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Immigration Canada bloque l’arrivée d’étudiants camerounais au Québec

Ils sont près d’une cinquantaine en provenance des Îles Comores, de la Mauritanie et surtout du Cameroun, à qui le service a refusé le visa.

Le service Immigration Canada aurait bloqué l’arrivée de nombreux étudiants camerounais au Québec. L’information a été diffusée par des médias québécois, après les plaintes des responsables d’établissements professionnels. Ceux-ci dénonçaient le fait que des visas ont été refusés à des étudiants qui avaient pourtant reçu des bourses d’études.

Selon le constat de Paul Thériault, président du Cegeps (une association de 48 collèges d’enseignement général et professionnel canadiens), le nombre de refus de visas est inquiétant. «Si on annonce 200 bourses et qu’il y a seulement une vingtaine d’étudiants qui reçoivent leur visa et peuvent poursuivre leur démarche académique…personnellement, je pense que c’est un fiasco», a-t-il confié à nos confrères de Tva Nouvelles, un site d’informations canadien.

Pour Immigration Canada, les étudiants étrangers ne présentent pas tous la preuve qu’ils retourneront dans leur pays une fois leur formation complétée. Une théorie que réfute catégoriquement Paul Thériault. «C’est normal qu’il y ait une analyse des dossiers, mais lorsqu’on a des taux de refus de 90% à 100% dans certains pays, ça surprend […] Pour nous, il y a un enjeu de crédibilité internationale », s’inquiète-t-il.

D’après les analyses des médias québécois, les limitations de visas résulteraient de conflits politiques sur la question de l’immigration au sein de l’exécutif canadien. Un débat qui fait suite au flot de demandes d’asile occasionnés par les décisions anti-migratoires de Trump aux Etats-Unis.

Les refus de visas d’entrée au Québec d’Immigration Canada interviennent alors que le Premier ministre de cette province du Canada avait tenu un discours d’ouverture au dernier sommet de la Francophonie à Madagascar. En 2016, en effet, Philippe Couillard avait pris l’engagement d’accorder 250 nouvelles exemptions de droits de scolarité et 42 bourses pour la formation collégiale et technique afin de favoriser le développement des pays du sud, membres de la francophonie.

Parmi les pays qui enregistrent le plus grand nombre de refus de visas, les médias canadiens citent les îles Comores, le Cameroun et la Mauritanie.

Journal du Cameroun


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  1. This is very annoying. People who legitimately apply and fulfill all requirements are denied Visas but those who smuggle their way into Canada have all kinds of rights and are granted a stay. Canada is now open to all from the Middle East to flood in but when my genuine African brothers and sisters apply to come in genuinely, they are refused Visas.

    • [email protected] True ,this is really cheeky wasting vaild applicants time and money like this they may well miss a years education due to the sloven process accumilating in a refusal ,they should sue the Canadian Educational minister for wrongful misrepresentation of the procedure,if their papers where perfect.
      from what i understand, also ,entry can come with alot of strings attached to become a specialised doctor they train you then oblige you to remain as a general overworked and underpaid spare part sent to remote corners to cover absent doctors .
      With a combination of specialistic educational websites and the fact we are next to a 1.5 trillion spender on higher education abroard ,next door (Nigeria)and a growing young tech savy population at home why suffer in the cold ?

      • Thats a bit rich that the speechmaker for the gentleman ( who spends 10.000 $ a month on makeup ) twisted my comment to be supportive of their agenda in the said persons speech this morning ! Still nice to know the influence of the website !!

  2. I thought Cameroon being a bilingual country like Canada will be given more consideration.Unfortunately corruption in our african countries have let us into this stalemate

  3. We know what is going on over there like i mentioned already. It is a process of mass deportation that will not only diminish the influx of foreigners to Canada; but most importantly, is intended to remove thousands of asylum seekers and other adventurers from the country.

    Secondly, this is yet another reminder to the educated genius who did not even know that Madagascar is a Francophone country!

    • Eh! Junkie, it’s because you are high that is why the educated genius by the name Ras Thug told you that Madagascar is not a Francophone country?
      Hahaha! man go hear don for dis ground.

    • Vaiocomputers

      You came to Sweden..was given a stay through the same process but u run ya mouth like this man.Currently,you are in södertälje and you are trying to relocate to the inner part of stockholm.At least someone reading this from the stockholm area will have an idea of who this bastard is.Remember,we shared the same computer with that crazy name of yours to post rubbish on this forum.The next time,i will exposed u much better

      • What process? You wish you knew me, little delusional coon? You are not the first to claim personal acquaintanceship with me. Many have done that before you… so I-Man is not impressed. Stop making a fool of your pitiful self!

        • Ras Tuge

          Is it a lie that you came to Sweden through the same means? Mad man Ras Impostor Tuge can’t stand the fact that others are also in his glorified Sweden. Years of welfare tapping have gone by without you being able to leave your safe heaven yet you claim to know everything in Canada. See the big banga mop talking about mass deportation in Canada. Who told you Canada really cares about Cameroon in particular apart from the human rights abuse perpetrated by the regime you will do anything to protect? There are numerous means to emigrate to Canada and the last time I checked, qualified Cameroonians are not barred. Those being deported are hard drug criminals like u or the other fellow Mvogo Pierre that was kicked out over a year ago. Delusional nonentity blowing conspiracy all over

  4. Visas have now become Non-tariff barriers….i remember 6yrs ago i was refused study visa to swiss, though was a scholarship..reason for refusal was to provide someone in swisss who can guarantee that i am actually coming to study, though was a full scholarship..in addition, the person should provide his/her payslips, among others ….

    As faith would have , 6years later i was issued a professional visa to thesame country…this time there was no reason for refusal…rather the consular staff said..”what a tradegy”

    • ‘TRAGEDY’ and not TRADEGY

      Yours was quite an odd story! Normally, the school, institution serves as the guarantor… and they always provide you with the necessary documentation that testifies your acceptance. Thus, the story about payslips and all what not is simply ridiculous. But hey, that’s why yours was quite an odd story!

  5. They are refuse entry cos of LRC fake GC E.fake everything’ fake