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Gunmen cross from Nigeria, attack Cameroon border post: witnesses

DOUALA (Reuters | ) – Gunmen attacked a border crossing in Cameroon’s southwest on Thursday, launching their assault from Nigeria, security source witnesses said.

No one was killed, the officials said, but the incident is likely to further damage relations between the neighbors, strained over the rise of an Anglophone Cameroonian separatist movement.

Five security and administrative agents said the unidentified gunmen launched their attack on the Ekok border post along Cross River.

“They came around 3 a.m. (0200 GMT). They came from Nigeria and there were many of them. They had heavy weapons. They had grenades. They were shooting everywhere,” said one police source, who like the other witnesses asked not to be named.
He said the shooting lasted nearly three hours and the border remained closed on Thursday morning.

“We don’t really know how it happened,” a second security source told Reuters. “Some of these guys came from the riverside (beneath the bridge). We don’t know exactly which path they took, but all of them came from Nigeria.”

Government officials in Cameroon would not immediately comment on the attack.

Nigeria’s defense ministry spokesman said he was not aware of the incident and referred queries to the military. A Nigerian military spokesman said he was not aware of the attack but would make checks.

Cameroonian military officials and pro-government media accuse Nigeria of sheltering the insurgents, who since last year have waged a guerrilla campaign to establish an independent homeland for Cameroon’s English-speaking minority.

Reuters reported last month that Cameroonian troops crossed into Nigeria in pursuit of the rebels without seeking authorization from Nigeria, provoking a behind-the-scenes rift between two nations with a history of fraught relations.

(Cameroon refugee crisis graphic: tmsnrt.rs/2Djfjx5)

The militaries of Cameroon and Nigeria repeatedly clashed over the disputed Bakassi peninsula in the 1980s and 90s.

The status of the territory was settled in Cameroon’s favor by The Hague-based International Court of Justice in 2002 and in recent years the two countries have cooperated extensively to stamp out the Islamist militant group Boko Haram.

More than 15,000 refugees have fled to Nigeria amid Cameroonian military operations against the Anglophone separatists, the United Nations refugee agency and Nigerian government officials said earlier this month.

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  1. Big lies nothing of such happen in Ekok..pls verify your article well before posting stop giving wrong informations…i leave and grow up at ekok.

    • This news is 100% true. Biya declared war thinking that it was going to be a cake walk, unfortunately for him the Ambazonians are fighting for something greater than themselves. The boys are willing to die to see Ambazonia while the terrorist soldiers from LRC are doing everything thing to live so that they can drink another 33 export. Reasons why they have been deserting the war theatre in their droves. The Ambazonians have soon the world the beauty of courage. Faced with a ruthless and evil military ready to roast an old helpless grandmother alive, they have been steadfast in their valor and have inflicted untold damage to these cowards.
      Ambazonia has risen to fall no more.

      • @Ambazonia
        Do you know what 100% means? Brother it’s all fake. Other postings like Schools burnt in towm near Bamenda and attacking of BIR camp in Mbengwi are all fake.

    • Max @ thankyou for your post.

  2. How can this new be authentic when no one wants to be identified and no Body knows nothing about the incident. Everybody wants to ask somebody to verify.

  3. Some military guy said all come from Nigeria, another said i don’t know how it happened, they came under the bridge etc. Which version is right? Bunch of lies to gain Nigeria’s attention hence ask for the repatriation of the southern Cameroonians being illegally held by Nigeria. My advice to the LRC is to negotiate before this thing really gets out of hand. It would be impossible to win on the part of the LRC even with heavy weapons and if the situation continues and southern Cameroons is joined by the Igbos fighters, things could get very ugly, VERY UGLY INDEED AND LRC would not be able to handle the situation. I beg LRC to negotiate now and not tomorrow

  4. It is immaterial if the news is fake or genuine.

    One thing is 100% true:

    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC has been transformed by Biya into an ISLAND OF CHAOS

    • The time for signing presidential decrees creating this and that structure as solution to the Anglophone Question is over.
      Biya has only two options left:

      1. Defeat Southern Cameroonians on the battlefield


      2. convene an INCLUSIVE and GENUINE dialogue

      Simply put, the Anglophone Question will be resolved on the dialogue table whether Biya likes or not

      Even the President of EG has PUBLICLY advised his Dictator friend to dialogue since he is now convinced that there no military solution to the impasse.
      Even a baby in a kindergarten knows that option #1 is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve

      • INCLUSIVE DIALOGUE means that all three groups of Anglophones must be represented.

        1. Unionists, such as Musonge, Atanga Nji
        2. Federalists, such as Dr. Balla, Dr. Balla
        3. Separatists, such as Mvomeka, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe

        GENUINE DIALOGUE means

        1. ZERO NO-GO-AREA for discussion
        2. Roundtable i.e. all parties EQUAL IN STATUS
        3. No dirty tricks by any party

        As a corollary, sending Anglophone CPDM Sycophants to “dialogue” with Anglophone CPDM Sycophants is considered as FAKE DIALOGUE

        • 2. Federalists, such as Dr. Balla, Dr. Munzu

        • The real war has NOT YET started. LRC has already sent so many corpses east of the mungo.
          LRC is thinking already already thinking of a change tactics. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. Soon LRC will invite France and Chad for help.

          “Le séminaire de formation de quatre jours a été ouvert le 23 janvier 2018 par le général Salli Mohamadou, commandant de la 2ème Région militaire interarmées.
          L’approche classique de lutte par les armes pour contrer les attaques des secessionnistes dans le Nord-Ouest et Sud-Ouest du pays ne suffit visiblement plus. Depuis trois mois, les forces de defense et de sécurité sont engagées en première ligne dans les combats contre les séparatistes. A en croire des officiers, il faut désormais associer d’autres actions.”

          Believe me or not the war is UNWINNABLE.

        • LRC is already thinking of a change ij tactics. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. Soon LRC will invite France and Chad to help.

  5. Biya and his gang better watch out. This is only going to get worse. They will have to eat their words pretty soon. Negotiate now while you still can. That window is closing pretty quickly….
    Southern Cameroons has risen and there is no way you can shake a magic wand and get everything the way he wants. The time is long past. Now, it is gradually getting out of hand.

  6. Nigeria has refused to hand over the arrested president and his cabinet and the US embassy is repeating calls for dialogue so once again, LRC has to cook something up. The Tigres, ADF, SoCaDEF and co do not stack from outside. They are within in their natural land and places of abode. Alll terrorizing entities shall be purged out of Ambaland. The war continues..

  7. it is a true story and land mines where used against reinforcements coming from besong abang and mamfe central.an army vehicle hit a mine blowing it up and today a helcopter just flew overhead to and from mamfe this morning we saw it pass here in kumba.the attakers didn’t come from nigeria they are all based here.This gov’t have only one solution now dialogue that is the only way out.they are never never going to win this war and just as one guy said earlier the ambazonians are fighting for a course unlike the cameroonian forces whom i don’t think even knw why and what they are doing in this region and again want to live another day to drink thier export.

    • I predicted that sooner than later our Restoration Forces will start using Improvised explosive devices (IED), suicide vests and roadside bombs, drones to deliver the bombs. I have been vindicated

      My next prediction is as follows:

      Sooner than later our boys will bring down those occasion belgique helicopters with the help of surface to air missiles and Rocket propelled Granates (RPG). I will soon be vindicated.

      Biya’s BLITZKRIEG is now his Vietnam

  8. Congrats our great Manyu Tigers. The most feared force LRC has ever known. LRC have been warned to withdraw peacefully or they will receive operation Arson that targets their old and inept president, his ministers and LRC civilians in yaounde , Douala and some of their dark ages towns

  9. The mistake Ambazonians made is never to have equipped and trained her own army. If they can speedily equiped these fighters it will provide a better negotiating position for them. Paul Biya and his crooks are realizing that you cannot send soldiers to intimidate this people again. Now they too can kill. This has changed the dynamics in favor of the Ambas.

    • @ Chinedu
      You are only partially correct. Have you ever heard of General James Tataw, Col. Hans Anagho etc? These are foundation members who, like Cameroon Bank, PMO, PWD and the rest of the good fruit, got mixed up and emasculated over the years.

  10. Right on point Chinedu.

  11. This news is fake.Real lies spread by Paul Biya and his killers.

  12. The writing is clear on the wall. Let those who have been beating their chests, vociferating about their God-given right not to negotiate with “ terrorists “ eat their pride, humble themselves and adivise their supreme leader to immediately call for an inclusive dialogue. Calling for dialogue is not weakness, instead it’s a mark of strength. To Anglophones, the Ambazonian in Kwakwa is not different from the one in Nyos, so counting on cutting off the Ejaghams on the Cameroonian side from their kin and kith on the Nigerian side is only inviting the obvious. That is dicing with the devil. Blood is thicker than water and extremists who are egging on soldiers to commit atrocious crimes should know the shaky grounds the whole Bakassi issues rests on. Any cross border skirmishes should therefore

    • not come as a surprise to anyone. During the Bakassi crisis, Ambazonians served as a cushion and anchor for La Republique, but now that the country wants to rot the apple from within, how would it withstand an onslaught that may come as a result of solidarity from across the border? La Republique’s gov’t just stepped in to foil a coup in E. Guinea. Was that not because of family links and regional solidarity? Why weep when it comes from the other side? Travelling voters have been ferried in from Nigeria over the years and given La Republique’s IDs to vote. Is Nigeria therefore sweet in the morning and bitter in the evening? Is a cooking pot for the lizard not the cooking pot for the chameleon? Your answer won’t leave doubts in my mind!

  13. 3 hours gun fight and no casualty?? They all came from Nigeria??? How could you expect the Nigerian government or millitary to know of this?? Pure Fake

  14. We Need reliable and credible information on this Website. Makes no sence to be reading fake everyday. The fact that we are hungry of News doesn’t mean that you Keep telling us lies. This is not the first , second or third.
    Unfortunately some of us of Ambzonia following are taking credit of what is not real. The government benefits from this type of reporting because it simply identify Ambazonia as terrorists and gives them the right and international Support to hit hard as they have been doing.

  15. Nigeria’s unusual reticence does not help matters at all. Do they need a torch, more time to look for a crime to charge those arrested? Was there no reason for the arrests? How about the reputation of the giant of Africa? Are Nigerian courts waiting for a Buhari decree to set the detainees free?

  16. Beyond military tactics all Ambazonians must make sure the boycott everything coming from Larepublique.
    I have started already. Down with la Republique and I plan to do this as long as necessary. They will feel it in their pockets.
    I encourage Ambazonians all over the world to boycott any name, student, consultant, contract coming from la Republique to the best of their ability without violating any laws.
    Aluta continua from all angles.


    • @Bobjazz what a quick turn. Only 3 months ago you asked us to go to Nigeria and make our Biafra demands.
      Today you want us to stay in Mamfe. I promise you by next week or a couple of months you will be asking us to remain in Kumba and then Tiko and finally on the banks of river Mungo.
      You are making progress.
      Our destination is Buea.
      La Republique will never be the same

  18. Yes I said you should go and join your Biafra brothers with your bad blood. We the 80% of Anglophone Cameroonians with no Biafra blood have nothing to do with Nigeria. We love our Francophone Cameroonian brothers and sisters. Biya and his regime is our problem and we shall overcome. You keep on disrupting the lives of some of your people in Mamfe. How does that affect Biya and his family? Do you think he cares? Unwise and uncivilized people.

    • USA Africa,
      So up to now you think writing as bobjazz sets you apart? There’s an effect on Biya as his prostrate has badly swollen because of pressure and his diapers are being changed every minute. All Anglophones are biafrans and are headed for Buea, your barking is an expression of fright!

      • Don’t mind the useless Bamilike bastard. The fool thinks that by shouting at the top of his voice that he is from Santa and branding others as “Biafrans” will conceal his identity.

    • @Bobjazz you funny me there is no telling! If I dey worry my people their life Wetin concern you 100% Anglophone? We 80% Anglophone we say we no do again NA trouble? You bi Amaserey man?
      We say we no like la Republique again, our parents made a mistake and we plan to fix it.
      Since you are certain that 100% Anglophones like la Republique organise an independent and fair referendum so we can settle the matter, if la Republique wins I join CPDM with this my big grammar and we help Peter Essoka to “Abrutir” les Camerounais.