought us here.
        Let the history books hold this truth for our children.

  7. There is no military solution in this conflict. Even Great Britain ended up negotiating with the IRA over Northern Ireland after attempting a military solution for decades. When people fight for their homeland with their backs against the wall, it is an insurmountable task for the army with soldiers that sympathize for Anglophone nationalists. Soon, the army may split and plunge the country into civil war.

    Simple solution is to negotiate and hold a referendum because Southern Cameroons was a self-governing territory and clearly resists a future in Francafrique. That is reality.

    • @MD

      Great Britain it’s not Cameroon, EU it is not Africa or UK it’s not USA .

      it is not negotiable, who are you?

      • Oh yes, the usual exceptionalism. Le Cameroon c’est Le Cameroun n’est ce pas?
        Freedom tastes the same everywhere BamendaBoy and right now in Ambaland there is a shortage of that air of freedom.
        You know we will not tarry until we get there.
        I wish you well in la republique

      • who are you too?

    • Keep trying to fool people with no knowledge in this area.
      What he happened then to Northern Irelanddis they gain independence! No they did not even with the support of the US.
      Do you see, your pseudo movement is going nowhere.
      As someone mentioned no government will negotiate with terrorists, specially now that the term terrorists is synonymous to bad guys.
      It could take time, but at the nd of the je day Cameroon will remain one.
      Ceux qui ne sont pas contents peuvent sauter et caller en l’air

  8. After the arest of Balla and co and the subsequent arest of Sissiku and co, i thought
    LRC gov`t was going to proclaim victory. Meaning, that they started a war they
    can not win. Now, it is the turn of big brother france, to assist with planting land
    mines etc.

  9. small ambazonia is above you guys,wonders shall never end.now france,nigeria,chad hahahaha

  10. To fight 10% of Anglophones the government of Cameroon has deployed tanks,machine guns,land mines,helicopter gunships,missilles,jet bombers,mercenaries,gendarmes,police,Army,BIR,now special commandos.Anglophones are so great.My question is what if they were to fight 50% of Anglophones.Am sure they would use HAARP,Hydrogen bombs,Atomic bombs and cluster bombs plus Napalm.What a country called Cameroon with a bunch of primitive and weak leaders.

  11. My dear fellow brothers,salute!I finally come to the conclusion that most of you do not know what war is and the impact of it in one society.The aftermath of any war can be very painfull.you know the wound can be cured but scarce always remains.Many are caming here seing God here,God there but they forget that God is love.if you know what is love then you mastered all the bible and you should know other values such as tolerance,solidarity,unity and so on..when there is a war God can not help anybody mostly when brothers fight against their own brothers.all of us are guilty before God,Man,and History.So no matter the quantity of tears you cry God will not mind you because you take arms to ask something that could have been giving to you when God could have decided.God time is best!thank u!