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Gunfire in Cameroon’s English restive region

eNCA | YAOUNDE, Cameroon – Gunfire broke out on Monday in Buea, the capital of a western region of Cameroon gripped by violence between anglophone separatistsand security forces, witnesses said.

“We have been hearing gunfire since early this morning in the districts of Molyko, Malingo and Bonduma,” a resident told AFP by phone, in an account confirmed by three other people.

“Separatist fighters entered several areas of the city and started firing. The army and police have retaliated, several vehicles have been burned (and) people are hunkered down at home.” another witness said.

Buea is capital of Southwest Region which with the neighbouring Northwest Region is home to most of Cameroon’s English-speakers, who account for about a fifth of a mainly French-speaking population of 22 million.

Years of resentment at perceived discrimination at the hands of the francophone majority fuelled demands for anglophone autonomy, which on October 1 last year culminated in a symbolic declaration of independence.

Radicals named Buea as the capital of the self-declared state, Ambazonia, which has no international recognition. A government crackdown then followed, plunging the two regions into almost daily acts of violence and retribution.

According to a government report last month, separatists had killed 74 soldiers and seven police since late 2017 while more than 100 civilians had died “over the past 12 months.”

A colonial legacy

The presence of a large English-speaking minority in Cameroon dates back to the colonial period.

The former German colony was divided between Britain and France after World War I. The French colony gained independence in 1960, becoming Cameroon.

The following year, the British-ruled Southern Cameroons were amalgamated into it, giving rise to the Northwest and Southwest regions. The fighting has had a dramatic impact on civilian life.

UN says 160,000 people have been internally displaced and 20,000 have sought refuge in neighbouring Nigeria. On June 20, the government announced plans for a 12.7 billion CFA franc ($21-million, 19-million-euro) emergency aid plan for the two regions.

The public has already stumped up more than half a billion CFA francs to the fund, according to state media.


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  1. History reminds us that Buea was the capital of German Cameroon.
    History reminds us that Buea was th capital of Southern Cameroons.
    History reminds us that Buea was the capital of West Cameroon.

    (Paul Biya , 2016).

    Nobody will defy the orders passed by Amba Government in Ambaland. We are now armed to the teeth and prepared for any eventualities. Ekema and Atanga Nji have been issued executive warrants of arrest and we shall see to it that it comes to pass. Block by block, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, njangi house by njangi house, rooftop by rooftop, Ambaland shall be free.

  2. Buea is not the capital of western region.You cannot change west cameroon to be the western region. Buea is the capital of Ambazonia (formerly West Cameroon). The gun fire was just a taste of what is building up.There will be NO elections in Ambazonia, and in Cameroon because of the dead of dictator Paul Biya.

    • And who are those suffering you morons? Francophones or anglophones. All your terrorist organization will succeed in doing is turn the anglophone population against you. When anglophones will realize they have no food on the table then you will regret. why you ever started this foolishness.

      • There are francophones living there too…

      • if i may ask you bobjaz or what ever u call yrslf, what do u maen by terrorist organisation? you sound confused.

      • So your problem is food and you think we are also craving food? Typical Beti Bulu Bassa mentality as your regions look like giant waste bin.

      • Very correct..South westerners don’t and will never live in peace with North westerners.10 autonomous region or another south sudan

        • @ Lenemie. I am not Bulu or Bassa. That your bullsh’t of calling any sensible anglophone who does not support your foolishness Bulu or a Biya supporter doesn’t hold anymore. I am the wise one from Santa. You know how we whooped your ass when you tried your foolishness in our village. You are living well with your family in another man’s country and sending your thugs to go and destabilize anglophone regions. Read my lips. Very very soon the anglophones will be the ones attacking you not the Biya BIRs.

    • What is ambazonia? Dreamers. It is the end that matters. Keep on killing anglphones on the pretext of Separation. Cameroon remains one . Note that many anglophones are not for this mess.

    • Police man you should read well or are you suffering from myopia? L’enemie said Buea was the capital of West Cameroon and NOT Western Region. So be able to read well before you criticize. Don’t give a dog a bad name just because you want to hand it.

  3. Why exactly are the frogs, so worried that the `dogs` want to leave Cameroon
    and have their own country?

    • Massa o!
      I no a ever see this kind njakri love!
      Chai, come rain come shine, by fire by force Ambazonia will love to declare the glory of God

    • @joshua

      see me this Igbo person ” I still need my dog ” everywhere in the world you will see a dog person.

      IN Nigeria the dog people are IGBO

      IN UK THE dog people are the Northern Ireland and Scotland

      IN USA THE DOG PEOPLE are color people ” African American. latinos and native America

    • @ Joshua. It’s because what you call Ambazonia is Cameroon territory. There is no such thing as Ambazonia and there will never ever be anything in Africa called Ambazonia. It sounds Eastern European. Foolish people.

      • Intelligent I d i o t.
        Cameroon sounds African? You call yourself crayfish and it sounds African?
        Ignorance is a disease.
        Your false history you have imbibed that Anglophones come from Nigeria is a big joke. I have heard it around that all anglophones are Nigerians who “moved” from Nigeria to inhabit “Larepublique land” hahahaha. Most of you peddling this are mad. You will walk over our dead bodies before you take our ancestral land. Accursed nation!

        • @ Epée. I know the truth hurts when you start cursing. Which ancestral land are you talking about? Cameroon is the ancestral land of Cameroonians not Ambazonians. You are free to go to Eastern Europe if you love the name Ambazonia for that’s where it belongs. Cameroon is Cameroon yesterday, today and tomorrow and no foreign languages can cause the disruption of our country. Kapish?

  4. @james2 Did u say many anglophones are not for seperation? So,what are they for? état unitaire centralise a Yaounde? U are so confused ? U will cry more….

    • @KONGOSA

      laughing ” u will cry more ” hahahahahahahahhah u has just made my day.

      search a dullest person, u re the one confused nymfuka ” terrorist”

  5. @james2 May be u think we are joking.Do u think Biya ha been president of Cameroon for the past 36 year because he was governing well? he has been there for that long because all the military in Cameroon are trained to work for him,not Cameroon.He has now come face to face with men who also know how to use guns to settle scores and political issues.All we need do is to sit down and enjoy the show.His minister,Atangana Nji was boasting that they will be going to NW and SW for humanitarian assuistance this week.The ADF have gotten orders from the IG to shoot.We are already two days gone,in the week,still no news about the CPDM gov’t’s humanitarian journey to SW and NW…Are they also afraid of guns from the other side? WATA NA WATA……

    • Kikiki Kongosa,

      wata na wata, banga man tok….all dat pericka dem di tok da s*** only after dem dong smoke nku. Sep dem own po-po s*** di be na wata for dem eyes.

      Na which kana revolutionaries dat wey na daso mboko dem bin commandant? Some arda one say yi bin field marshal, sep pidgin pass yi for tok. Arda one say yi bin general Ivo, yi good English na hele-hele. Po-po Chris Anu-s, man no know sef whether na Yankee, Bamenda, Bami, accent yi get. Whether na yi very large mouth di cause’am oh, oh-oh. Better na Tchiroma again sef, at least yi know yi sef-sef sey yi be big fool, and yi no di hide’am.

      Dr Munzu witi Ball-a dem bin really get right for demarcate themselves from da kana pipo dem…

    • @ Kongosa man. So your terrorist organisation is only about making life difficult for anglophones and nothing else.

  6. Biya doesn`t want to stop his war, because he is playing for time to not answer
    for crimes of murder etc, committed over time.
    This man, is a mass murderer and must not be allowed to go without answers to
    his dubious reign. His accomplices, are telling all the lies the devil has, to avoid it.

  7. @Joshua

    LAUGHING “amba amba amba amba amba amba” just go and protesting ; all the first and second Nigerians

    descendant should be killed period ” specially IGBO people ” no negotiation with stranger people in my country ” SISIKU ”