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Kribi port : Almost 40 ships accosted

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Since the commissioning of Kribi port on March 2, 2018, about 40 ships have accosted there so far. “All the stopovers for the months of March have been realized. In April, 16 ships accosted at the port. In May, we expect 23. Soon, one ship will accost daily. This port will ease economic operators’ activities”, says Patrice Melom.

He added that on May 1, 2018, an enormous Vietnamese ship Cheng Kai loaded an exceptional volume of wood estimated at 10,000 m3 at the port.

In the same vein, Kribi Conteneurs Terminal (KCT), operator of the port’s container terminal indicates that it has loaded, unloaded and transshipped about 20,000 containers since the launch. “Our goal is fluidity. We want an attractive port. We want to reduce the clearing time for a container to 24 hours and it is possible”, Philémon Mendo, director of KCT indicates.   

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  1. These are the kind of news I like to read finally we got it thanks as some said here it was April fool prank.

    • Desert idiot with a PhD in forestry from a barren land with no trees. The kind of news you like to read created by presidential decree and not backed by economic priority. The sort of Donkeys that have impoverished a whole country deserve the pigsty you are found in. Amba shall exit. Trump will deal with you criminals.

  2. The future looks bright!

  3. the fontion of a sea and airport is to permit easy exportation of goods from the countries industries.permitting the country to draw in hard currency to be reinvested in more activities of production.if necessary importing more efficient machines to produce at competitive prices while working on the possibility of building machinary on the spot.

    • there is no need for a country to build a sea port if it is meant to import goods from other parts of the world,enriching those producing the goods while impoverishing us.what counts is the pocket in which the money ends.and it is that of those producing not those consuming even though consumers may think the opposite.normally diasporans should own and control millions of export oriented micro industries in africa especially in the domain of food processing.this is what will generate enough wealth for the country to equipe itself at all levels and better defend its independence.

  4. if this sea port is seen from this angle of view,it presents unfinished oppotunities for us to creat small inter connected industries geared towards export.even the un build sea port in tiko and limbe can be used differently.that is if we have sufficient industries to export of course.small efficient korean and japanese made boats costing sometimes less than 50.000 dollars can be used to export finished products from industries in buea,limbe,ekona,kumba to malabo,calabar,all cities 45 minutes away.infact if exporting to asia,south america,europe and north america is difficult in kribi because of administrative problems.we can simply transport our goods by boat to calabar and export from there to any part of the world.solutions exist,what we lack most is captains of industry.

  5. if exporting through kribi or douala is difficult because of administrative problems.the unbuild port of limbe and tiko can be used by importing efficient japanese,korean made boats to export goods to malabo and calabar 45 minutes away.from there goods from small industries in ekona,kumba,buea,etc,can be exported to all parts of the world especially from the port of calabar which is more structured and easy to import and export whatever you want.solutions exist,for us to think and oriented ourselves properly.let me inform you that america sells soya beans to china each year for 15 billion euros at least.and it does not satisfy china,s demand.this mean we can destroy the forest on millions of hectares of land and plant soya beans destine for the chinese market.

    • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

      lucid comment Bah.

      • Biya, will be remembered as the man who brought democracy of
        marginalization and socio / economic failures to Cameroon.

        We will soon start seeing his cpdm authors coming up with
        wonderful writings to sing his songs and paint a distorting picture
        on the happenings on the ground.

  6. Epée Dipanda

    A very shameful report.
    The 40 ships during the trimester at 25,000 tons on average per ship will amount to no more than 4 million tons per year. Compare this to even private ports in Nigeria such as Onne (yes Nigeria has Private sea ports…this is what federalism does for a country). 26 million tons per year. Built for less but 7 times more profitable. Even the Cotonou port take 4 times more cargo than Kribi. Same for Calabar, 5 times more for Lagos Apapa.
    For all the investment which went into turning that bush into a sea port it is a typical case of a white elephant. That port in Kribi will never be able to pay for itself.
    The tax payer’s money ….and particularly money from Ambazonia would have to be used to pay salaries of employees recruited by nepotic means over there.