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Israel backs Roger Milla’s humanitarian work

APA-Douala (Cameroon) Former Cameroonian international footballer Albert Roger Milla, ambassador of the presidency of the republic and promoter of the “Heart of Africa” ??Foundation, is benefiting from the support of Israel in his humanitarian and sports activities.

Israel’s ambassador to Cameroon Ran Gidor on Thursday revealed that the hero of the Italian World Cup in 1990 and “African footballer of the century”, a designation by the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), had been in contact with the Israeli government.

Roger Milla was “officially” invited to Israel, since he was regarded as an asset for to the strengthening of the friendship and cooperation between Israel and Cameroon, according to the Israeli diplomat.

With the support of Israel, the Heart of Africa Foundation handed over medical equipment to the Mother and Child Center of the Chantal Biya Foundation, as well as in the construction in Yaounde of a center for the socio-professional integration of women with a disability.

The structure called Handicaps Home is home to 30 disabled women who work in different socio-professional sectors, including sewing, hairdressing, basket weaving, sculpture, secretarial work and catering.


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  1. People of the same click! Why are you giving medical equipments to Chantal Biya. Why not go to some village in the North West or south west and just show a small sign of solidarity by encouraging poor mamas and papas with little subsidies. You guys think life begins and ends in Yaoundé. You should know that we all supported you when you were playing but since you ‘retired’ you have clearly told us which side you belong to! I remember how you could play that game even better than the whiteman who created it but when it came to tv interviews you jambox pidgin/French/bassaa together! Lap!

  2. When anglos decry marginalization, we are arrested, killed, raped etc. But it is there in every
    thing that is happening in cameroon.
    One solution, distinguishingly stands clear here, to solve the problem eternally, viz, statehood.
    Those who are seeing it diffirently, are either being trickish or are just being inhuman.

  3. `differently`
    Think about this. How would cameroon look like, in the absence of biya and the cpdm?

  4. Apart from my family, Roger Milla is the only Cameroonian that I feel has made me stood up and be proud to be called a Cameroonian. During that world cup when the sub Roger Milla danced to the goal and around the corner flags, my eyes filled with tears of joy. Everywhere you went, people greeted you as a Cameroonian. Even to this day, many people around the world still remember that world cup.

    Recently, I attended a senior management meeting in the middle East and when they heard I was Cameroonian, people of that certain age still ask about Roger Milla. What a unique ambassador for Cameroon.

  5. This news is CAMEROUN news not a southern CAMEROONS news is real is the criminal cabal fake jew who wanted to bring Ebola infection to be a. The same Criminals who killed 2000 in 84 lake nyos resting atomic weapon there. The same securing and advising not a on how to colonize southern CAMEROONS
    They are af Rican enemies AFRIKA shouldn’t be dealing with them so this is French speakers CAMEROUN Africans news not CONCERN us

    • l,enemi dans la Maison

      at the end what have you said???? it would have been better if you wrote in your mother language for me to understand

  6. I don’t trust these people. They were the number one supporter of apartheid in south Africa. If they have such humanitarian feelings why don’t they liberate Palestinians like White South Africans did to the blacks? Africans are so stupid , naive and easy to deceive. We shouldn’t be dealing with these people. They don’t like blacks. Go there and see how they treat blacks before you will understand what I’m talking about. (WHY DO YOU THINK THEIR PRIME MINISTER HAD NO RESPECT FOR OBAMA? WHY DO YOU THINK THEIR PRIME MINISTER DIDN’T ATTEND MANDELA’S FUNERAL?)