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Kylian Mbappe and Benoit Assou-Ekotto are having the most unlikely clash on Twitter

Dream Team FC | The Cameroon international has called out Mbappe for choosing to play for France but the youngster has shot right back

You can’t imagine that Kylian Mbappe and Benoit Assou-Ekotto cross paths too often.

Obviously other than when PSG are thumping Metz 5-1 in front of their own fans.

However, Assou-Ekotto took to Twitter to launch a public attack on Kylian Mbappe for choosing to play international football for France, his country of birth, instead of Cameroon where his father is from.

It’s kind of like me shouting at Wilfired Zaha for choosing Ivory Coast over England.

Spurs’ fans favourite left-back, who notoriously said he only plays football for the money, has slammed PSG’s youngster for snubbing Cameroon.

The Metz defender has 24 appearances with zero goals for the Indomitable Lions and of course he would love a player of Mbappe’s quality to join him on the international stage.

The pair do have a little bit of history with Assou-Ekotto being sent off for a challenge on Mbappe in Ligue 1 earlier this season.

And in a heated post to his Twitter account, Assou-Ekotto made a barbed dig at Mbappe for his choice.

“These European players of African descent who hold Africa in their hearts and who want to help African sport blah blah blah while eager to play for a European selection you make me softly laugh… but it makes good causes,”

the post reads.

And to top it off he has even thrown in a violin emoji.

Shots fired.

However, Mbappe had the perfect response to the 33-year-old.

“These African players who hold Africa in their hearts and want to help African sport blah-blah-blah blah while fighting with a teammate on the international scene in 2014…. You make me softly laugh… but these are your values,”

the 19-year-old hitman retorted.

he is of course referring to the unforgettable moment when Assou-Ekotto headbutted his international teammate Benjamin Moukandjo at the 2014 World Cup.

The question of international decisions is always a tricky one, the country you have grown up in v the country of your heritage.

But if Mbappe was thinking about possibly lifting the Jules Rimet trophy one day, he probably made the right call with France.

Firstly, Cameroon didn’t qualify for Russia, and France are definitely one of the favourites for the tournament.

Good luck Kylian.

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  1. Frogs will always remain frogs. Whether croaking, hibernating, gestating or swallowing insects. They are all frogs.

    • This condescending mentality is the reason why some are getting killed in SW/NW. By the way, “frog” is a term used by British soldiers to call their french peers because they ate frogs. For a NW/SW man to call others “frogs”, knowing that the biggest frog eaters are from those regions with the “goliath frog” specifically confine to NW, is just a clear demonstration of utter ignorance. Keep feeling superior because your grandfather was subordinate to a British governor while fighting your brother because his master and yours spoke different languages. What a shame.

      • Thank you very well and you put it in a clean english language….like I said before let the anglofools and francofools leave cameroon and go back to France and England we will have peace!

  2. If all the indomitable lions have their of way of playing with a european team,they will do right away.Most of those foreign born players who play for Africa do so because it wasn’t possible to join a european team.Wilfred Saha will tell you more

    • Etoo, Mboma , Etame just to name those, said no to them. Stop saying bst!

      • lies bst idiot

      • France never called Mboma at any level. How is that saying no to them? Eto’o only had CMR nationality at that time. How was that saying no to them when he was eligible for just CMR? As for Etame, wasn’t it a taboo for a black to play for Spain at that time? To be honest, I don’t really know any player of African descent that said no to Europe except Ekotto. The rest just chose Africa out of frustration, which reflects on their performances. Pls, don’t say Matip cuz Germany never ever called him at any youth level. Cmr came knocking and he had no choice. Well, it does reflects now right? France ignored Aubameyang after U21. So, he opt for Gabon. Had he been integrated immediately (like Pogba, Dembele, etc), he would’ve said YES. Jerome Onguene said he will chose cmr if france ignores him.

        • Choupo Moting, played in the German youth setup. German under 19 – 5 appearances, 4 goals; German under 21 – 5 appearances, 4 goals. Capisce?

  3. What hi our is there in fighting for a country that is essentially a failed state?
    None whatsoever. Mbappe brings more honor to whatever is left of the Cameroonian Identity than Assou Ekotto who felt that fighting a team mate in national TV is how to build a nation.
    Why am I not surprised? This is the way of Larepublique. Nation wreckers.

  4. Dis banga smoker Ekotto na Ras Metuge Kind and yi dey like dat effeminate refugee for Germany Zam Zam, wey yi di start beat yi chest about how yi deny for join mov’t , like sey some man stupid for go di find former maquisard for solicit help from.

    • You dong join wrong side of HISTORY. Go lick ya wounds then drink mimbo.

      Na Assou dat, metis pickin wey yi love yi Kontri sotehhhh, despite all. But, bad bellé man liké you hate ya own Kontri wey yi gee all ting for dis grong. Daso da book we know’am so, how many Africans dem know’am liké we?

      Ah suffer injustice for wa Kontri pass you, FYI.

      Ungrateful yokel…

      • Tell me the injustice you sufferam, maqui! Na yi meik you bi de rejoice sey Bir dem don reach SW for kill? Na your own way dat for correct the injustice? Bad belle man! We know you and we di put you for your place!

      • Right zamzam

  5. Id say 95% of forigeners worldwide know Cameroon because of football and most european teams wouldnt be getting results without african players,dont mean to be racist here.So the choice for a footballer is playing with your African national team before any other nation otherwise your just proping up a unrealistic win for the other nation .

  6. However headbutting on the pitch ,especially when representing the nation was rediculous ,he can hardly be telling Mbappe what to do.

  7. A Cameroonian choosing France over Cameroon is like a Jew choosing Nazi Germany over Israel considering what the French did and are doing to Cameroon. Fighting your team mate on the pitch is nothing compared to that. Don’t let the white man who wrote this article deceive you for all they do is exploit Africans. I have never heard a western journalist call Umtiti a cameroonian-born French man but they make sure they always name the country of birth of any African player born in Europe playing for an African country.

    • What are the French doing to Cameroon? Do you mean bringing in helicopter gunships to rain down bullets on Anglophones? The white Man exploits Africa? Which whiteman forced your supreme leader to rack up bills in a Swiss hotel with an entourage of 40? Who burnt this $65 million, the whiteman? How much prize money have you won from competitions organized by the whiteman? Point to a single stadium you constructed with that money? Compare your organization of the Afcon, with the whiteman’s competition that brought you billions. What track record do you have of treating your compatriots well, that you would expect Mbappe to be longing to play for you? Mbappe knows what you did to Armel Kana Biyik, Eto’o, Mbango, Foe, even Milla.

      • firefighter, pls read a history book.

      • @ Firefighter I have told you that you are confused, ignorant and foolish. I am an Anglophone Cameroonian who hates the foolishness and madness of the separatists and the corrupt Biya regime. I love my Francophone brothers and sisters and you can’t do anything about it. Your attempt to link any Anglophone who does not support your foolishness to Biya is not working as the majority of Anglophones don’t support the Biya regime and at the same time don’t support separation from their Francophone brothers and sisters. Your terrorist organization will surely end up like Issis in Iraq. My only worry is our civilians in the NW and SW who will be affected like the Sunni civilians when the time comes for Biya and France to get rid of you guys

        • US of Africa,
          Nobody drinks himself into being anglophone and normal human being needs to reiterate or even shout on tree tops that they are anglophone. Be contented with being a French slave, it serves you better. I asked you few tough questions and you go deep into your usual drunken stupor. The whiteman is exploiting Africa you say? Where is the prize money won from competitions organized by the whiteman? How many Fecafoot presidents has the whiteman helped you change in the past 8 years? Sisiku Ayuk Tabe is in your hands, make soup of his told nails as you chanted, but you will still need to answer these questions! Hardened drunk!

        • are you against secession or you like the second class status of of anglophones in cameroon,and dont tell me that there is no such problem.infact nobody wanted secession ut we were forced by the govt and by people like u to choose this.

        • You are clearly a very intelligent and smart guy i wish you all success and wish you get involved in politics in our country and teach teach and teach…speak the truth and love I agree with you 200% Biya and his regime are the problem not anglofool/francofools that is playing the aryans game!

  8. Kylian Mbappe 100% French from Birth to upbringing. There’s little to no trace of Cameroon in him.Even his Coach dad and Bunch of other Francophone Africans think they are French first and Africans second, even though the French consider black French citizens second class!

    • korak, wrong. He is born in France, yes but it doesnt mean he had a French upbringing. I bet he ate more of Algerian or maybe Cameroonian, than French food. I bet his parents associated him more with Africans as he grew up. I bet he listened more to African music at home than any other, and the list goes on. On another note, CMR never approached Mbappe. This makes it more complex. The so called DTN could not even detect such a huge n popular talent, like other talents they’ve or are still missing out on. Had cmr approached Mbappe first, it will be a different story. Mbappe has a little brother who just signed to PSGs academy. Will the DTN keep tabs on him? Lmao.

      • Uhmm, Mbappe was approached by LRC but he understandably rejected the advances of the failed nation.

    • @ Ambas. I love my country Cameroon. I am not going to separate from my brothers because of a European creation. Everybody in Cameroon is treated as a second class citizen by the Biya regime. The Bamilikes, the Bassas, the Ewondos, the Northerners etc are all treated as second class citizens by Biya and his governing body in different ways. Biya is the one treating anglophones as second class citizens not the Francophones. As for those Anglophones who feel unwanted because some insecure Francophone called them Bamenda or Biafrais, I will advise you that other parts of Cameroon are also called names or made fun of. An example will be some in this forum calling people from the Central & South chop broke pot or calling people from the North Tous pourris. This is common in many countries.

  9. in the 80s, 90s it was a pride to play for cameroon…
    And today?..
    -poor Organisation..
    -Poor management
    – always fighting for money..
    – Change coaches like slips..
    -Poor infrastructure and everything is just so bad as bad can be..
    And you expect kids born in Europe of Cameroon parents to chose but cameroon?
    That country full of chaos and anarchy?..What will they learn there?..How to cheat?..How to fake things?..
    No way…MBAPPE remain and play for France- You will have good coaching, good money, and have a good chance to win the world cup,the highest and most prestigious cup to win..Cameroon will never smell it in the next 200 years….And worse of all the country is in war and falling apart…

    • What is the solution to our problems?
      We can’t just spend all our time winning about what is wrong without any propositions of solutions, or better style, doing just that we wish other should do for our country.
      We can start by respecting every person right to he/her opinion in this forum. Can we do that?

      • Your solution is to send special killers as you promised, isn’t that a solution? You did not whine, you took action by sending special killers and blood is flowing. What other solutions do you want? We respect your opinions,but your opinions may not necessarily be facts, so we have the right to challenge them without fear or favor. Special killers will wish away all problems!

    • [email protected] Cameroons 5th title to the African cup of Nations is just down to pure luck ?

  10. @PHYRE:- my brother with love and respect , I will say it was just pure luck..That type of victory you cant really explain..The Team in 2000, 2002 was one of the best in Africa..And After 2002, we stopped to function asa football nation..Look at our league, as weak as weak can be..he federation is as corrupt as corrupt can be..No cameroon club qualifies for the second round of an african cup..Last month Equatorial Guinea kicked out a club from cameroon..Thats how far we have gone..Winning the last CAN is one of those miracles in football…With our captain MOKANJO, as dull as mokanjo FISH…
    The next title will not come in the 20 years if we dont rethink and invest in football..We are just too corrupt and fake to be called a country..Our president wins election without campaigning.lol

    • [email protected] be proud !wise and smile the next time someone compliments you on Cameroon footballing ,we did not win because of any miracles, we won with the majority investment of home grown technique (greater number of hours over lifetime playing in the homeland of players in the team )you either come from Cameroon and you play that way naturally or you dont and theres a big difference.

  11. @Phyrne_ Bro I love your optimism..
    It seems like we both watch two different Cameroon teams that won CAN..
    I thought the Team was made of professionals playing in Europe?..
    The only African team that won CAN with many players in the local league was and is EGYPT..
    Look at where teams Like ZAMALEK, AL AHLY train in Egypt..Its not different from BAYERN, TOTTENHAM or the big clubs in Europe..Go and havea look where local clubs in Cameroon train in the 21 centuary, you will be so schocked and understand what I mean..For your information , a cameroonian club last won an african cup but in the 80s…Cotton Garoua tried hard but never succeded..And the problems continue..
    Bro we need a total revolution in cameroon and its on the way…

    • Biko @ All the tech and bling of facilities or teams dont make up for factors of personal football development on the homegrown ,born , in Cameroon before the age of twelve ,even playing professional outside of Cameroon could be actually detrimental to it ……it dosnt matter about the team your playing for ,individuals go on to play professional …count up the amount of unprofessional ,semi and professional hours from age 4 in Cameroon of the team players .Thats what counts.The italians did a six page report trying to figure out WHY Etto was and is such a great player and they still didnt get the real answer.Look, really look hard in the cities when theres a group of unpro mixed age playing on a sunday in Cameroon….

  12. football is all about money.
    go to where your money will never disappear between yaounde and the organising country