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Gov’t tightens security around Agbor Balla, Fontem Neba

At about 4am July 7, prison guards stormed the cells hosting leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium Leaders in the Kondengui Principal Prison in Yaounde.

Barrister Felix Agbor ‘Balla’ Kongho and Dr Fontem Aforteka’a Neba were taken unawares when the wardens barged into their cells, ransacking them and confiscating valuables. We gathered the prison guards seized all communication gadgets they found in both jail cells and equally took away all money they found therein.

We also gathered the consortium leaders have been under lock and key since July 7. Visits are said to have been curtailed and the few visitors who are privileged to be given access to the duo, are thoroughly searched down to their underwear. The visitors are allowed to speak with the inmates only in the presence of a multitude of prison guards, we learned.

Sources say the raid on the jail cells was carried out following instructions from the Ministry of Justice. Our source posited government could be trying to look for evidence to use in the on-going trial at the Yaounde Military Tribunal, of the consortium leaders and 71 other Anglophone detainees.

It is alleged the confiscated material were taken to the ‘Department for External Research commonly known by its French language abbreviation DGRE. The security facility beside the Yaounde Municpal Lake is said to be investigating the alleged crimes of the Anglophone detainees. Fears are rife the Consortium leaders may be transferred to secret detention centres of the facility where detainees are said to be tortured and locked up in unmarked poorly ventilated cells.

We also learned last Friday’s raid was not limited to the consortium leaders. Jailed RFI journalist, Ahmed Abba, former mayor of Kolofata, Maitre Harrisou, a certain pastor and four other detainees were reportedly subjected to the same treatment.

It should be recalled that Barrister Felix Agbor Kongho and Dr Fontem Neba were arrested on Tuesday January 17 in Buea and transferred overnight to Yaounde where they were detained in the dungeons of the gendarmerie headquarters for two days. They were transferred to the Kondengui Principal Prison January 20 and were later on charged by the military tribunal with terrorism, rebellion, insurrection, revolution among other related offences. They face a death penalty if found guilty.

Many other Anglophones, including journalists arrested for allegedly committing crimes during the on-going protests against marginalisation of minority English-speaking Cameroonians, are yet to be charged. Such is the case with Atia Tilarious of The Sun newspaper, Amos Fofung of The Guardian Post and Mofor Ndong of Voice of the Voiceless newspaper arrested in Buea on February 9 and transferred to Yaounde. Others include Suh Funwi Paul Vincent, arrested on March 31st, Acha Constantine, Nyalum Gilbert, Nyombella Valery, Atanga Celestine,Mbuh Rene, Rev Fr Andrew Ambeazieh and Nche Benjamin.

Journal du Cameroun

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  1. Our heart bleed for our leaders but cheer up brothers. There is good news for all Anglophones, we have an interim president. Thanks God, we never thought this day will come. His excellency sessekou Ayuk Tabe Julius, the interim president of Southern Cameroon will lead us to a prosperous, democratic and free Southern Cameroon.

  2. In doing their work, our over-zealous officials must not lose sight of “l’image de marque du Cameroun”.

  3. If there know there were under force occupation
    And that they weren’t Anglophone but an independent citizens of a state called southern CAMEROONS. A state CAMEROUN govt deny its existence but call it its nord ous . And did oust PROVINCE.. they would had had nothing to do with CAMEROUN by seek to first
    Build their airports doo they can travel easily from southern CAMEROONS. THEN seek military alluanc
    ABROAD to free their country.

  4. the regime is frustrated as their bribery methods have failed to stop the struggle, seizing their belongings is the norm from those illiterates, theiving francophone armies and prison officers, the struggle is succeeding with those unarmed anglophones who has been jailed because of freedom of speech, biya and his crony dictatorship regime is redundant to all TRUE Ambazonians,they should watch the SCACUF speech regarding the consequences of all the jailed detainees including Balla, Fontem, and the rest, this incompetent, primitive, corrupt old regime will pay a hefty price.

  5. We will resist. If LRC thinks that dong this will safe and calm any situation. they are wasting their time. the leaders must be released unconditionally

  6. So why is the newly formed Southern Cameroons government not coming out with a forceful statement about the safety of these patriots? They should put out a warning statement that LRC will pay heavily if the two patriots are harmed in any way. Silence is NOT the best approach. I am not saying that the SC government should broadcast its strategy–no, a forceful statement is not tantamount to describing a strategy.

    • Boy, you di put fire, nobiso? That’s exactly what the government has been waiting for all along, my friend. Your rasclaaat ‘ forceful statement’ shall warrant a serious state of emergency… and the government will have every legitimate justification for the use of force. Your so-called Southern Cameroons government di represent who exactly? Massa, wuna back-off with da noise. You sef, I-Man already see da massacre wey you di struggle fo bring upon di nation. Wuna continue di joke…..

    • Check the warning and speech made my the interim president of SC from the latest video.

    • Hahahahaha, @Ras that is not me.

      @Attorney, you dong escape from Ngata?

      Hmmm, da ya own mungang wild pass Wirba yi own…

  7. If they care,they can kill all the Southern Cameroonians in jail.Biya and his acomplices like Laurent Esso and Issa Tchiroma will face the music.Let them kill them.We have all the names of all the anglophones arrested.If any one of them gets missing,they will see what will befall them…….I also want them to adjourne the case again,during the next hearing….abui..ngan…

  8. We have reconstituted our gov’t.As a matter of fact,we have gone back to the pre-reunification gov’t of S.C when Foncha was prime-minister of S.C.Biya is an illegitimate president over the people of S.C.We have de-legitimized him.Intterim president Sesekou Ayuk Julius Tabe will take us back to Buea without arms.
    We are waiting for the upcoming UN general Assembly in September to put the final nail on LRC”s coffin.

  9. @Ras Tuge U this raclaat,are u still talking? U think LRC’s threats will scare us from reconstituting our gov’t?man,we are above that.Can u tell me who those SCnians in LRC’s parliament are representing?If they are unable to call the people to order for over 9 months,it therefore means they are in LRC’s parliament representing themselves,not the people.Ayuk Julius is our Interim president,representing us.I know,u are counting on France..But man,let me tell u, France will push Biya aside and talk directly with the SC leader concerning elf’s exploitation of petrol in Ndian..Suivre mon regard.

  10. @Ras Tuge Stop this your empty noise,man,u will cry more.Tell your acolytes at Etoudi to keep adjourning the case of the detainees.If they care,they should kill them.Biya,Laurent Esso and Co will join the likes of Slobodan Miloshevic.Sesekou Ayuk Julius Tabe has given his warnings,if they know they are men enough and believe they have legitimate rights over the people of SC,let them kill them with their terrorism law.U guys are playing with fire…Something is been done about it.. We don’t have arms,and we won’t use arms to get to Buea.

  11. De thing don reach soukous