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La Chine fait un don militaire de 4,5 milliards FCFA au Cameroun

APAnews | L’État du Cameroun et la Chine ont signé, mercredi, un accord portant sur un don de l’ordre de 4,5 milliards FCFA destinés à renforcer les capacités opérationnelles de maintien de la paix et de la sécurité, a appris APA jeudi auprès des services compétents du ministère de la Défense à Yaoundé.

Plus prosaïquement, cette enveloppe devrait servir à l’acquisition d’armements et munitions au profit des forces de défense et de sécurité.

Avant la crise sécessionniste anglophone, qui sévit depuis près de 3 ans dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest, l’armée camerounaise était déjà, et reste, confrontée aux exactions de la secte islamiste Boko Haram dans la région de l’Extrême-Nord frontalière avec le Nigeria et le Tchad.

Sur la période 2012-2016 le Cameroun, selon l’Institut national pour la paix (Sipri), de Stockholm, figurait dans le «Top 10» des pays africains importateurs d’armes lourdes en Afrique, ses dépenses militaires étant passées de 194 milliards FCFA en 2013 à 199 milliards FCFA en 2014, pour pointer à 209 milliards en 2014.

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      • China Man,

        it is now very clear to me that your Ayuk worked hand in hand with Atanga Nji to raise dust, confuse the scene, make Biya a victim, and here we are. All was set by Libii and Mme Walla to make our Grand pa go back to his country in Swiss come 2018. But little did we know that Nji and Ayuk, all faymen, had fashioned their plan. I kept on wondering why no Amba leader had an idea on Geo-strategy, why they were vehemently opposed to the registration of Anglo youths on electoral lists, why and how they were so easily arrested, and ferried like goats to one of Nji’s villas in Y’dé, where they are all putting on some remarkable weight.

        Wata na wata, wuna bin be di mimba sey wata na mimbo?

        Amba ma foot…

        • What lies can you not cook up you this Bamileke Swine? Typical Cpdm rhetoric of seeing things everywhere your incompetence exposes you. General Milingi complaint of foreign mercenaries training Amba fighters because the resistance was fierce and here you are seeing the soft spoken Tabe as your foot mat. Do you know how long he had been projecting the struggle in Nigeria? Shut your putrid mouth.

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          Those innocent youths in the forest are doing so with all their hearts, but unfortunately, they have no idea on Ayuk’s hoax.

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    When South Sudan was fighting to liberate herself from the evil hands of Sudan, China donated military hardware and money to Sudan.


    The military aid from China to Sudan could not prevent South Sudan from separating from Sudan

    Now, the same China is repeating the same foolish mistake by donating military hardware to the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC.


    • Point of correction. The USA were the ones who fought to separate S Sudan from Sudan to steal their oil. They used a small group of S Sudanese to start an uprising just as they did in Libya to take out Gaddafi. Look at the killings going on in S Sudan today. The various ethnic groups don’t have a common ancestry and culture which has resulted to hatred and killings. This is exactly what will happen if the SW and NW people are allowed to form a country. They will fight and kill each other like the South Sudanese as they have no common ancestry and culture apart of the white man’s language called English which a majority of the population can’t even properly express themselves in. A Santa free born like me will never ever accept somebody like Sisiku with tainted Biafra blood as my president.

  5. Fake news «  China has never provide aid to Soudan during the civil war chaiii ; you are a big fat liars.

    South Sudan is still depending of Sudan nyamfuka.

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