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Who is Keeping Ambazonian leaders?

Journal du Cameroun | The question has been begging an answer for the past three weeks since Sissiku Ayuk Julius Tabe and his “cabinet members” were arrested in a hotel on January 5 and taken to an unknown destination.
The debate was recently heightened by French Television Channel France 24 who reported that the separatist leaders have finally been extradited to Yaounde to face trial.

Yaounde is yet to make an official statement on this development but sources at the airport report of a plane that landed at the Nsimalen airport on Thursday night purportedly carrying the leaders.

The silence of the Nigerian government mighjt be deafening but speaks volumes. Since the arrest of the leaders, their lawyers have not been able to lay eyes on them. Even the visit of the Ambazonian spokesperson to Nigeria proved unsuccessful as the whereabouts of Ayuk Tabe and Co could still not be traced.

On the other hand, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees says the Nigerian government has assured the separatist leaders will not be extradited to Cameroon.

“UNHCR has negotiated the release of some asylum seekers arrested by the Nigerian authorities,” the UNHCR said in a statement.

“For others still in detention, including the leadership of the pro-independence group, the government has agreed to grant UNHCR access for the determination of their status.

“The government has further reassured UNHCR that those detained would not be returned to Cameroon.

The head of the African bar association has called for the release of the abducted separatist leaders while calling for the international intervention to halt the killings taking place in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

Signals are contradicting, confusion is in the air and even the media seems divided over the issue. With parts of the French-speaking media in Cameroon leaning towards the extradition of the separatist leaders, the national and international community now highly await the outcome of a press conference to be granted by Communications minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary on Monday.

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  1. Will the extradition Of Southern Cameroons abducted in Nigeria bring peace to LRC or the falacy of national unity There will never be peace let wait and see till Southern Cameroons is free God punish Biya and his gang

  2. Will the extradition Of Southern Cameroons abducted in Nigeria bring peace to LRC or the falacy of national unity There will never be peace let wait and see till Southern Cameroons is free

  3. Bring those criminals home. Cameroon has helped in the fight of Boko Haram. Nigeria must comply like it or not. You that advocates for violence will surely be the next.

  4. Aluta Continua,
    Victoria Ascerta

  5. @lum clever sis right on point ,why’d waste your precious time responding to those moronic clowns their stupidity is beyond measure, the revolution belongs to the majority 99% 8 &half millions southern Cameroonian not a small minority as that faggot propaganda la republique minister said, thus kidnapping our leaders as important they’ll remain relevant to the struggle will not change the overall equations on the ground, if this moronic bastards are honest why’d explain the heavy gun battle today in bamgam sud-division. Between the tigers of Ambazonia & the rapist child molester cowardice army of la republique almost 15 have been captured including the colonial SDO without mentioning their casualties inflicted by the Odeshi boys ,thus our armed struggle will continue until total liberation

  6. Citizens in the Diaspora can influence policy at home in a positive manner if they draw from the useful practices in their different areas of residence. But all we do here is gloat and trade insults. Even those practicing law at home need to go about the business in such a way as to meet basic international norms. It is not jungle justice! A judge with a reputation will preside and in so doing, put his reputation as well as that of the nation at risk. Needless to say that the defendants too have rights which will be defended by other men of law.

    There are persons in other countries who would love to turn back the hands of the clock and have a second chance in life. These are men who, yesterday, had both the knife and the yam, yet today find themselves on the wrong side of the law!!

  7. Just the beginning of the game and many are celebrating already. Time does wonderful

  8. So 9ja play 419 fo UNHRC

  9. @Kamer Sorry if i touched a nerve.All i am saying is that Issa Tchoronko should add more flesh to the bone he just gave the public.We need proofs.Not empty media propaganda.If there is no proof,we will focus on Abuja for our leaders,not Y’de.Until Abuja comes out to say that our leaders are no longer in their custody.I understand that the LRC gov’t and the Naija gov’t are functioning like Boko Haram,that kidnapped the chibok girls and Shikau was only coming on live videos to say that the chibok girls are in their custody without people and the family of those girls knowing where they were kept.LRC and Nigeria should man up.I mean,they should stop functioning like Boko.If LRC have brought the Ambasonian leaders to judge them,why then are they keeping their where about secret? Small LRC.

  10. @Bakossi LRC and the Naija gov’t should man up.They should stop functioning like the terrorist organisation Boko Haram that kidnapped the Chibok girls and the families of the girls kidnapped did not know where they were.Issa Tchoronko should show us videos of the Ambasonian leaders that they claim they want to judge, if they have balls.If they cannot show us videos,then,we will wait for official confirmation by a member of the Naija gov’t, that the Ambasonian leaders are no longer in their custody and have been handed over to LRC.Till then,Issa Tchoronko should stay quiet and accept the humiliation.