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Kribi deep-sea port goes operational official this Friday

CRTV The container terminal of the Kribi deep-sea port goes operational officially this Friday 2nd March 2018. The arrival of a cargo ship will mark the official putting in to function the terminal. Ahead of the event, the Cameroon National Shippers Council has organised a two day refresher course on international trade procedures in Cameroon’s sea ports.

Shippers, licensed brokers, freight forwarders, customs and other actors in the international business sector are taking part in the training.

The Director General of the National Shippers Council, Auguste Mbappe Penda told participants that a good knowledge on international procedures of clearance at ports will ease the arrival and clearance of cargo at the Kribi deep-sea port.

The training has been organised on the theme “foreign trade procedures in Cameroon’s Ports”. The training that opened this 1st March ends on March 2nd when a huge cargo ship is expected to duck at the cargo terminal of the Kribi deep-sea port.

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  1. This is happening at the same time as the Douala port operations are now transfered to Bangui in RCA.

    Its is now clearer to us that the port of Doual is the sole property of France….they have now occupied the port surroundung with creating a consulate and are looking at bringing weapons in cameroon using same.

    it is clear that there are colonial agreements that the government dont want to tell the peoples that is making the situation in the Douala port difficult.

    I will not be surprised we will learn that the land or the port is the private propriety of france..they have an embassy in cameroon on land they pay no rent etc….so thia is again a shame for us

    • “This is happening at the same time as the Douala port operations are now transfered to Bangui in RCA.”


      This is so dumb on your part to even write such uninformed stuff.
      How king port operations be transferred to a place with no access to sea? This one is above me.

      Anyway do not intervene on subjects you have no understanding of.
      You look so $&@??.
      I do not want to tackle your other write ups.
      Just pure gibberish….

      • Read: … how kind port operations….

        • Now go and read news ok? a new office of the port of Douala was inaugurated in Bangui ignorant man…After reading from a more clearer jiurnalist post I understood it was just a section that will deal with transactions going to Bangui ok?

      • calm down and read the article..it was misleading..i got more clarification in another news paper and it was clear to me ..calm down little sabitou calm down…perfect fool


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