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Joshua Osih en tournée

Jeune Afrique | Le candidat du SDF (opposition) à la présidentielle au Cameroun est actuellement en tournée dans le pays. S’il avait au départ prévu de visiter l’ensemble des circonscriptions du pays, il a revu ses ambitions à la baisse.

Joshua Osih

Après un discours remarqué lors d’un meeting à Mbouda (Ouest), le 1er mai, Joshua Osih va effectuer une série de meetings dans les dix régions du Cameroun.

Le candidat du Social Democratic Front à la présidentielle d’octobre, dont la tournée est coordonnée par Jean Tsomelou, ex-président du groupe SDF au Sénat, avait envisagé de visiter les 361 circonscriptions du pays, mais il a redéfini son parcours.

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  1. When nice people fail to take the temperature/barometric readings in their environment,…….

  2. Why did Mr. Fru Ndi. not hand down when prof Asonganyi was alive?
    Some smoking gun. This is not the right guy if the SDF, is what it was
    intended to be.

    • This is why Anglophones hatred towards their own people will never end and they fool themselves that they like each other kikiki !!!

      • It`s a case of corruption that infiltrated SDF. You know how cpdm
        works. It is not hatred per see as you think.

  3. “LRC succeed the Cameroon confederacy while reducing Southern Cameroons to mere regions of LRC. It is so transparent and wrong annexation. “”

    LRC is reducing Ambazonia to mere regions in Cameroon.This is the narative LRC media uses on a daily basis There were two countries that came together! Ambazonia never accept to be reduced to cameroon regions.

  4. Wasting energy and resources to end up with 9% in October.Shame.Biya will not visit any locality but will still win big time

    • @Sameboy
      Thank you for pointing out a shouting absurdity in Cameroonian elections – the candidate who criss-crosses the national territory presenting himself and his vision is never ever the winner but the shy, reclusive one who stays back and uses proxies for campaigns emerges as the winner!

      It is bad enough to be dishonest and perfidious; it is worse to sell such negative traits to the world. A level playing field implies that all candidates are placed on an equal footing – fixing election date, sharing sponsorship monies, accessing CRTV, campaigning freely on the national space with no DO hassles, having judges whose hands are not tied, etc.

      • @JD, one should rightly believe, that a political party, should be active
        in the field at all times. Secondly, that a political party, should have
        money to undertake and oversee, just everything there is on party lines,
        to run and to gain power. Why then, would a party, only wait for cpdm
        funding and time table?
        As for Biya`s would be absence during the campaign in SC but winning
        the elections, we gave him this right on a platter of gold. We, should take
        the blame.

        • Pal, we are part and parcel of a much bigger world and our best bet is to live by universal norms. But if we choose to let a few strident calls from uninformed persons silence the majority, so be it. Joy is supposed to be shared, not restricted to a few.

          The aberration of creating new norms is not helping our national image! Try watching some of the pictures of blue-helmeted troops burning houses of helpless villagers in parts of Cameroon and compare that with the original mission of the UN peace keeping. How does it feel?