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Who is Keeping Ambazonian leaders?

Journal du Cameroun | The question has been begging an answer for the past three weeks since Sissiku Ayuk Julius Tabe and his “cabinet members” were arrested in a hotel on January 5 and taken to an unknown destination.
The debate was recently heightened by French Television Channel France 24 who reported that the separatist leaders have finally been extradited to Yaounde to face trial.

Yaounde is yet to make an official statement on this development but sources at the airport report of a plane that landed at the Nsimalen airport on Thursday night purportedly carrying the leaders.

The silence of the Nigerian government mighjt be deafening but speaks volumes. Since the arrest of the leaders, their lawyers have not been able to lay eyes on them. Even the visit of the Ambazonian spokesperson to Nigeria proved unsuccessful as the whereabouts of Ayuk Tabe and Co could still not be traced.

On the other hand, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees says the Nigerian government has assured the separatist leaders will not be extradited to Cameroon.

“UNHCR has negotiated the release of some asylum seekers arrested by the Nigerian authorities,” the UNHCR said in a statement.

“For others still in detention, including the leadership of the pro-independence group, the government has agreed to grant UNHCR access for the determination of their status.

“The government has further reassured UNHCR that those detained would not be returned to Cameroon.

The head of the African bar association has called for the release of the abducted separatist leaders while calling for the international intervention to halt the killings taking place in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

Signals are contradicting, confusion is in the air and even the media seems divided over the issue. With parts of the French-speaking media in Cameroon leaning towards the extradition of the separatist leaders, the national and international community now highly await the outcome of a press conference to be granted by Communications minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary on Monday.

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  1. A mere distraction. Nothing more nothing less.

    No country can repatriate persons to that ISLAND OF EVIL.

    • “« Le HCR a négocié la libération de certains demandeurs d’asile arrêtés par les autorités nigérianes. Pour les autres encore en détention, y compris les leaders du groupe indépendantiste, le Gouvernement a accepté d’accorder l’accès du HCR pour la détermination de leur statut. Le Gouvernement a, en outre, rassuré le HCR que les personnes détenues ne seraient pas renvoyées au Cameroun », informe l’organe l’onusien.”

    • @Mvomeka, a few days ago you promise to stop commenting on this site if Ayuk Tabe was to be extradited. Abeg live by your promises.
      You bragged here how Niaga was a country of law, but you are about to learn the strength of Kamerun diplomacy. This is not your typical sh..hole country. Many have tried to destabilize our nation but have failed.

      • We follow the struggle not persons. The struggle will be intensified. International conspiracy will not stop the momentum.

        I promised to stop posting. I will respect my promise. I am not Dictator Biya who makes empty promises.
        He has transformed his country into a country of evil.

        This is my my LAST posting on this forum. I will use my precious time promoting the liberation struggle.

        Arresting individuals will NEVER stop the struggle. balla et al. were arrested, the struggle intensified. The arrest of Ayuk Tabe will help to intensify the struggle.


        Southern Cameroons will be liberated come rain come shine.

        • My man! No changing screen name either.

          I suggest you use you energy to promote reconciliation. Kamerun will come stronger out of this crisis, like Rwanda and Ivory Coast did.

        • I thought they couldn’t be extradited. Now, they have you are running away. Keep on with your propaganda on FB and Whatsapp.

        • @ MVOMEKA

          what are you doing here, sisiku has been arrested and extradited to Cameroon. pls, leave us alone ” la republic ” with our fake country.

        • **** BREAKING NEWS ****

          MVOMEKA IS BACK !!!!


          Our leaders were kidnapped by LRC. They were not repatriated.
          They have been in Yaounde since the 06.01.2018

        • First, DO NOT BE FOOLED: Sisiku AyukTabe and co were whisked off to Yaounde THE SAME DAY they were abducted. Go back to our publication of January 6 (one day after the abduction was made); we clearly stated that our leaders had been abducted and were actually on their way toYaounde. This was some intel from top sources at Etoudi. Here is what happened in chronology:
          – Yaounde made several failed attempts to court Abuja to arrest our leaders;
          – Rene Sani, La Republique’s Minister of the Territorial Administration and Decentralisation was given the job by Paul Biya to ‘do everything in their power to abduct or take out’ our leaders;
          – Rene Sani consulted an IG insider (name withheld for now) and deceived them that La Republique were willing to begin ‘behind closed door dialogue’.

        • . [If you remember well, AmbaNews had sounded a warning that the people will not accept any hidden dialogue. This warning came as a result of close contacts in Yaounde who had informed us Yaounde was planning something in that regard].
          Meanwhile, colonial Minister Rene SADI had approached the Nigeria Department of State Security, DSS to carry out covert operation behind the back of the Nigerian government. SADI proposed an irresistible sum to the DSS Chief and he accepted. The IG insider disclosed the time, date and venue to the DSS who’d made their job easier for them. [Also remember that during that period, Sisiku Julius AyukTabe was in the US trying to raise funds. He unceremoniously left back to Nigeria for the trap in the name of a meeting in prelude to dialogue with La Republique. O

        • It is also important to state that; while all this was going on, the same IG insider got some fake Nigerian number on whatsapp to cajole Dr. AYABA CHO Lucsa of the AGC to visit Nigeria about that same moment. AmbaNews was consulted and some background check on the number wasn’t adding up…and then the news of the abduction of Sisiku and his team broke up while AYABA was at the airport to fly to Nigeria. This is how AYABA was safed.
          – At about 8:30 PM on January 5, 2018 the DSS abducted our president and his team at Nera hotel and immeditely handed them over to La Republique du CameroUn authorities at a border town. [Nera hotel is the same hotel where AmbaNews interviewed Sisiku after the 4th conclave]. Well, Sisiku AyukTabe and other IG members got to Yaounde on January 6th.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          Sick seku ayuk tabe julius is in Komdengui!!!
          I no be talk!
          How men dem fit foolish so?
          Na who di call di kinda dull man say leader?
          The ngombe and e other thief men dem go see pepper for Kondengui.
          As from now on any gendarme wey e die for Cameroon, Paul Biya go personally remove one of sick seku e toenail with pliers!
          Shumbu dem! Wuna dan see wheti say ambazombie?
          Make e negotiate for untop balancoire we see!
          This crazeman wey e call e sef say MVOMEKA no be you be talk say if sick seku enter Kondengui you go stop for talk for here? Shame! Shame Shame!
          bep bep bep say ambazombie!
          Any man wey e want go Kondengui make e call e sef say president for ambazombie see whether Cameroon government no go catch ye!

  2. Confusion is the modus operandi of these 2 sh!thole countries headed by living corpses and the sh!thole corrupt UN. Any leader in the IG is replaceable. LRC should know that.

    The war struggle continues…..

    • 2 shxxhole countries indeed. We must prepare our minds to select a different leader(s). I don’t trust any of them. They may be in the hell called S.E.D or still in Nigeria.
      As you have rightly said, the struggle will continue.

    • Look at this shi$hole dickhead.
      Weren’t you few days ago bragging about how Nigeria is a country of laws and was not going to extradite your mignons?
      What a &[email protected] p$ssy you are with no standings and principles.
      Respect yourself.

      • look at the droopy mouth donkey talking about respect. @Mbappe the villageoise. You screen name is a laughing stock on this forum. Since you were busted as being more deficient in french than English which you use to hide your illiteracy, you started cramming big words like ‘cornered’ and ‘principles’ to once again deceive your audience. Listen, you and I cannot debate anything. We are light years apart. How dare you talk about principles when you stand for nothing? Your empty comments venerate dictatorship, idiocy, brutality, tribalism and corruption and you stupidly think the homosexual you are have principles? How dare you this ugly primordial primate.

        • Look at this coward.
          I guess your wife will deny you for sometimes.
          All you have left is go to the frontline, the real one to prove you are a man.
          No shame and I do wonder what education you give to your kids.

        • Dull dull villageoise gorilla @Mbappe the donkey. All u do is bite more than you can chew. English; illegible, French; nyet, name; the meyomesala entity hiding behind a sawa pseudo and yet you talk of education? How the fcuk did you get to Yellowknife? Huh little thief? Gobtard sh!thole brainless gorilla.

    • You want to play in the big league with no balls?
      This is the result

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      sick seku ayuk tabe and his cohorts have been abducted by unknown gunmen in Nigeria.

      Anyone who takes over leadership of the delusional republic of ambazombies will be abducted too!

      These ambazombies are too dumb, stupid and delusional. A few weeks before sick seku was abducted I posted a comment here that he better starts looking for a new hiding place because Nigeria was not a safe haven. If sick seku tabe was smart he would have seen the many signals and left Nigeria for the Manyu forest where he could be protected by the Manyu Tigers and the ambazombie defense forces.

      Anyone dumb or delusional enough to take over the leadership of the DRA can rest assured that he will be abducted. There is more than enough room for more abductees!!
      Stupid terrorists! Wuna go see pepper!

  3. Burn them and let forget about them..I will personally cut their throats if given the opportinuity…now. we will smoke them out all…now our puppet has taken over the leadership of this bunch of bandits..we will soon call them for table and solve this nonsense

    • I admire your hatred my friend. I will advise you to direct it to the person who has make your life so miserable and hateful.

      • its peoples like you! slave forever…Anglofools/francofools…go back to france or england leave cameroon alone mboutman!

        • Macquizard French slave @pharoan, tired of changing screen names? Huh? With 400,000 of your ancestors erased from the face of earth by the French you still bend before and let them drill your behind. Talk of Stockholm syndrome? The dumb donkey you are will only realize how angry your ancestors remain when you meet them beyond. See your other dull brother @Ngannou doing so well in the MMA and the moment he was about to make it big he chose like you to stick his head inside the French butt. His ancestors were angry and cursed him with defeat from the moment he carried that evil French flag. Our resolve to be free from the French shackles will never be perturbed. Watch before your frog eyes as new ruthless leaders emerge. Baboons that never learn a thing or 2. The war continues….

        • @AG
          You ar so confused, it hard to not feel sorry for you.
          ….. the war continues….
          What war, maybe in your mind. The remnants are going to be smoked with nowhere to retreat to.

          I really want to meet you and punch your coconut head to put some sense into that empty anglofool head of yours.
          Not to worry, next time you attempt to go to Cameroon, you will join your master in the “ambazonia” aisle of kondengui.

        • @Gorilla Mbappe stay the fcuk of posts that doesn’t concern your pin head. Villageoise. If you want to engage me write in legible fashion implying go back to adult school. Foooooooooolishhhh thing. Now get lost gorilla. All you monkeys think like Biya no surprise. Arrest every body but the war will go on little gorilla.

    • Small Bami, you want to pretend to be brave. Cruel deception! 400,000 of your own people were slaughtered as maquisards, but I know you can sell your birth right because of a few bank notes.

      • Listen young man because of traitors like you my peoples were killed and you now have no one else to sell you are selling your own…traitors are always traitors..its run in your blood for generation!….look around you and check out who the french and English are afraid of in cameroon ..no you slaves peoples…we are proud african peoples keep wearing suit and pretend you are english what a joke!

        • Great! You are now talking! You confirm your people were killed. By who? What’s your relationship with those who killed your people? Answer that question and know that because of a fewbank notes, you are the commonest denominator under heaven!

        • Pharaon is a PAN AFRICANIST, and you MUST join the mov’t. And Pinguiss, Bikut, USA, Nyamfuka, Nana, Bob, Ras, Ni Bah, all PAN AFRICANISTS…we are no sh it hole ppl. PAN AFRICANISM is an ideology, and I am proud to be one.

          KIGALI thought me, WE, PAN AFRICANISTS, a LESSON…

      • @Firefighter

        Do you need help traitor for the nation, and why you needs my peoples to join your fight amba?

      • —taught me—

  4. Almighty Cameroon getting military, technical and financial support from Almighty France and Isreal is unable to confirm and break to open court a Man .. Ayuk nobody knew off a year ago.
    If Almighty France-Cameroon has killed Ayuk why not be brave to confirm it?
    If Almighty France-Cameroon has Ayuk in Cameroon in Yaoundé why not be brave to confirm it?
    France was able to attack Libya and called Gaddafi a terrorist?
    Why will small Ayuk, who has no army, never ruled Cameroon? Without millions of dollars, never attempted a coup against the government be such a secret for Almighty France-Cameroon?
    Anglophones no longer believe the lies of one and indivisible!.

    • @ Lum. Confirm to who? If you seek for confirmation about sisi boy & co, just go and ask. Falana gave 2 days for them to be released so we are still waiting for the two days to past. ambazombians are all ignorant in terms of geo politics or international politics. FYI if they are freed one day, they might have given informations about all the chain including the support within biafra & francophones.
      It makes me remember Nnamdi Kanu (the british biafra) who also disappeared. Tas de cafards pouilleux.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      It is the responsibility of the Intelligence and Security Department of the delusional republic of ambazombies(DRA) to confirm where their leaders are and not the responsibility of The Republic of Cameroon(TRC). Can the Manyu Tigers and the ambazombie defense forces tell us where sickseku ayuk tabe is?

      The ambazombies leaders were abducted in Nigeria and not in TRC.
      sick seku ayuk tabe can not successfully argue that he has never attempted a coup in TRC. On 1 October 2017 he launched a coup against TRC. There is abundant evidence to show that.
      Delusional Anglofools may not believe that Cameroon is one and indivisible, however the reasonable people of the North West and South West belive that Cameroon is one and indivisible.

      It is no secret that the govt of TRC is hunting for sick ayuk!

    • Confirm to who? cameroon is cameroon remember? Biya have no explaination to give you my friends…do you know the place cameroon had in the berlin conference? go and read….we are unique and have nothing to report to any master..france and some of our peoples played politics with France but as of matter of national security we have nothing to explain to anyone…you are just a notice maker go and read about KAMERUN

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      Sick Seku is in Kondengui!
      Sick seku is in Kondengui with 46 other terrorists!
      Are you happy now that the government has announced that the terorists are behind bars?
      He will be prosecuted for the following:
      -Abolishing education
      -Amputation of the arms of young girls who want to go write the GCE
      -Burning down schools
      -Burning down the business premises/property of people who dont obey his ghost town
      -Killing of at least 20 gendarmes/police

      The African Bar association will not save him.
      UNHCR will not save him!
      Manyu tigers will not save him
      Ambazombie defense forces will not save him

      He will get one death sentence for each gendarme/police killed

      amba is failing and calling it success!
      amba is failing failing failing
      amba is failing and calling it success

      Delusional buffons!

  5. The appetite for news, especially “Breaking News” has pushed some of our zealots into inventing the news themselves. This issue offers a useful lesson to news consumers as well – pay attention to the many “news” items in cyberspace. There are as many fake journalists as there are fake news.

    Clue: Cross-check from other news outlets before you let your blood pressure rise to catastrophic levels!

    • Your GOD Tchiroma just confirmed.
      Anything you have to add?

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      John Dinga…

      You will need at least 1 litre of cheap ambazombie afofo to stop your blood pressure from rising to catastrophic levels.
      Sickseku asyuk tabe your leader is negotiating on a balancoire in Cameroon now. The government of TRC will show you videos of his toe nails soon.

  6. Bla bla bla….LRC should man up and show us videos of HE Sisiku Ayuk Tabe rather than playing media propaganda here and there.We are tired of media propaganda without proofs.The last information about HE Sisiku Ayuk and his cabinet is that,a Nigerian police chief came live on video to confirm that the Ambasonian leaders is in their custody and would be charged for training their military in Nigerian soil.Until Nigeria comes out and confirms that the Ambasonian leaders are no longer in their custody,LRC can use all media propaganda to show that they are strong,but its just not working.Becos,as HE Sisiku affirmed on the 31st of Dec 2017 in his end of year speech to the nation,Ambasonia,there will be no elections in Ambasonia.Let Biya bribe all media in the world to spread his propaganda.

    • Africans For Donald Trump


      We know you are delusional.

      The Republic of Cameroon(TRC) is not responsible for the whereabouts of sick seku tabe. Ask the ambazombie defense forces, manyu tigers and the communications head of the delusional republic of ambazombie to explain to you where their leader is. It was Chris Anu who announced the disappearance of sickseku tabe and his cohorts and no TRC. If anyone is spreading propaganda it is the DRA. Let Chris Anu tell us where his boss and colleagues are!
      By the way according to Chris Anu they were abducted in Abuja Nigeria. What has that got to do with the TRC? Was the TRC responsible for the security of sick seku in Nigeria?
      By the way, Nigeria has not confirmed that they abducted sick seku ayuk tabe! Stop spreading lies! Nyamfukah!

  7. Let the Biya’s gov’t all the media propaganda to win trust amongst francophones that he is a strong leader,but we anglophone sknow that it is all lies.

    • Southern Cameroonians will NEVER befooled again.

      Our leaders were kidnapped by the DSS on behalf of LRC and flown to Yaounde on the 06.01.2018.

      Now that the truth has been exposed, the struggle will enter a higher level.

      It is funny that apologists of the junta are begging me to respect my promise to quit. I did so thinking that the leaders were REPATRIATED. However, after discovering that they were kidnapped, there was therefore no need for me to quit.

      Biya promised to”supervise” the tarring of the Bamenda Ring Road. He did not resigned for not respecting his empty promises. The same Biya promised to respect the constitution. Article 66 is yet to be implemented.
      Apologists have never asked Biya to quit because of his empty promises.

      WHY ME ???????

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      Stop lying! Nigeria is not a French country! Nigeria is an English speaking country!
      All TRC needed to do is tell Nigeria they will pay them with the funds donated by dumb ambazombie supporters and the Nigerians executed the abduction/kidnapping/arrest of the terrorists with great skill. It was a very smooth operation! They were picked out of Nigeria like jiggers and sent to Cameroon to face their crimes

  8. I don’t mean to be disrespectful people! I have been wondering about this for a while now; what travel documents do these leaders and the rest of the Ambazonian people use when they travel abroad? Is it the Ambaland or Cameroonian Passport? Thanks in advance for your feedbacks.

  9. The GOC just confirmed through Tchiroma.
    What are you going to do about that ambazombians.

  10. @ Ni John Dings and Kongossa, I hail u guys for your objectivity. U touch just the facts and not small minds. So what can the Biya”s government tell us what has changed or what they have gained by arresting the Amba leaders, how many millions have they spent, have they addressed the issues raised. Its just chasing the Shadow. Its just a question of a united effort, that will bring down this regime someday. Niz day No John and Kongossa.God bless.

  11. Some ambazombians on this forum are going to hibernate for awhile.
    The punch is hard.
    You need big balls to play with big leaguers.

    • The misconception you have is that Ayuk Tabe is synonymous to the Southern Cameroons liberation struggle. Nothing could be further from the truth. Since his abducption, what has been the response in Southern Cameroons? Be objective and honest to yourself. The days of ‘zero mort’ are gone. Getting a new leader is one of the simpler things we have to do. This resistance struggle is an ideology and not a person. It is a mindset.
      We are in this for the long haul. So get ready.
      Southern Cameroonians on this forum, make you are sponsoring the resistance.
      All the way!!

      • ****make sure you are sponsoring the resistance ****

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          Dude there is no resistance! Sick Seku tabe and the 46 others were caught like chicken thieves in Nigeria without any resistance! Anyone donating funds to you guys is a fool!
          By the way the government is going to use funds seized from the ambazombie terrorists to pay for the costs of their abduction/kidnapping/arrest and their transportation to Cameroon.
          I am from the North West province and I do not support terrorism!

      • Africans For Donald Trump

        If you are the new leader of the ambazombies just say so!
        The Republic of Cameroon will abduct, kidnap or arrest you

        If you are an ambazombie leader anywhere in the world you will be either kidnapped, abducted or arrested
        We have more than enough land in Cameroon to bury you terrorists!

        • ah ah ah ah ah…now we have a new leader we placed ontop of your organisation very soon we will call them to the table and shut down this whole things

  12. Wish all efforts and resources used towards the quelling the Anglo question and arresting and extradition of leaders could be used samed to fight corruption, construction of roads, underdevelopment, malnutrition, water problems, etc. Wishing Biya and co ever lasting life.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @ Sol
      Your comment is soo dumb!
      According to you the government of TRC should let terrorists burn down schools, kill gendarmes/police, amputate the arms of young girls, disrupt the economy of the nation,terrorise kids from going to school, destroy roads etc because they want to tackle underdevelopment and malnutrition.
      That is so dumb!
      If you thought the government will seat back and watch you guys destroy Cameroon just because the government needs to tackle the socio economic problems of the country then you have no brain!

      • The tree of liberty shall from time to time be watered with the blood of cowards and sellouts…

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          If that is a threat I dare you to attack me any where in the world.
          I will fill that your dumb head with bullets!
          Shegues! Nyamfukoh!

  13. When the dust settles on this saga, it will be a textbook example of HOW NOT TO DO A REVOLUTION. A clique of extremist political dwarfs with selfish agendas turned a legitimate cause in to a tragedy for many families. Over a year of hapless buffoonery and nothing to show for it, apart from death and destruction. Families have been destroyed, kids have lost school time, businesses have taken a nose-dive…all because of the power-hungry greed of a bunch of ignoramuses. Those of us who proposed alternative paths were branded traitors, blacklegs and apologists for Biya. For the SCACUF fanatics you can only be for the secession pipe dream or for Biya: there can’t be a third way. But as we are finding out, the chickens are coming home to roost. And Muna and Balla are coming to the rescue. Irony?

    • Exactly @ Njamfuka!
      This is what some of us have been trying to say here. That clique hijacked a legitimate cause and turned it to a tragedy for the hole Country.
      We are all concerned and the damages will affect All Cameroonians.
      Cameroonians are now killing each other with insults and threats all over the internet. Can you imagine what could happen if this nonsens “war” gets uncontrolable? How did we get here?
      Why couldn’t we take avantage of this situation and get rid of Biya and France our real ennemies? Why can’t Africans never unite to fight a common ennemy? This struggle started good and hade many supports. Today we are all just talking about Biya and Sisiku! What about Cameroon? Our motherland? What about WE the people? Are we curse?
      We must unite or perish! We have no choice.

    • Well said Nyamfuka.

    • Nyamfuka, Nyamfuka…

      Your khati-khati is waiting for you on my table.

  14. @Africans For Donald Trump Why are u going gaga? I just told u that Nigeria,through their Inspector General of police,confirmed in a live video that the Ambasonian leaders are under their custody.Thats why Chris Anu is in Nigeria to ask the Nigerian gov’t to charge them to court if they committed any crime or release them.Who is talking about LRC? Biya’s gov’t is just trying to seek for fake popularity for being ”strong men” and win trust amongst francophones that they have been doing the right thing . Ambasonians are not asking but LRC to produce their leaders.Ambasonians,through their gov’t’ spokes man is asking but the Nigerian gov’t to produce their leaders.For Biya and his gov’t, trying to divert Ambasonians attention to Yde, for their leaders is a scam that will yield no fruit.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      Sick seku tabe kondengui
      sick seku tabe Kondengui
      all the ambazombies kondengui
      All the ambazombie kondengui
      sick seku kondengui

      Massa dis ma mutumbu sweet

      Wuna make noise go up cam down na only one Cameroon dey with 10 provinces
      Paul Biya go move that sick seku e big toe nail today!

      Now you know where your leaders are. Hopefully Criz Anus will be going to Yaounde tomorrow to ask Biya to release them… hahahahahaha

  15. @Nyamfuka Cool down man.Not so fast.u still have about 45.000 refugees in Nigeria to deal with. And more will be going to Nigeria as refugees.Media propaganda without video will not help your case.The LRC thieves has been humiliated.They are unable to extradite the Ambasonian leaders and they want to spread fake information through the media,that the Ambasonian leaders have been extradited to LRC without videos to proof their claims.Agbor Balla and Muna have gone to SED to verify,and they were told to chill…Shame on LRC….No elections in Ambasonia.It will be war war war and war……ADF, roast them…..

    • You have no shame left. Even if LRC produce a video of Sisiku, you will say it’s fake. Why not have Ambazonian spoke person or Niaja gov’t to show proof of their present in Niaja jail??? Like I said before, Julius Tabe is in fact in SED since Friday sleeping on a 2 inches wet matress.

      • Don’t waste your time with that clown ,he’s the same one who tried to engage me on the so called cancelation of the school year and invalidation of our diplomas by the unesco when I called the punk out, exposing his daft ness , as that’s not Thebes prerogative ot the unesco he disappeared and when the cancelation did not happen he did not have enough courage to remain quiet . This is the problem with semi illiterates they think they can speak of anything, someone who calls himself anglofool yet can’t even write a proper English sentence is allegedly the one trying to lecture me and people here on how the SGUN was going to sanction Cameroon ah ah the USA were going to do this ah ah Nigeria will do this , the m0r0n1c bastard is only good at shifting goalposts when someone has the time to

        • address his stupidity. Like I said No dialogue with terrorists. BIYA won’t negotiate on anything with illegitimate people . There is nothing to discuss about and as far I’m concerned there is no so called anglo problem people suffering from inferiority complex want a Franco-Beti hug that’s all there is to be seen . They are craving for attention you know something is smoke and screen when they never give you the so called topic of the dialogue or discussion they want, they Think Biya is a beginner all they wanted to achieve with that so called dialogue is legitimization of their names because as of now even among the anglofools community there are millions who do not agree with the path this sicksickcouille Tabe .

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      Kongosa man!

      Sickseku tabe and 46 coward terrorist conmen are now in Yaounde. Who cares whether they were kidnapped, abducted, arrested , extradited or shipped like nkunyams to Yaounde to face justice?
      The fact is that they will face justice for their crimes in yaounde!
      The fact is that their toe nails will be removed using a pliers!

  16. Ah ah let me have a big laugh,I’m literally rolling on the floor ah ah . Nigeria the island of rule of law , Nigeria the so called big brother, nigeria the so called backer of ambashitnian how can you the ambashitnians dirty like that lmao, when on this same forum I called out the sissies crew they did not want to hear, I said on here you punks are delusional and have no knowledge of geopolitics and history, anyone who thinks Nigeria can go against Cameroon wishes is a fool, from Biafra to bakassi to Boko Haram they know what’s up : here is what happened Biya called Buhari and told him listen you have people in your country causing me troubles we can do this the easy way or the hard way the choice is yours, some fools came up against me blah blah Nigeria will fund rebels as if there are no

    • As if there are no rebels in Nigeria : Biya made clear they hard way I sent my troops and we capture them ourselves (wouldn’t have been the first time that we enter nigeria territory.) or we relax our cooperation against Boko Haram and we backup biafra. I said to the brainless chicken calling themselves ambashitnian that Buhari was involved in the Biafra war he went on the record during a CNN interview saying there will never b Biafrais millions died for it to not happen . So one has to be very foolish to think that same man will back secessionists from a neighbouring country to whom he owes his success against Biafra . Dr no , Mvomeka , Paul Biya please just disappear times and times again you have been proven wrong and you exposed as the imb€c1le hat you are .

  17. As for firefighters aka pimento the dog eater and Ag you guys can now see we are on different level altogether. You are beneath my shoes and my urine and feces are more dignified than you . Next time you will listen to Ras Tuge as well, this is what happens when ninies who couldn’t leave their mountains to save their lives try to lecture Ethnic groups that have history of conquests and have established nation state, ah ah lol at some biafrais dividing Cameroon, like I said only 2 ethnic groups in this country can divide Cameroon the banso & co are not one of them . I can’t wait to use your leaders corpses as fertilizer. Kongossa I know you are too dumb to realize but nobody takes you serious people don’t even answer you your amba English is a real shame for a pseudo anglofools .

  18. This is how it happened in South Africa and there was confusion. But we are witnesses
    of the end story. Just keeping my fingers crossed for the outcome. My promise, holds.

    • SHUT up or move home and fight ,primitive cowards keep crossing your fingers like a a fag . By the time we are done humiliating your so called leaders we will come after the like you, we are able to kidnap Cameroonians wherever they find themselves,keep messing with us like the braindead you are you didn’t see this coming right ? You were so high on your own sh1t well this is a reality check for you ,wake up call . Any weapon fashioned against Cameroon shall fail . Period . This God’s own country,his mission and will shall be accomplished through us all you mofos are just pawns,get that in your thick skull you are too insignificant for us to lose sleep. Sw and Nw are Cameroon creation and they belong to us.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      Joshua Joshua Joshua
      The delusional ambazombie supporter!

      Your leader sick seku tabe is no longer delusional. He is facing the reality in a prison in Cameroon. His toe nails are being removed one after the other with a pliers!

      Are you the next ambazombie leader? The government of Cameroon is waiting for you delusional buffoons to announce your next leader so that they can go kidnap him and take him to Kondengui!

      Nigeria an English speaking country collaborated with the government of Cameroon to ship the your coward terorist conment called leaders to Cameroon to go face justice.

      The government of Cameroon will kidnap, abduct or arrest all those cowards you call leaders. The govet of TRC prefers to arrest them in groups of 47 to save on costs!
      Bobga you are next!

  19. Let these people ( Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and co) be sent to a prison center where boko haram is very active idiots

  20. @ Lum if you want tk be taken serious, you need first to stop with the emotional blackmail , it’s to easy to call your bluff , you can’t mix france all you want ah ah amba still won’t see the light of the day and I find very funny that the same people calling the uk the USA Nigeria South Africa lmao are the ones pointing fingers , woman please sit down and keep quiet: I realized this wasn’t going’s anywhere after observing than done talking with the anglofools living outside the NW and SW, your analogies would have made sense if they left Yaoundé ,Douala ,garoua etc to go back to théorbe régions the fact none of them raised a finger and are even the ones asking for the state to bring back peace should tell you that you secessionists wannabes are not smart And you talk for yourselves

    • France heat drone technology is currently being used in Buea and Bamenda to target and kill civilians.
      Chadian military have arrived Yaoundé as part to be deployed to West Cameroon for the Franco-African Genocide planned in West Cameroon.
      The republican army under the direction of the president and the tribal militia with technical and financial support from France is killing and burning villagers in West Cameroon.
      52000 refugees in Nigeria are running away from the army.
      Nobody in West Cameroon is surprised about the state sanction genocide in collaboration with Almighty France.
      The history of East Cameroon is evidence the last 2 regimes of this country had a test run of genocide on the Bamilekes and Bassas already.
      At least in Ruwanda the Hutus were honest about their role!

      • Africans For Donald Trump


        None of my neighbours in Bamenda is a refugee in Nigeria. Anybody running away from Cameroon is a terrorist. There are over 1 million people from the North West and South West living in Douala alone and they are not running away.
        If you are a terrorist you better run to Nigeria and claim refugee status otherwise you will be arrested and prosecuted!
        By now you should realise that all this garbage you guys have been shoutiong on social media is proof of your stupidity! Nigeria picked up those coward and gave them to Cameroon! What are you talking about France? There is no genocide in Cameroon! Terrorists are being rounded up. The terrorists will be smoked out of their holes for annihilation!


        • Idiotic nonentity. Your form 2 dropout brother Atanga Nji was once a new bell prisoner which is worst than a refugee. The day of reckoning is around the corner and there shall be no mercy. Greedy Akum criminal devil. French Nigg*r!

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          You no di shame?

          You di make bep bep bep for here .. why you no go free sisiku ayuk tabe from TRC their ngata.

          The don nack nack the man sotey e mop don bend. You di vex na with me? Na me I catch ye? Na me I be supposed for protect ye? Manyu tigers turn into small pikin run time way they came for catch sickseku ayuk tabe..ambazombie defense forces they run like ngong dogs them time wey TRC show up for Nera hotel you want blame na Atanga Nji now?
          Yes Atanga Nji na my brother… e di vex you?
          If e vex you over go move sick seku ayuk tabe for prison.
          That gendarme wey you be di glad say ambazombie them cut cut ye with cutlass e friend them go show sick seku pepper. They put pepper for e dede and for e nyash the ngombe cry sotey..na so that gendarme them laugh sotey!
          shumbu! nyamfukah!