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Israel: African migrants told to leave or face imprisonment

The Israeli government has issued a notice for thousands of African migrants to leave the country or face imprisonment.

The migrants will be given up to $3,500 (£2,600) for leaving within the next 90 days.

They will be given the option of going to their home country or third countries.

If they do not leave, the Israeli authorities have threatened that they will start jailing them from April.

The Israeli government says their return will be humane and “voluntary”.

The order exempts children, elderly people, and victims of slavery and human trafficking.

A spokesperson for Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority told the BBC there were currently 38,000 “infiltrators” in Israel, of whom just 1,420 were being held in detention facilities.

Israel uses the term “infiltrators” to describe people who did not enter the country through an official border crossing.

Many of the migrants – who are mostly from Eritrea and Sudan – say they came to Israel to seek asylum after fleeing persecution and conflict, but the authorities regard them as economic migrants.

Presentational grey line

A note on terminology: The BBC uses the term migrant to refer to all people on the move who have yet to complete the legal process of claiming asylum. This group includes people fleeing war-torn countries such as Syria, who are likely to be granted refugee status, as well as people who are seeking jobs and better lives, who governments are likely to rule are economic migrants.

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  1. The Israelis are providing financial and technical support to train the BIRs in Cameroon. The BIRs are used by the dictator to transform Cameroonians into refugees in Nigeria finally Libya and maybe Israel.
    One day Isreal will join USA and France to impose new leadership in Cameroon like in Libya we hope the panafricanist who are killing us to become Francophones will jubilate.
    Why are 38k African young men fleeing their homes?
    Because their leaders steal African wealth and keep it in Swiss banks like Abacha and the rest who are in power for more than 10yrs
    Israelis call immigrants infiltrators, Americans illegal aliens, in Africa we call them Expatriates!

  2. When Abraham left Iran to settle in Canaan, there were already people in that land who welcome the patriarch with open arms. When Jacob and his family left Canaan to Egypt to re-unite with his son Joseph, he left behind lots of people including blood relatives who continued their activities in Canaan. When Moses led the Israelite as they were now called back to an illegal invasion of Canaan there were people already there. I know religious addicts will argue the walls of Jericho fell and G-d gave the land to Israelite. But the same G-d delivered them into captivity to the Babylonians, Romans. Spanish and Germans because of their refusal to obey the law and recognize the Messiah. The fiction called Israel today is a creation of Britain and America to falsely fulfill the prophecy. It’ll fail

  3. A crude approach to solving Africa`s problems.

  4. What of the white European settlers who call themselves Jews occupying Palestinian territories? When will they go back to Europe? Racist bastards. These are the idiots who supported apartheid in South Africa, hated Mandela, disrespected the first black U.S president Obama, forced Biya to boycott Mandela’s funeral as they have total control over him. (they train his BIRs). Bringing Israelis to train his BIRs and not attending Mandela’s funeral because of Israel is proof that dictator Biya is shameless. He trusts foreigners than Cameroonians and doesn’t represent Cameroon interest. This idiot can be taken out this year if secessionists can come to their senses, stop their madness and join the rest of the country form one strong opposition. Biya is the problem not Francophones.

    • No sir! Francophones rather need to stop being weak sissies and stand up for themselves. They are not your canon fodders to always get you out of darkness and corrupt leadership. This time they’ve decided to be on their own and take control of their destiny. All the lies, name calling y’all keep propagating will not change anything. Ambaland shall be free in 2018! You are one of those calling us a fraction of unrepresented minority so I wonder how 20% of the population can ever influence an election Mr Biya had already pocketed. Anglophones stepping into LRC politics is an objective dead on arrival. Self determination is a right and no one is taking that away from us this time.

      • Ag you make me laugh. Anglophones who just came back from Cameroon say the idea of separation is dead in Cameroon. People in Buea, Limbe, Bamenda etc are going about their business and don’t give a damn about you secessionists. The secessionists have all ran to Nigeria. Keep on having your sweet dreams about your Ambazonia, maybe you will see it in heaven.

        • You think you are the only element that went to Cameroon? We are about to hit the $100Million fund mark then you will see fireworks young man. The funds raised in the DMV yesterday should be a telltale sign to your arrogance. Our fighting struggle is like the gospel. only who believe and seek it with honest intentions have it revealed to them. That’s why your BIRs and Gendarmes in Mamfe are confused up to the point of ferrying in Pygmies to help with mystical powers but they ran amok and disappeared in trepidation. Keep singing life is going on well and smooth as you switch hear from minority anglophone separatists. We will not engage in your political election deceit but concentrate on freeing Ambaland. You can even join Biya to fight us to extermination but I say it again, bring it on!

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  9. This should be a food for thought for us in 2018..
    Our brothers are being killed as slaves in Libya..
    Israel is chasing them away..
    Europe is building walls and dont want to see Africans..
    Back home bad governance makes it hard for the youths to even get a job..
    And when people go to the streets , revolt and demonstrate for a change -some of us have the Gods to call them terrorist?..
    Are blacks cursed?..Are we in this world only to suffer?..Are we natural slaves?..
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    Are we so satisfied and have a white man complex?..
    Thanks to the brave youths of the NWP and SWP, cameroonians are begining to realized how the old people have fooled them for over 30 years……