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Joshua Osih : « Le prochain congrès ne désignera pas le candidat du Sdf à la présidentielle »

Joint au téléphone par notre rédaction, le député a clarifié les objectifs du prochain congrès du Sdf.

Le congrès du Sdf qui se tiendra à partir du 27 octobre prochain ne vise pas à désigner le candidat de ce parti à l’élection présidentielle de 2018. Telle est la substance d’un entretien que le député Joshua Osih, par ailleurs vice-président du Sdf, a accordé à la rédaction de JournalduCameroun.com ce 10 août 2017.

Joshua Osih
Il y a quelques jours en effet, le Sdf annonçait la tenue prochaine de son congrès ordinaire. C’était à l’issue de la réunion du Comité exécutif national (Nec) qui s’est déroulée le 5 août dernier à Bamenda, en présence du chairman Ni John Fru Ndi. Très vite, de nombreux médias ont annoncé que ce congrès aurait comme but principal, la désignation de celui qui représentera le Sdf à la prochaine élection présidentielle.

Ce ne sera pourtant pas le cas d’après l’honorable Joshua Osih. « Selon les textes de notre parti, le candidat à l’élection présidentielle est désigné au cours d’un congrès extraordinaire. Or, ici, il s’agit juste d’un congrès ordinaire. L’ordre du jour sera connu séance tenante ; mais on peut d’ores et déjà dire qu’on évoquera, entre autres, le renouvellement dans nos circonscriptions de base« , a-t-il déclaré.

Il faut tout de même noter que le débat sur la candidature du chairman a été l’un des sujets les plus dominants au sein du parti ces derniers mois. Selon le site d’informations Cameroonconcord.com, c’est ce débat qui aurait entraîné le report du congrès, initialement prévu pour février 2017 ; ceci en raison de ce que de nombreuses voix demandaient que ce soit le vice-président Joshua Osih qui défende les couleurs du parti à la prochaine élection. Malgré tout, le député Osih a toujours dit n’avoir aucune ambition à la tête du Sdf

Journal du Cameroun

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  1. together Cameroon

    pa tell them all,

  2. People supporting some self proclaimed anglophone leaders for the struggle, must have short memories. In 1992 people all over the country supported Ni John Fru Ndi, just to see him sell out to line his own pocket. I felt betrayed. And Ni John Fru Ndi at the time had an overwhelming support of cameroonians across the country, and a real chance to make a difference even after he lost, but he flat out sold out. He has been the president of SDF for how long? These old people are power hungry. Do you actually think if Ni John Fru Ndi was elected president of Cameroon he just gonna cling to power like Biya.

  3. If Cameroonians could keep aside their bloated egos, eat humble pie and just be themselves, they would draw inspiration from John Fru Ndi in more ways than one.

    For the SDF to be legalized, JFN had to scout the entire national territory to enlist persons so as to keep away the obnoxious notion of “Bamenda Party”, “Baforchu Party” and others.

    For JFN to get the percentage of total votes cast in the famous 1992 presidential election, he had to tour and campaign in all ten provinces of the nation.

    The fact that playing by the rules, going beyond the call of duty, embracing the whole nation etc did not allow John Fru Ndi to rule over Cameroon sends a powerful message – No matter what a Cameroonian of English expression does, he/she can never hope to preside over Cameroon.

    • You should be saying then, that the JFN / SDF, should therefore ally with the struggle,
      garner the kind of1992 support and enable the reality of the statehood of Ambazonia.
      Will this be possible? No way and like the saying goes, `his mind is on his investments
      and he can not dare lose it`. As simple as that.

      • Cameroonians are by far more educated and enlightened than in the days they collectively walked out of the Enugu House of Assembly to form a government in Gbwea.Whether this enhanced education and enlightenment can be turned into a vision and then a collective venture is difficult to say but the rare momentum seen around the world these past weeks is undeniable.

        • Momentum fo Ngraffi vandals, yea! Go and make momentum in Cameroon… that’s what counts! We no want catch wuna fo Buea. Some like the liberal Munzu has advised you separatists, as he described you, that the Southwest shall be completely in charge of itself… and you throw insults at him; and even threaten him! But militants like me will not be that generous with all you hypocrites, opportunists, and vandals.

        • ‘Cameroonians are by far more educated and educated than in the days when they COLLECTIVELY walked out of the Enugu House of Assembly to form a government in Bwea’, you state!

          Well, this koni oldman, why Cameroonians? You wonder why some call you sell-out? State where you belong and own it, old chicken-heart!

          Behold, the ONLY reason why they ‘COLLECTIVELY’ walked out was due to ignorance. With education and enlightenment comes a sharpened sense of judgment; and the wise are bound to see beyond that mischievous so-called collectivity; which in effect is essentially based on a sense of some truly dubious standards of conformity. Today, with enlightenment, there’s a clear evolution of mindsets and ways of thinking… and people will make an informed choice about their legitimate heritage.

        • ‘More educated and enlightened’

        • Mbappe-USA-Pinguiss-Ras Tuge Killer

          Shut your dirty stinky mouth dirty junkie. Go and talk about your Mbo mountain idiet. Buea is Ambazonia capital and the flag go fly dirty man.

  4. Must u “Ras Tuge” always attack people rather than substance n ides? Am really sick n tired of this ur attitude. Am from the SW n we all are Cameroonians u don’t need to always call some graffis or cam no go or those negative names. Yet we cry of racism everyday abroad. Tackle ideas my man not people.

    • Must you leave a comment under Ras Tuge? For I-Man to notice you? No, blackheart, your rules and standards don’t apply to me, man. I say what i feel, and i state my opinion with authority… you don’t like it, move on! By the way, what exactly have you contributed? And you are sick and tired of what? You think i am here to live up to your expectations?

      If we are all Cameroonians, then why don’t you reprimand the maniacs that are preaching hate on the so-called Francophones from dusk to dawn? Behold, you use the ‘kam na go’ expression, which i never use;and you pretend to abhor the usage of Ngraffi which is an established identity that you know very well! Are you too ashamed of yourself to acknowledge that you are chasing the wind? Man, you are free to think your way but not ina mi yard!

      • Mbappe-USA-Pinguiss-Ras Tuge Killer

        Dirty doucebag junkie Ras Dirty Tuge. You again and this your paranoid delusion. Ngraffi man don really do your dirty locks and you are just seeing them everywhere. Listen, as far as your world is concerned, the ngraffi man is the lion of Judah. They will toast you around anytime, morning, afternoon and dinner until you confuse end up again in the penja plains of Mbo territory. Stay in that your Sweden and continue serving that old granny twice your age else if you end up in Ambaland Ngraffi people go make you their bitch, tie rope for your neck and take you to the slaughter house. Dirty man, go and get yourself something to do rather than seeing graffi everywhere. President Sesekou Julius Tabe Ayujk has issued you an indefinite ban from Ambaland and we shall see that this is effective.

        • Ngraffi is so predictable… so easy to deal with! Talk alot, rum dem filthy mouth, and run away when the heat come… and crying like little baby!

          Ngraffi, Lion of Juda?!!!! No, rasclaaat… Ngraffi is more like the parasitic and delusional Edomites! You know that I-Man is your Master, and you shall remain inferior to me till the end of time. We’ll put shackles on your necks when we catch you in Buea.

          Won’t respond to your madness any further.

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