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Head of State’s End-of-Year Message to the Nation

Fellow Cameroonians,

My Dear Compatriots,

During the year just ending, Cameroon confirmed to the world, within a difficult context, the soundness of its institutions, the resilience of its economy and its attachment to national unity.

Indeed, our country demonstrated a remarkable capacity to meet the numerous challenges it faced in the sporting, security, economic or social domains.

Credit for such accomplishments goes first and foremost to you, the Cameroonian people! An overwhelming majority of you, whether from the North or South, East or West; whether Anglophone or Francophone, have always demonstrated courage, dynamism, patriotism and, above all, maturity.

Congratulations to you!

My Dear Compatriots,

The adverse global economic situation due notably to falling commodity prices has negatively impacted economic growth and social progress in our country. It has also caused cash flow problems which have severely affected Government contractors, particularly small-and medium-size enterprises.

As part of its efforts to address this situation, in June 2017, the Government concluded an economic and financial programme with the International Monetary Fund backed by an “Extended Credit Facility”. This programme is expected to have a positive impact on our growth as from 2018.

To this end, we will maintain our efforts to optimize public revenue collection and streamline public spending. Special attention will be paid to the situation of SMEs especially in terms of settling the   debt owed them and improving their access to bank loans.

We will also maintain our resolve to   implement our major projects, with a special focus on road infrastructure. Community outreach services, notably water, electricity and health care will be given special attention.

Our country’s health map is getting denser each year, with the construction of about one hundred health centres, subdivisional medical centres and district hospitals.

We will continue our efforts to provide quality and universal health care to our population. In this regard, I have instructed the Government to finalize discussions on ways to progressively establish a universal health coverage system.

Remarkable progress has been achieved in implementing the projects included in the Three-year Emergency Plan. These are projects which foster true social progress within our communities. Such efforts will be continued.

The Government’s sustained action to increase the number of schools and universities make Cameroon a major pool of quality human resources in Africa. Similarly, we will step up our efforts to create jobs, particularly for our youth. In this regard, the completion of major projects such as the Port of Kribi, which will soon go operational, opens up bright prospects.

The IMF review mission fielded from October to November 2017 rightly hailed the resilience of our economy and our performance in implementing the programme concluded with this institution. This, you will agree with me, augurs well for our goal of achieving emergence.

My Dear Compatriots,

In the sports domain, the year which is drawing to a close brought us great victories which should be hailed. Our Football Indomitable Lions brilliantly lifted their fifth continental trophy. Our National Women’s Volleyball Team did us proud by emerging as the African Champion right here in Yaounde. On various stadiums worldwide, our flag was raised high and our national anthem resounded thanks to our sportsmen and sportswomen. The Cameroonian Nation, through me, extends its hearty congratulations to them.

As you are aware, in 2019, our country will host the large continental football family on the occasion of the Africa Cup of Nations. Beyond the purely sporting aspect, this will avail us an opportunity to offer our guests Cameroon’s warm hospitality. I have no doubt that, like our athletes, our population will rise to the occasion and showcase Cameroon at its best.

Our country will be ready for this grand celebration of friendship. I have made a commitment to that end.

My Dear Compatriots,

The issue of security was not the least of the challenges Cameroon had to address   in 2017.

The Boko Haram terrorist sect continued its attacks against our country. Thanks to the bravery of our soldiers and the courage of our population, we inflicted heavy losses on this criminal group and annihilated its expansionist dreams. Definitely, vigilance remains the watchword. In collaboration with our neighbours and international partners, we will sustain our efforts to totally eradicate this terrorist group.

We also scored remarkable victories combating hostage-taking on our eastern border. We will step up efforts in that regard, and relentlessly track down the criminal groups involved.

In the North-West and South-West Regions, socio-professional grievances, which the Government nonetheless strove to address adequately, were exploited by extremists seeking to impose their secessionist plans through violence.

We all witnessed the seriousness of the spillover. The symbols of the Republic were desecrated. Our children’s education was compromised by criminal arsonists who did not hesitate to burn down schools and attack students. Economic and social activities were disrupted by irresponsible strike calls imposed on the population through threats, intimidation and violence. Bomb attacks were carried out. Many of our compatriots lost their lives in violence perpetrated by secessionists.  Members of our defence and security forces were assassinated in cold blood in the line of duty.

I would like to invite you to spare a thought for all our fellow citizens who lost their lives in this crisis. On behalf of the entire Nation, I would also like to extend our heartfelt condolences to all the bereaved families.

As I reminded you recently, it is my duty to ensure republican order, social peace, the unity of the Nation and Cameroon’s integrity.

In this regard, I have issued instructions that all those who have taken up arms, who perpetrate or encourage violence should be fought relentlessly and held accountable for their crimes before the courts of law.

The security operations conducted to that end have already yielded excellent results. They will continue unabated, but without excesses. I congratulate the defence and security forces on the bravery, determination, restraint and professionalism they have demonstrated thus far.

I am aware that the wish of every Cameroonian of good will is to see an end to tensions in the North-West and South-West Regions and a return to normalcy. The vast majority of Cameroonians aspire to live together in peace.

Bearing in mind this aspiration, I set up the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism which will play a key role in promoting our togetherness.

It is in the same light that, at the onset of the crisis, I requested the Government to engage in a constructive dialogue with English-speaking teachers and lawyers to seek solutions to their demands. The Government took many actions following the dialogue, even going beyond the initial demands. Others are ongoing or in the pipeline.

I should make it very clear that, to my mind, dialogue has always been and will always remain the best means of resolving problems, so long as it is strictly in line with republican legality.

My Dear Compatriots,

My conviction that our fellow citizens desire greater participation in managing their affairs, especially at the local level, has been strengthened by the consultations I have held and the many opinions and suggestions I have received.

In this regard, it is my firm belief that fast-tracking our decentralization process will enhance the development of our Regions.

To that end, I have ordered the implementation of the necessary measures to speedily give effect to this major reform.

In the same vein, the completion of the establishment of the institutions provided for in the Constitution will contribute towards consolidating the rule of law and open a new page in our democratic process.

The year 2018 will be an important election year. All necessary measures will be taken to ensure that elections are held in peace and security.

My Dear Compatriots,

As you can see, our Nation is facing multiple challenges which we should address together in fraternity, with due respect for our institutions and in a spirit of national concord.

In this light, Cameroon is a precious legacy for each and every one of us.

Let us remain worthy of our legacy, of a united Cameroon, standing tall, proud and jealous of its freedom.

Happy New Year to you all!

Long live Cameroon!

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  1. Happy New Year Mr. President,
    But I was expecting congratulatory message to George Weah, Roger Milla’s teammate of those years in Tonnerre Kalara Club. Weah is now president of Liberia!

    • chop fire Anglo

      Just a trivial point for correction Mr John Dinga. Roger Milla left Tonnerre De Yaoundé at the end of 1977/78 football season for France while George Weah was signed by the club sometime in 1986/87 season and therefore Roger Milla and “King George” were never team mates.

    • Vaiocomputers

      Maybe the lettre de felicitation will come later or he is just worried to send one..hahahaha

  2. Notorious & number one Extremist & Dictator in the world paul Biya of French cameroon is committing crimes against humanity on daily basis.He ordered his terrorist gang call military to kill thousands of armless Ambazonians. Ambazonian president H.E Ayuk.J. Tabe has asked Cameroon which is illegally occupying Ambazonia to withdraw to its internationally recognized borders .Any Dialogue between Cameroon and Ambazonia will be to discuss the terms of separation. Anything short of that is waste of time and resources.

    • Vaiocomputers

      Bro,i dont know why u r wasting so much energy on this man.I was not expecting anything new or old.He has been recycling his speech for the past 30 yrs..It has been the same thing over and over with new words added here and there but the context remains the same.We r just waiting for nature to dislodge him.

  3. Happy HE Excellency A Tabe of the Amba land.No presidential elections next year,no AFCON 2019

  4. Who listens to what this faggot and blood sucking vampire says anymore? An old wasted cocksucker and Bulu thug! Murderer

  5. With all the arms you are shipping to Manyu,what is happy about the new year.withdraw your troops back to lrc or you will have to transport them back in special bags.stop sending young people to their death.odeichi is for real and Ambazonia is not turning back.we will soon be attacking lrc troops from all over our territory,Manyu has suffered enough.
    Happy new year to our tigers and all Ambazonian warriors.

  6. After:
    1. declaring an UNWINNABLE war on Southern Cameroonians,
    2. committing genocide and crimes against humanity in SC,

    Dictator Paul Adolf Hitler Biya is still talking of DECENTRALISATION.
    Dictator Biya thinks that he can always use Southern Cameroonians as his guinea pigs before introducing anything new in the country:
    1. Dictator Biya murdered many Southern Cameroonians in 1990 before introducing pseudo-multipartism in his “two and divisible” LRC
    2. The same Dictator slaughtered many Southern Cameroonians in the 1990s before introducing examination boards in his two and divisible” LRC.

    • 3. The unrepentant Dictator committed genocide in SC in 2017 before telling his citizens that he is now willing to implement the Decentralisation provision in the 1996 Constitution.
      The above non exhaustive examples show that Southern Cameroonians are being used as guinea pigs by the Junta before anything thing positive is introduced in that “two and divisible” country fondly referred to as LRC.
      Unfortunately, for the diaper-wearing octogenarian Dictator, Southern Cameroonians have now said with one voice that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. They are no longer prepared to be used as guinea pigs by Dictator Biya.
      They have now taken their collective destiny into their hands in order to shake off forever the fetters of French-sponsored annexionist-cum-assimilationist enslavement and trammels.

      • The train of DECENTRALISATION left the station in October 2016. Simply put, the diaper-wearing octogenarian Dictator is completely out of touch with what is happening in his so-called “Island of Peace”.

  7. Mr Paul Biya at this time is like a boxer on the ropes in the 12th round. Time and relevance have eclipsed him. He failed to transform the country, partly due to neocolonialism (imperatives foisted on him by France) and partly due to his lack-lustre nature. The latter permitted vultures and crocodiles to devour the state. The anglophone uprising has always simmered below the parapet since 1961. A worse solution now is to reduce anglophones to a constitutional minority within French-speaking Cameroun and CEMAC (French imperative) without consulting them in a referendum. 20% of the population is greater than the Corsica, Catalonia, Northern Ireland and Quebec problems in France, Spain, UK and Canada respectively. How does one go from 2 states equal in status to a constitutional minority?

  8. Even my drum Zam Zam, is disappointed! His supreme leader maybe sharing some weed leaves with the daughter! The kool aid Zam Zam wanted us to drink about negotiating with Balla as the center piece has been abundantly ridiculed! Zam Zam, Biya has given you a fessee nationale, and wants you to go hew wood with your darling Balla. All he has thrown you is hollow bilingual commission.

  9. When Ambalanders had no guns you said Cameroun was one and indivisible, you said things were normal and the form of the state was none negotiable, you were so proud and took Ambazonians for cowards. Today with the killing of your Soldiers for the first time, in your speech you did not mention the one and indivisible Cameroun, you spoke of the killing of your soldiers, you extended your condolences to the bereaved families this time not only soldiers but civilians aswell, you called the children of Ambazonia your children for the first time,you were very soft and humbled. I can not believe that you are the same person i saw celebrating while people were being killed in Ambazonia last February.I can now see the power of AKs. The Struggle continues.

  10. Case Study: “one student one computer“.

    This slogan is FAKE

    CrTv and CT once reported that Paul Biya had borrowed from China 75 billion FCFA to buy 500.000 computers from China.
    1. Unfortunately for the above-mentioned fake news media outlets, The Minister of Higher Education had in a press conference claimed that the cost of each computer was 300.000 FCFA. If you multiply 300.000 by 500.000 you get 150 billion FCFA and not 75 billion as was reported by the Government. Simply put, CrTv and CT had lied to the people of LRC. The Government had indeed borrowed 150 billion FCFA and not 75 billion to buy election computers for students of the academic year 2017- 2018.

    2. LRC has to pay interest on the loan
    3. The computers are only for the academic year 2017-2018. It is a one-time gesture.

    • 4. The computers will create jobs in China and not Cameroon
      5. To add insults to injuries, the computers bought by the taxpayers were baptized “Paul BIYA Higher Education Vision (PB HEV)” as if the computers were bought with Biya’s private money

      This is another example of misplaced priorities. Biya does not care about his country. he cares only about himself.
      Biya knows that Decentralisation or the Committee on Bilingualism can NEVER resolve the Anglophone Question. He knows that the country will never have peace if the Anglophone Question is NOT resolved. However, he uses taxpayers money to buy election computers, recruit 5000 soldiers. He does NOT want any GENUINE dialogue. He thinks that there is a military solution to the impasse. Only time will prove him wrong.


      • Dictator Biya,

        „You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!“

    • Vaiocomputers

      The efficiency of those computers dont match the price tag and it is not a gift but tax payers hard earned moneu that he and his cabal r profiteering in the name of gifts.

  11. Dearest Biya, kindly x-ray your self, kneel and ask your self if truely you need to still rule Cameroon. How was the country when u peacefully took over? How is it today? And if if you do decide to stay till death, since u have bought the Khaki boys and hand clapping MPs and Senators, then be Pragmatic. Point to the problems and use real methods in atleast trying to solve them. Fake promises, lies telling, use of force will not work. Imagine teachers till date have not been paid their Out Station dues marking your 2017 Political GCE, the Yaounde Douala highway construction is doubtful, nearest neighbors to your residence lack portable water, Cameroonians dieing daily from accidents partly due to poor road infrastructures. Your speech is just empty. Tired of seeing u cos u are so good.

    • Épée Dipanda

      So good how?
      I am happy that the romp of the chicken has been exposed by the passing wind. Before the weaponozation of Ambazonia he had no care or interest in Ambaland beyond the oil and gas and CDC and Pamol revenue. Now he is coming home. More conciliatory speech. Unfortunately we need more than words. Quick action can save him, he must have the courage to outsmart HE Sisiku Ayuk Tabe.
      My free advice,:
      quickly organize a referendum or start the Decentralisation in January 2018 with Anglophone Cameroon.
      Remove the police and allow for a locally managed police service. You may maintain border military garrisons and
      immediately devolve health and education as well as public works.
      These interventions will take the steam out of the AGC wind.

    • Vaiocomputers

      Well,the truth in the matter is..Paul biya knows there is nothing left to rule or deliver after 35 yrsThe problem now is not him interested in ruling.It is about escaping or avoiding the wrath that may bedevilled him when power evaporates.That is his main concern and worry.Hanging on to rule is now just an accessory to escaped,not to deliver.

  12. Épée Dipanda

    Any departure from this strengthens the hand of HE Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and reinforces the alienation of Anglophones.
    I know francophones are good with the study of history. In the sciences they are a mess but at least history and philosophy they know so it beats my mind why la Republique has not realised that in the history of all nations, it is the marginalised and the exiled who eventually return to overrun the powers that be?
    Examples from history:
    1- Sundiatta Keita and his defeat of Sumanguru in the Mande (1,000 years ago in West Africa)
    2- Osman Dan Fodio and the Sokoto Caliphate spanning from Yorubaland to lake Tchad, Bangui in CAR
    3- Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and his Madina exodus
    4- Charles deGaulle fighting Hitler from London and Cameroon
    5- Jews thrown out of Palestine Ottoman

  13. Épée Dipanda

    Usman Dan Fodio was as recently as 1808 and into late 19th century when his sons continued his empire.
    DeGaulle was less than 100 years ago
    As LaRepublique continues to force Anglophones into exile they must remember that it is only a matter of time before these people and/or their children return with a vengeance.
    I urge you all to learn from history….
    It always repeats itself, is anyone listening?

  14. Épée Dipanda

    Kabila’s father returned from Tanzania
    Kagame RPF were organized from neighboring countries to rally and march on Kigali….
    How many more examples does la Republique need to change their ways?

  15. Happy New Year to all Southern Cameroonians and happy independence day to all LR Citizens

  16. All those people who have been saying here that violence does not resolve any problem should think again.Biya used to talk with alot of Authority when Ambasonians had not picked up arms.But the senile dictator have been humbled by the ADF.Biya, for the first time since this crisis,offered condolences to bereaved families.The question now is,does that his condolences also goes to the bereaved families who’s children were massacred by his army?or the condolences is for the families of his army who were massacred by ADF? Violence and destruction is the only language that a dictator understands.We will exterminate all that your soldiers in Ambaland.Some people in this forum were chanting war.The war has come.Make man no run.

  17. I want to wish a happy new year to HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe.May God give u long life.Your end of year speech to your people was very touching.And we look forward to more end of year speeches from u,like the one on the 31st of Dec 2017.

  18. Nothing to take from your useless speech.. Happy new year to HE sisiku Ayuk Tabe , the brave Manyu people ,ADF forces and Ambazonians at home and abroad. Thank the brave MANYU TIGERS for eliminating the notorious LRC terrorist MIFIRI. He was killed in mamfe on the 30th of December during a mystic fight with Manyu fighters. May his useless soul rot in hell

  19. Mifiri was also notorious in the crackdown on UB students during their peaceful strike in 2005. He also own a gang of bandits who carryout their operation using LRC firearms in return he receive kickbacks

  20. ` Killer on the RAMPAGE`. The old man at Etoudi.