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Joshua Osih: «Depuis 1960, on n’a jamais eu de changement de régime» au Cameroun [+audio]

RFI | John Fru Ndi, c’est fini. Au Cameroun, le n° 1 de l’opposition passe la main. Vendredi dernier, son parti, le Social Democratic Front (SDF) a désigné un quadra, le bilingue Joshua Osih, pour défendre ses couleurs à la présidentielle d’octobre prochain.

Quelles sont les ambitions de cet opérateur économique originaire du sud-ouest anglophone ? En duplex de Douala, le député SDF répond aux questions de Christophe Boisbouvier.

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  1. The People’s President!

  2. Cameroon’s current problem is a reflection of what happens when an orchestra is not on the same page! Instead of a nice Melody, the audience is served meaningless cacophony of drumbeats, guitar, microphone, piano, etc, each doing its own thing.

    Originally, the idea of abducting/kidnapping Julius Ayuk Tabe and his team looked tantalizingly appealing for those whose theory of decapitating the movement would halt and then kill it. In hindsight, they could have learned a thing or two from a similar formula applied to Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho’s team or earlier ones.
    Now a multi-headed Hydra is out there on the field doing damage that is probably small but not negligible to the national image. It is another orchestra in which each member does its own thing at

    • LOOK at this imbecile hypocrite, were you not the one from pedestal lecturing people on the necessity to not go off topic? What does the nonsensical epistle you wrote here has to do with the topic at hand ? Next time humble yourself as you are obviously not an example since you can’t respect your own standards . Dumkoff

  3. a time forharmony, dialogue, level-headed and rational reflection. Hubris took the upper hand. And now this.
    Is there a way out? Of course there is almost always a way out if human beings eat humble pie, assume their normal human proportions and give up playing the role of providential rulers. Without Mugabe Zimbabwe is still kicking. So also is South Africa without Jacob Zuma or Gambia without Yahyah Jammeh.

    Are there other persons out there that can lead Cameroon? To answer this million dollar question, your chronicler would like to take you many steps down memory lane, to the day erstwhile president Ahmadou Ahidjo declared he was stepping down. The fear of the unknown drove people to abandon their identifiable service vehicles and run! Imagine running faster without one’s vehicle !!!!!

  4. Really Osih ? I thought anglofools were living under apartheid? How come majority of SDF delegates who are francofools voted for you ? And how do you expect francofools to vote for you ? As per what you said on RFI ? Ever since this False flag -psy op operation led by France and the USA started you have been antagonizing francofools now you want your masters votes . Good luck getting mine there’s is no way I’m voting for any of you punks . You The francofools are enslaving anglofools and the other punk akere with his letter to the UN that francofools are conducting a genocide on anglofools .

    • Is it that you are an eternal slow leaner or drunkenness has got the best of you? When fraudulent francophones who make up the majority of your rubber stamp parliament co-opt Joshua Osih and his boss Fru Ndi to play along for years, why would you have a problem when it is his time to have them play the role? Francophones should vote for him because they hand out votes to all political parties according to their whims and caprices. Isih’s party’s victory was also stolen by francophones in 1992. Since his masters have often wanted his presence in parliament to pretend that there’s democracy, he now wants their votes for the same end. Is this too difficult to understand gorilla thug? You’ve repeatedly asked for genocide to be carried out and when Akere Muma says so you shake uncontrollably!

  5. Paul Biya your time is over .We need a change in Cameroon

  6. Pour moi ce type est le meilleur, avec Kah Wallah comme premiere ministre. Vas y man nous voterons pour toi, pas ces petits batards qui parlent d ambazombie.

  7. Épée Dipanda

    Ambazonians have always asked for a discussion on a federation.
    Osih has a chance maybe if francophones will listen to wisdom.
    If they don’t the hard liners in Ambazonia win and eventually the civil war will decide.
    All men of God are silent as the city burns.
    Indeed woe betide a nation in which a slave becomes Prince.

    A brilliant interview anyway, but I am not surprised, this guy has always been sharp.

    • I agree with you Épée Dipanda. Ambazonians started with a federation, LRC refused to listen, now they are asking for secession. I don’t see the problem of Cameroon being solved in the coming presidential elections, except the 85 years old man steps down now. When you see many people leaving the country to take refuge in neighboring countries it is not a good sign. Within a year thousands of Anglophone Cameroonians have fled the nation. LRC should know that these guys will one day come back to avenge. Biya’s advisers are out of touch with history. Museveni was able to gain power because of the help of Tutsi refuges in Uganda, Kagame was able to recruit Tutsi refuges to seize power in Rwanda, etc Biya you better watch out for those who are living they will come back with bad news for you.

  8. Cameroon Government Better Hury to the Negotiation Table about Federalism and A Treaty of Union between French Cameroon and British Cameroon because no Marriage can last without a Marriage agreement ( Licence) !

  9. For the peace and stability of this nation, I hope the 85 years old man should not present his candidature this time around. I know he will win as usual if he does present, but he may have no place to hide his loot after the victory. The only way for this guy to have a chance at next presidential is for Biya to step-down now. This country needs serious prayers or else we may be heading toward a post Mobutu Zaire. If Biya does not step down and wins next presidential, this will only promote the Ambazonian cause. No one trust the government of LRC:- in the north we have Boko Haramn threat, in the south & north west we have secessionist threat, internally there is endemic corruption. Who knows how many more fronts will be opened after the upcoming presidential elections!!!