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Ireland: Beast lured two women and raped them at his home

Herald.ie | Clement Limen (45) was jailed for seven-and-a-half years for luring two women to his apartment and raping them.

The university graduate, from Cameroon in central Africa, told them there was a party at his flat before knocking them out with alcohol. When they woke up, he was raping them.

Limen had been living in Sligo for seven years, where he was known for his flamboyant dress and personality.


However, gardai had long suspected him of prowling nightclubs and spiking women’s drinks, and a number of pubs and clubs had barred him for “suspicious incidents”.

Unfortunately, officers had no proof.

On the night of the rape, Limen invited the women back to his flat after meeting them in a nightclub on the June bank holiday weekend in 2014.

They declined, but he was waiting for them outside the club at the end of the night. By this time, Limen had convinced about 10 other people to come to his flat in North Court, Quayside.

Clement Limen [click to enlarge]
The women, who were friends, decided it was safe to go, unaware of his sick plans. The last thing they remembered was sipping the drink Limen gave them.

When one of them woke up, Limen was raping her. Later, she went to find her friend, only to find she too had been raped.

In a victim impact statement, one of the women said her life had changed dramatically since she was raped.

“I was once carefree and fun loving. I became introverted and racked with anxiety. I regularly wake with a jolt, thinking he [Limen] is standing over me,” she said.

“If he had pleaded guilty and apologised, I could have forgiven him, but he taunted us at every opportunity, he showed no remorse, was arrogant and told nauseating lies.”

Her friend said the incident had destroyed the past three years of her life.

“He [Limen] carried my listless body into a bedroom where he violated and raped me.”

Both women said Limen’s refusal to give a blood sample to eliminate sexually transmitted diseases caused them distress.


“I had to go to an STD clinic, which was humiliating as I am a married woman,” said one of the women. “It was an extra blow to put us through.”

Limen intends to appeal his conviction because he does not accept the jury’s verdict, and separately make a constitutional challenge regarding the terms of his detention.

Mr Justice Coffey said the crime was aggravated by the “trauma and anguish” it caused the victims.

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  1. Morally repugnant act as described. This is a newspaper narrative. Victims are women against a black man. Most juries will destroy him! Mitigating circumstances are obvious.

    No cited evidence that the police (Gardai) found residues of spiking substances, named the specific alcoholic drink claimed by victims, found a receipt of date rape drugs or affirmation by pharmacy, bank account or credit card statement that Mr Limen acquired such products.

    What is the background of the two women who visited a pub to drink only “water and soda” (?), agreed to be chatted by a stranger and then followed him into his flat after-hours? Was it a setup by the Gardai because Limen was already suspected? One woman was married, where was her husband and does she have children? Many unanswered questions.

    • @MD. why complain about the jury, the accused skin among others? can the common law you cherrish so much be corrupt? as an anglophone, won’t they consider him? I simply pity some of you because you are totally confused. I nearly entered your madness but I’ve realized that I AM NOBODY’S PHOTOCOPY. Enjoy your mental slavery & never claim any first class because slaves belong to their masters who are first class already.

  2. He should be sent for a very long time and hopefully gets raped himself over and over (in jail)

    • Two wrongs do not make it right! Raping Mr. Limen in prison will be wrong. He should be jailed for the act if confirmed by a doctor. The story as reported has several unanswered questions about tactics of the police and the women. Ever heard of a honey trap? What happened to the other 8 people who were allegedly invited by Mr Limen to his flat that night? Do they exist? Cannot fully trust the police. The two women cannot be angels either! Evidence is the key.

  3. Where I come from, when men where men, this one would have had his balls removed and trained to be a security agent protecting the chiefs several wives. His brain will keep telling him he needs sex, but the machine down stairs will be asleep 24/7.

  4. Why always the same people? WHEN will anglo bami stop disgracing all over the world ?

    • @ Pinguiss, Ask the despot Paul Biya. He is worse than this guy. He killed a cab driver and stole his wife Shantu. Paul Biya and his daughter wife Shantu are a disgrace to Cameroonians as they are a laughingstock at all UN meetings or international organizations they attend. ASK MICHEL OBAMA’S OPINION ABOUT SHANTU. Hah hah hah.

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      Only your stupidity can be compared with your stupidity, ignorance and arrogance.

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  8. They are prostitutes.
    This story was put here, to tell us that white women can not be prostitutes.

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