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John Fru Ndi talks about the Anglophone crisis and the 2018 presidential election on BBC [+video]

John Fru Ndi on BBC Africa with Peter Okwoche. He talks about the Anglophone crisis and the 2018 presidential election.

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  1. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown, n’est-ce pas?

    • The removal from office today of 4th grade magistrate, Pascal Magnaguemabe (a.k.a. M. Epervier) highlights the subjection of the judiciary to the executive which the ACPHR highlighted years ago when passing its judgment on the conflict between the SCNC and the government. If a judge has to look over his shoulders before passing a judgment, or lament that his hands are tied, it kills the soul of democracy. Sad!

      • It shows you the caliber of the type of people ENAM-the WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) of Cameroon has trained and injected into the useless legal system of Cameroon. A judge so corrupt and was in-charge of sending corrupt people to jail. Cameroon could be better today were it not for ENAM trainees. ENAM graduates are a cancer for the country

  2. For 27 years the tyrant has held the party of opportunism with an iron fist; and amassing massive wealth for himself and family… and all of a sudden, he is declaring his sympathy with secession! No, rasclaaat… what have you been doing for the past 3 decades?!!! You are part of the problem, and 50 years from now, you will be long forgotten, along with the secessionist illusion of your fantasy.

    ‘I am not in governance’! Well, Mister, just like law, politics is a ‘technical language’, and you must learn to use it properly.

    • Ur mami Pima. Hypocrite.

      • To learn from each other we must share our different life’s experiences. To be able to use a platform like this and interact with others presupposes a degree of growth, maturity and experience. Is any of these reflected in your posting?
        You be the judge.

      • @U-Pima; It just shows how narrow minded you are. We need ideas and respect of opinions. You have the right to oppose but with an alternative. Bro you sound so mean. Hope you will never portray such a medeocal behavior again.

  3. Fru Nd is a despotic leader not very different from Paul Biya. He refuses to sign the song of the Anglophone masses for fear of losing his allowances. For 27 years now is he still the best person to lead SDF?. These men are so power hungry that they see nothing but their selfish egos. We pray that reality will soon kick in and the true patriots and leaders with genuine love for this country are given the reign of power so that we can drive towards our interned destiny. The old guys have failed us tremendously and would continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

  4. 50 years is too long very soon Cameroon will be two countries in fact we are already separated

  5. For everything that Fru Ndi says or does, he himself first before everyone else,
    should see it in line with the likes of an`Epesse`.
    What he is doing at this time, is not different from stabbing his own very anglo
    sibblings on the back. How would he be shamelessly doing that and still wanting
    them by his side?
    Rightfully, it is only good to say that Mr. Ndi is no different from the usual talked
    about `enermy in the house`.
    Some would rightly say that he has a right to an opinion. Should that right be to
    hurt others, Mr. Ndi?

  6. Watch real news at scbctv.com

  7. For ever young

    I disagree with the political manifesto of the SDF because its has not accomplished the constitutional change outline or win over the majority of cameroonIan to stand up against the despotic repressive corrupt regime of Mr biya which continues to destroy the country in every sector of government , violating the constitution without any repercussions from political parties involved in the political process ironically they the SDF &co still participating instead to walk out change strategy with a effective one confront the present evil regime,nevertheless Mr Fru Ndi is entitled to his opinion

  8. Ni John Fru Ndi understands what LRC is in reality. 1959 Cooperation Accords openly ceded sovereignty of LRC to France. The PRC is closely watched by Paris through her ambassador in Yde who is the defacto Vice President of LRC. 1959 Accords empowers the French Ambassador to bring in French troops bypassing our senate and assembly. Granted that only someone favored by France can be president in her neocolony, why should Fru Ndi (an anglophone) abandon leadership of the SDF? Who has been stopped from forming a party?

  9. For ever young

    Is a free society &if u disagree also joined another movement like liberation movement like me or form your own movement to achieve your desired objective but is stupid in my view to wanna dictate or criticized the activities of Mr Ndi political party not been a militant to begin, the SDF is not the ruling party in country but the despotic CPDM regime of Mr Biya has destroyed the country thus we should not be blinded with useless idiotic criticism from regime apologist in dis forum who are interested to change the topic from the so-called opposition leader has not governed for one-day Cameroon

    • True. Also if Fru Ndi stands down, there is an 80% chance that a Francophone will grab the job compared to a 20% chance for an Anglophone. Assuming a Francophone grabs the job by democratic vote, would Anglophone not make it a statistic of marginalization showing how ALL leading political parties are headed by Francophones?

  10. Did you hear him answer this question? With what is going now in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, do you think Cameroon will still be one? Hear, him, i don’t think so. Like it or loathe it, nobody will kill this ideology of both Cameroones going their separate ways. It’ll come to pass.

  11. Like football, politics can be very enjoyable provided it is played according to some ground rules.

    In the USA there is a presidential election every four years after the last election. Candidates are their supporters prepare accordingly.

    Does anyone know when Cameroon’s next presidential election will be? I put a price of $1,000,000 to the answer of this question.
    So….please spare your clueless candidates their be indecision in matters beyond their powers.

  12. Bda and Buea (Naijan enclaves in Cameroon)

    This crook who is being collecting taxpayers money for 03 decades fooling Cameroonian that he is the alternative to the ruling party must go to Bamenda and Buea cause it is only there that he can rule.He talks about next presidential election who will vote for him?

    • Both SDF and CPDM are finished in Southern Cameroons but for the fact that “vote counters are more important than voters” per the Stalin rule. The CPDM is even banned and labeled a terrorist organization in retaliation for the Biya government ban on the Southern Cameroons National Council. This was a strategic blunder by the regime, granting admissible evidence to the UN that it (the regime) is not interested in dialogue.

  13. Les Camerounais sont tous finalement DANS L’EAU..ue Dieu nous vient en aide…Que Dieu nous libere de ces vieillards qui nous ont pris en Otage depuis 34ans…Paaa Fru il faut aussi que tu laisses la place a la jeunesse..