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Joshua Osih, candidat du SDF à la présidentielle 2018 au Cameroun

APAnews | Le principal parti de l’opposition parlementaire le Social democratic front (SDF) a choisi le député Jushua Osih comme son porte-étendard à l’élection présidentielle d’octobre prochain, au terme de la convention de cette formation politique samedi à Bamenda, a-t-on appris auprès du secrétariat général de ce parti.

Joshua Osih
Le député du Wouri-centre dans le Littoral à Douala, par ailleurs 1ervice-président national du SDF, a largement remporté les primaires devant le député Simon Fobi Nchinda, en recueillant 1021 voix contre sans 134 pour son adversaire, soit avec 88, 39 % contre 11, 60 %.

Une large victoire qui tient lieu d’un « plésbicite » reconnait-on au sein du parti, ce qui devrait permettre au candidat du SDF de profiter de cette « légitimité » pour briguer la magistrature suprême lors de la prochaine élection présidentielle.

Agé de 49 ans, cet expert en aviation sera le premier candidat en dehors du président-fondateur du SDF Ni John Fru Ndi à défendre les couleurs de cette formation politique depuis sa création en 1990.

Polyglotte et réputé « bon client » pour les médias, Joshua Osih qui est originaire de la région du Sud-ouest dans la partie anglophone du pays en butte à des revendications sécessionnistes est vice-président de la commission des finances à l’Assemblée nationale.

Selon des observateurs, sa candidature pourrait rencontrer quelque soucis au cas où ce Camerounais de mère suisse justifiait d’une double nationalité, car selon la réglementation en vigueur, un citoyen camerounais ayant une double nationalité ne peut briguer la fonction présidentielle.

En attendant si le chef de l’Etat Paul Biya, agé de 85 ans dont 35 passés au pouvoir sera candidat du Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais (RDPC, au pouvoir) dont il est le président-fondateur, une dizaine de compatriotes ont déjà annoncé leur volonté de briguer la magistrature suprême et « d’apporter l’alternance que les Camerounais attendent depuis de longues décennies ».

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  1. Iven dis one wey no bi francos so, dem no fit rite tam for inglisi?

    • @joshua

      Wow please all you knows it’s just to polarizing .
      He was born in south west , koumba so what is wrong with that . He speaks perfect English, french and pidgin
      That is the type of leadership we need

      • We don’t need languages.
        We need values.
        I doubt his strategy will work. He is a smart guy though. But I think he is wasting his time with Larepublique you can’t teach pigs table manners.

      • I knew his father in K- town, boy. If elecam could give Fru Ndi just
        16% victory against biya, i wonder how much he will have. Planting
        a cocoa or palm farm in his native Ndian, will yield him much more
        gains than him joining this cult politics of the day.

  2. If History Is Any Guide, this is a political circus. Nothing more nothing less

    • Hahahahaha Mvo,

      abeg mek dem try release Ayuk quick-quick bifo ma own blada dem loss sense kwata-kwata.

      Congrats Osih, no mind, sep Yesus Kristus him own poh-poh blada dem bin deny yi time weh man pickin fawol bin crow 3 times…

      • Zam Zam,

        No person is indispensable.

        That was the reason LRC replaced the DO of Batibo.
        Southern Cameroonians have also replaced Ayuk Tabe because the struggle must go on.

        • Mvo,

          Osih could be the way out.

          Just the fact that 2 Anglos (Mme Walla even makes it 3) are at pole position for 2018 presi elections, that is already a positive sign. And such happenings help in boosting the moral of young Anglos, who’ve been made by ur mov’t to believe in nothing but fatality.

          This is an Anglo who went to Bali and obtained just an “O”, and he’s just a few steps away to hang his face cap in his closet at Etoudi.

          What more blessings can we ask from CHINEKE?…

        • Zam Zam,

          I like your optimism.
          However, Osih, Kah or Muna can NEVER resolve the Anglophone Question

          The Anglphone Question can be resolved by those who caused the problem i.e. France and LRC.
          The resolution must be based on

          1. the ROOT CAUSE

          FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON, made up of two states of equal status, i.e. SC and LRC, as defined in UNGA Resolution 1608 of April, 21, 1961.


          2. WAR

          A war can determine whether

          a. SC and LRC remain together ( if LRC defeats SC)
          b. separate ( IF LRC cannot defeat SC)

          The majority of Southern Cameroonians, there is no other option. A referendum can prove this statement of fact

          Osih and his SDF are advocating a ten state Federation. That is no solution to the Anglophone Question because it does not resolve the ROOT CAUSE

        • Resolution 1608 was crystal clear. There were supposed to be two states( EQUAL IN STATUS) in the union:
          1. “one and indivisible” SC
          2. “one and indivisible LRC

          The so-called North West and South West Regions are simply “divide and rule” creations of one of the parties in Resolution 1608 (LRC).
          Any solution based on the “divide and rule” NW and SW will be unacceptable to the majority of Southern Cameroonians. A Referendum can easily prove this statement of fact
          That is the reason Osih and his SDF are simply playing to the gallery with their ten states FEDERATION. It simply a POLITICAL CIRCUS. It will NEVER EVER resolve the Anglophone Question

        • Mvo,

          I am not ignorant of all what you’re saying. All your bullet points above didn’t happen on one day, and on that behalf it can never be solved on one day.

          Reality teaches me that it is going to take some time for things to be amended. No messiah, not even Osih or Ayuk, can change things overnight. Not even bourou-bourou!

          Many of us have simply given up and no longer believe in anything, I am fine with that tho. But, things are changing. In a few years to come the whole of CMR is going to be Anglophone—all kids in CMR are going to EN schools. Why? EN system is the BEST. FR would be a language of ill-omen.

          Francos that were ignorant abt the Anglo prob are now aware of the hoax. Hence, things are bound to change. Not at the pace we all wish tho.

          Our kids will have it easier…

  3. Any charlatan putting forward himself as presidential candidate without knowing the exact date and program of the election is out to perennise the failed policies they have been unable to change at the National Assembly and councils. Let him remind us of the big pls he pushed though the assembly and how he intends to overcome Elecam. Animators of the Presidential majority, pretending to be opponents of their complice for Ongola.

    • Your plans to disrupt his elections have failed. You did same to Akere. You’re simply afraid that any Anglo who’s being endorsed by the great majority of CMRs is going to steal ur show and thus keep you millions of miles away from the cake you’re already seeing your langa mouths so close to. In ur dreams of course.

      Your mov’t chose the easier and langa man’s way, Osih went in for the roughest one.

      Osih is out to amend Foumban, a thing you too claim you’re out to do. So if both of you are out to revisit Foumban, where is the wahala nor, boh?

      We all sabi dang wina own agenda…

      • @ Zam Zam You have hit the nail on the coffin. These secessionist will not support anything good except their secret agenda. Their separation movement is about to be hijacked by Osih just as they hijacked our anglophone protest against marginalization by the Biya regime for their selfish agenda. This is a good moment for the SDF with their new leader to galvanize all Cameroonians Franco or Anglo and take out the Biya regime in the forthcoming elections as they did in 1992. Biya cannot rig this time as we will all take to the streets. The good thing is that the majority of francophones don’t care whether a Francophone or an anglophone is the head of the SDF as long as Biya is taken out. We saw their support of the SDF party in 1992 with Ni John Fru Ndi an anglophone as the head of the party

  4. Congratulations Sir,
    You bring new blood into a system filled with old egocentric men.
    You, Miss Kah Walla, Mr Akere Muna etc are qualified Anglophones who are running for president.
    There are those who talk about being perfectly bilingual as an asset, I guess Mr Kamto will join you guys in that category.
    The question remains could any Black South African from the ANC who spoke Perfect Afrikaans become president of apartheid South Africa?
    The system is rigged in Cameroon to favor CPDM and to keep a CPDM Francophone who believes in Hypercentralization in Power.
    Why don’t you ask why Ni John durely elected in 1992 was not allowed by the Franco-Cameroon system to be president?
    To win elections the rules must be fair, running is not winning.
    Anglophone apartheid is your problem

    • @lum you congratulated Mr Osih who will be slaughtered by the francophones ruling Cameroon right ? When you desperate drunkards seat in beer parlours in the Us etc… You don’t know people are trying their best to make this country liveable.If you don’t have any constructive proposal it’s better keep yourself busy with what your like are good for.When in the US candidates complaint about fraud in elections you can’t open your mouth because of the inferiority complex in you when it comes to Africa you are more likely to criticize this man knows where he is going his attitude is responsible moreover jameh and his party lost elections in Gambia you will never mentioned such case because of your xenophobic mindset.

      • @Colby,
        All of the candidates running for president including Mr Osih know where there are going.. Just like all Francophones fighting against the CFA in la Francophonie.
        When a system is rigged you must acknowledge it is rigged to fix it
        Back to The Gambia, it is a country of about 3million people, the yearly budget is more than that of all of Anglophone Cameroon
        The Gambians withdrew from a confederation with Senegal, the Gambians and Sénégalese are ethnically similarly ie wolof, Fula, mandinka etc
        The Senegalese did not hide behind France to enslave Gambians in a federation that was not going to work, yes because Sénégalese are not as greedy as equatorians.
        Every colonized African is a product of that colonization like it or not.
        There is Anglophone apartheid in Cameroon.

        • @Lum

          blar blar blar blar blar blar blar blar blar blar blar blar blar blar blar
          empty noise .

          the best advice dont come back to cameroon ” ambasonia ” . we will arrested you

  5. Apologists of the statusquo andBiya’s lapdogs par excellence are now all over the place chanting psalms about Osih. Over the years they bandied Kah Walla’s name ad nauseum. Ask them where their song about her brought the country, they will go mute. How many bills did she push through parliament? As an SDF stalwart, what has Osih done in the past to put an end to defrauded elections? He and his party have gone in for most elections, even when they were given a token at the National Assembly just to serve as experimental guinea pigs. Another turn has come to fleece tax payers of their money in the form of campaign funds. Amadou Ali reminded the likes of Osih, that an Anglo/Bami cannever be president in Cameroon. He was counting on Elecam to do the hacking .

    • When Mme Walla was slaloming in-between bullets and water canons in D’la to ignite a collective revolution, what was your stance? Intellectual prostitute!

      You cursed her for more than 2days on this same platform simply cos she challenged Ni. During the presidential elections in 2011, you did same. And you’re now doing same to Osih. The same Osih you were praising here day in day out.

      Do you even have a conscience at all, or you think that self-deceit can save ur A?…

      • I’m still challenging Kah Walla to show a single bill she has pushed through parliament. She didn’t even need to go fighting with bullets because she had no business going in for an election whose outcome she knew would be the same as before. They show up to get campaign money from Biya, both Walla and the SDF. I never change the winning formula that is driving you mad. How can you acknowledge I am consistent by doing the same thing to Osih and turn in turn talk about intellectual prostitution? When you used to call Fru Bdi all bird names , I asked you what Kah Walla had done in terms legislation, and i’m still on that point. O’Doherty is not different from Walla or Fru Ndi. They are there to put up appearances and line their pockets with campaign funds. Proof me wrong!

        • …Osih is not different from Walla or Fru Ndi..

        • You were one fervent Fru Ndi supporter here, I was the one going after Ni and you were always there to defend him. Meanwhile, you kept on throwing Mme Walla under the bus with the pretext that she has no grassroots. But, immediately one adventurer in the name of Ayuk surfaced, you immediately disowned Ni. Without any grounds nor transition. Ni has always been making it clear that he’s not for the partition of CMR, and you never challenged him by then. Is that not prostitution—swapping of sides in a CPDM-like manner in front of CRTV cameras?

          That con-short you want to take to get to Buea can never work. Even assuming it works, it would not last for an hour cos you’ll all start tearing off each other like wildcats even b4 you finish ascending that small hill from M17 leading to Molyko…

        • Keep wasting your time small maquisard, you cannot impress me in any way. Fru Ndi, Walla and Osih has and have nothing to offer because their hands were and are still tied. When you tried to pit Walka against Fru Ndi, I always asked you to lay out the policies Walla had pushed through. I don’t know how that proved that I was a fervent Fru Ndi supporter. I’m still waiting for to show us all the promises you were chanting here about Walla. Now like a parrot you are all over Osih. You are mad because I have been exposing your hypocrisy, I will keep doing it. It’s a year , you’re unable to mention Walla’s name. Your maquisard blood had the best of you and all you do is rejoice that the Bir arrived to kill Anglophones. Small blackleg ingrate!

        • All ting dong pass you, FF!

          You bin be di mimba sey you go soon go back for CMR then be some man too. Then tok big book witi big tok. Da ya waka for Chinko go stay o’boy, you go chop 404 sotey you hear mwing.

          You nova kosh, you go kosh pass so…

        • Zam Zam,
          I have proven to you that i’m Not a man you can shame, give up or I will continue to bloody you. I was the sponsor of Boko Haram, Fru Ndi was my God even though you don’t know me, when soldiers were killed the first time, it was my name in your mouth. Sisiku Ayuk Tabe is my master. You have met me or want everyone to know you spied on me by showing your bullying effrontery wasting time about the shape of my head. In all of this mudslinging I have taken you down, and the anger is there to see. You have been in Germany for over 20 years, but you are worried about me who has been abroad for much less of that time. Give it up, I know you are doing it out of envy, but you will get more shame in return and you will even be angrier. Small maquisard!

        • Be a man and stand by your turpitude.

          Even assuming I were a spy, I’ll reject any offer to spy on you. No matter the amount.

          Yes, typical vacillating character. Always following l’équipe qui gagne without shame.

          Once another leader rises, you’ll swear and lick the ground that you never knew Ayuk.

          I stood my grounds on Mme Walla—do same.

          Mimbo eye…

        • You stood your ground on Walls, show us the legislation you helped her push through. You want to run from your shadow? Not so easy, maqui! You are the one that said I thought you never knew where I was. You are the one describing my head, to tell me you are sying on me. You are the one casting your net widely and choosing a village for me. This is what has been keeping you abroad for 20 years. pretending to spy on Cameroonians and receiving their taxes as reward. What a wretch! Your miserable existence ends with stalking others for a living. You thought you could expose me? You were for Walla, but when Biya her opponent sent out soldiers, you rejoiced that they were coming to kill Anglophones. So who are you for, Walla or her opponent. Dull unsteady head!

  6. Hon. Joshua Osih is probably a nice, dynamic, bilingual, binational individual put forth by the SDF for Cameroon’s next presidential election.

    However, the challenge lies with the electorate or at least that fringe which ultimately decides the destiny of the nation. Will the election outcome solve the thorny, nagging problem of privilege trumping over principle and strong individual over strong institutions?

    • A powerful Ntone Ntone of the Douala Council bringing an envelope to a powerful Ekema Patrick of Buea Council has less impact and does not sit as well as if the Douala Council as an institution sent Buea Council another institution such money. Actually Victoria (Limbe) Council would be a more logical beneficiary of such largess, given that SONARA for reasons unknown, pumps Victoria’s taxes to Douala.

  7. Even inside SDF meetings, na Paul Biya e picture dey for WALL! I was in Cameroon in 2015 and could not help but notice the picture of the dictator plastered everywhere in that Sillthhole country ! Masa unless Elecam is free and transparent, all these elections are a pure waste of time and resources. I already know popo get another 7yrs straight! Chai! DOOMED FRANCOS! Masa make Ambazonia them fight for their own! AMBA FOR LIFE! Death to the Dictator !

  8. Fru Ndi and Paul Biya have taken Cameroon hostage. Fru knows very well that SDF cannot win, so he put forth a different person to be presidential candidate so he can remain as SDF chairman for life. Very soft manipulation by an old fox.

  9. Joshua Osih and Paul Biya are one ?! They both have connection to The French Mercenary Society! Their Allegiance is to France not Cameroon!

  10. And where is this biya man or what is happening in Etoudi. Again, is there investigative
    journalism or journalists in that triangle?
    Something is `smelling in the house`. We shall know it, no twisting involved from
    Magida tchiroma`s mouth.

  11. Congratulations Hon.Osih.May God lead you to victory.

    • You know that SDF cannot win in that country.
      In any case they are trying to divide the attention of noble men and women fighting for their freedom from an illegal Union in Ambazonia

  12. Et le cirque continua….

  13. chaai Biya…No shame..?..Look at your opposing candidate..
    Your great grand son..
    You cant even walk but fighting power with such a kid…
    Lets hope this is the begin of a big change in cameroon..
    This guy if he wins will definately bring alot of modern changes…
    Cameroon in its structure and diversity cant be a centralized state..
    Federalism is the best that can help grow and improve cameroon..The Provinces have different cultures, different ways of life and this should be respected and preserved..This is what what makes cameroon as we dont need a dictator like Biya from Biya to force a life style on others..If we introduce federalism, there will be a mass exodus to the NWP and SWP because these regions will grow rapidly..Try and see..

    • Good, very good idea! We all want that. Unfortunately for us, Cameroon is still a French department. Everything that happens is Cmr is decided in Paris.

  14. All hail Comrade Napoleon Biya – Protector of the frail ducklings [adapted from the Novel Animal Farm]

    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

    Did they say Fru Ndi lost the 1986 CPDM parliamentary elections to Achidi Achu? The man never left the CPDM after all. See him rubbing shoulders with convict Titus Edzoa and homosexual Gregoire Owona with no shame. Insanity.

    • Boy, you see it. This Ndi man, needs special attention because he has always
      played his politics to hurt his very siblings. It can not continue unchecked.
      With Mr Paul`s very poor health situation or death, that he is unable to
      physically run the country, how come it Mr. Fru will refuse to run for the
      election, something on which he put his mind on over decades?
      He deserves a visit, so he can know that his siblings, aren`t fools.
      Accepting to stay as chaiman, is a well calculated game.

  15. If u truly believe Cameroon is a” French department” & truly want it change, then u should be leading or join any liberation movement of your choice to liberate your people from neo-colonialism, just like the nationalist leaders of (UPC ) United people of Cameroon , Ruben Um Nyobe, Felix Moumie, Ernest Quandie & co did in 1955 , remember the( UPC) was considered a terrorist organization by the French Guy Mollet’s government , thus ban under prime minister Andre Marie Mbida government, can u see the similarity with present day liberation of southern Cameroon movement against the Biya regime, my point to u is clearly simple complaint or acknowledge a problem exists like u have been doing here in dis forum still doesn’t make the problem go away in of itself, & from history freedom isn’t given

    • [email protected] who owes what? money wise i dont buy that Cameroon is a heavily indebt country at all towards anyone in particulair unless its towards its own citizens .That IOU could be devived from the quietly creamed off 50% take placed in the French treasury, which over tot number of year………plus ,transer pricing,unpaid export discrepencies of private Commerical entities .

    • For ever young. Your separatist organization is not supported by many Cameroonians as your idea is to separate Cameroon based on the Englishman and Frenchman’s language or as I call it the European fabrication. It looks like some of you guys have been confused by Ayuk and his organization. How do you expect Francophones to join or support your movement when it’s about separating from them? It doesn’t make sense my friend. The UPC was fighting to liberate Cameroon from the French and not for separation. Those are 2 different ideas. UPC today would have been supported by the majority of Cameroonians both Anglophones and Francophones as their fight was about liberating us from the French and their representatives in Cameroon (Ahidjo regime and the Biya regime).

      • If you cannot help a cause, do not hurt it!!!!

        Your disingenious and contorted logic fails woefully in obscuring the reality that the two situations are exactly the same – an oppressed minority people fighting against the oppressor ( the French with the help of fellow Francophones in the case of the UPC, President Biya’s military in the case of Ambazonia).

  16. On a platter of gold to the oppressed , but usually a battlefield of blood fill with the sacrifices of heroes , so don’t thing dis particular situation in Cameroon will be any different the outcome if u thinking your country been a French department & Biya a colonial puppet

  17. Thank u @ John Dinga I whether if he comprehend what I wrote before commenting that jargon, if the majority francophone are still under neo- colonialism from the French why not fighting for your own freedom before talking bout supporting me really confused clowns

  18. may people stop to bring empty talk here.Election is not the most important topic here.what we should speak about is how we should ameliorate our living conditions.people are hungry and jobless.let us then put a strategy on the floor to see what we can do to change the situation.we can make cameroon a better place if we stop talking and go into action.what cameroonians need is to acquire values such as hard worker,honesty,creativity,and innovation.we don’t like to work but we like to hold empty talk.hardship is everywhere and one must face it.It doesn’t matter who will win or lose election.we should change the way we see life.by the way cameroon is a great nation and our living together is beneficial to us.