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Kumba D.O bans bike riders from reading newspaper stands

Journal du Cameroun | Commercial motor bike riders in Kumba, Meme Divisional of the South West Region of Cameroon are still to come to terms with the recent administrative fiat, placing an embargo on them from going close to the newspaper stand near the Kumba Central Police Station.
The administrative decision, signed by the Divisional Officer (DO) for Kumba I, Roger Safou, by extension barred the bike riders from reading newspapers in public.

On Thursday, January 11, 2018, the DO accompanied by armed security operatives stormed the newspaper stand to effect the administrative fiat.

During the January 11 impromptu visit to the newspaper stand, Safou further warned the bike riders to steer clear off the newspaper kiosk or the heavy arm of the law will descend on them.

“This Government action is not meant to deny you access to information, but avoid crowding in front of this newspaper stand,” he said.

When the commercial bikers, who had gathered in front of the kiosk saw the DO and the armed security operatives approaching the newspaper stand, most of them took to their heels and vamoosed.

Even though no apt explanation has been vouchsafed on the administrative fiat, political analysts are already extrapolating that the move is in line with measures taken by the Government to contain the socio-political upheavals that has been rocking major towns of the North West and South West Regions.

It should be recalled that this is not the first time the Meme administration has barred bikers from the Newspaper stand. When the Anglophone Crisis just broke out, the newspaper vendor, Calvain Djoukeu, was attacked by some disgruntled commercial bike riders for refusing to display newspapers on the stand.

The administration intervened and the newspapers were displayed but the bike riders were warned to stay away from the newspaper station. But the decision was never enforced.

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  1. The childish order of the DO bears all the hallmarks of a sh*thole country

    • Read and understand before you call it childish. A Newspaper stand is not a park for bike riders and secondly you have to undestand that many stay and read the Little they can on the front pages and go without buying. This is easily done by those who spent much time at the stands. This is just a Frustration remark.
      Shithole nature of these countries have been supported by developed countries including America. Open your eyes and don’t just support rubbish from a confused president.

      • Sh*thole President „You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!“

        • “Zamea Jean Bosco,a Gendarme, alleged by his colleagues to have mounted an illegal road check,was reportedly killed yesterday in Wum,Menchum,NWR.The sad incident took place in Weh,a village not far from Esu.The rifle of the Gendarme was reportedly taken away by his assassin”-

          Another victim of sh*thole Biya’s UNWINNABLE sh*thole civil war

  2. Things have fallen apart in shithole Cameroon.

  3. If Cameroon really intends to see the light at the end of that famous tunnel and emerge in the year 2035, there is a need to radically change the way of doing things.

    The leadership has to decide whether
    #1 To create a job and look for a suitably qualified candidate to fill it


    #2 To continue the trend of picking a candidate first and then letting him/her experiment on what is doable according to his/her taste, ability.

    A kiosk is the private business of an individual citizen which can be moved and relocated to fit market demands. The DO has more important tasks to perform than condition customer taste for products, business persons’ attraction or repulsion of customers.

    Unnecessary interference has cost the life of a traditional rulers of KwaKwa village in Mbonge Subdivision.

    • Épée Dipanda

      Perhaps his death will educate other?
      May his soul RIP after chasing Biya

  4. Pompidou Mensah

    Why always make unnecessarily remarks about attacks from the enemy. These bikers don’t buy newspapers. They are sacrificing a lot. Here is a solution, we send money to buy the newspapers or pay the publishers of friendly Ambazonia newspapers so the public can read them, creating business opportunities. The IG should look at this. We should also report or pressure this safou guy through social media and report him for suppressing freedom of speech.

  5. Job well done Mr D.O.

  6. Let’s flip the coin and imagine the riders in Cpdm regalia chanting, “ Paul Biya toujours chaud gars”, would the shitty Chef de terre try to go against the fact that the 84 year old wrinkled epicurean is always a pretty boy? He would have distributed meat, rice and beer and urged the bikers to march across the city viciferating their love for the natural candidate.

  7. Mbella Lumumba

    Shithole country called la Republique du Cameroon .Why ban citizens from reading newspapers?Has Cameroon now become nazi Hermany?

  8. They say wonders shall never end and this is truly one of it. This is childish, stupid and unfounded. I cant believe that with the current flow of information a DO will be so thick to pass such an order. With the simplest smart phone, these guys can read the news as it is on the news papers that he is refusing them from reading. What if they buy it and go somewhere else to read. This is how an administration is just trying to control all aspects of the life of its citizens. This will be hard to achieve because people in contemporary society are increasingly becoming free thinkers.
    If a government is reliable and dependable such measures can to an extent be justified because you know what the govt does for you. In Cameroon a lot is expected from citizens with any reciprocity from the state.

  9. while people in thailand,vietnam and china are busy connecting water with (eh-keh)indian bamboo to cultivate rice that will be exported to africa.draining money from the continent,increasing our balances of payment deficit.our super degree holders are wasting precious time debating futilities like freedom of press and democrazy.only to end up buying rice imported from thailand and vietnam where there is no press freedom or democrazy.it looks like the more an african advance in the current system of education,accumulating degree upon degree,the more he or she is detached from the reality lived by people in his own village or cominuty.if not how do we explain the fact we import rice from vietnam a country with less agriculture land than us?

    • Épée Dipanda

      Bah Acho,
      It’s obvious you don’t read….our editor in chief on this platform said Koreans had helped la Republique to produce 35 different species of rice you no see?

  10. A Tree just walked over kwa kwa river and the whole Village is presently under state of ermegency.what a shithole Regime of hitler biya

  11. Well, the D.O.is an illiterate and should be inform in that in the 21st century, information is power. So please, inform the D.O. THAT IT IS ONLY IN FRENCH CAMEROUN THAT INFORMATION IS BEING CENSORED.
    To hell with that idiot (D.O) his days are numbered in our land. Who is him to tell us what to do in our land.Foreigner as is him.