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La sœur d’Akere Muna ne s’est pas présentée pas au tribunal

Jeune Afrique | Akere Muna, candidat à la présidentielle, est engagé dans un bras de fer judiciaire avec sa sœur, Ama Tutu Muna. Au centre du litige : la succession de Salomon Tandeng Muna.

Alors qu’elle avait cité à comparaître son frère Akere Muna devant un tribunal correctionnel de Yaoundé pour « faux et usage de faux », Ama Tutu Muna ne s’est pas présentée à l’audience le 8 mai. L’avocate censée la représenter s’est elle aussi désistée et le tribunal a dû renvoyer l’affaire.


Parallèlement, un expert graphologue a été désigné pour authentifier la signature supposément falsifiée par Akere Muna sur le procès-verbal du conseil de famille de la succession de feu Salomon Tandeng Muna, qui fait de lui le mandataire de celle-ci – un document non contesté par les quatre autres héritiers survivants.

Candidat déclaré à la présidentielle prévue en octobre, Akere Muna nie toute falsification et dénonce un coup bas, d’autant que la plaignante s’était prévalue, pour obtenir un emprunt hypothécaire, du jugement d’hérédité qu’elle conteste aujourd’hui, jugement établi sur la base du procès-verbal.

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  1. Washing dirty linen in public may have short term benefits but in the long term……..
    Akere Has presidential ambitions; sister Ama is still young and in need of a stable job, a home with husband and children. It is in their best interest to avail themselves of whatever residual traditional authority is left at home, not the courts.

    • The father was one of the architects of divide and conquer, why would his children be saints? The apples cannot fall very far from the tree! Who doesn’t see the irony in all of this? A father builds a solid prison in his hometown as his legacy, but today it is his children who a threatened with prison term for forgery and usurpation. Controversy followed their father to his grave, the same fate awaits his offsprings!

      • @Firefighter
        what role did your own father play? Hope he did not spent his own precious time in Palm wine houses.

        • Vindictiveness is hardly the path to follow at these difficult times. Bad parents have begotten wonderful offspring. Monsters have been born to otherwise good parents. We must recognize human limitations when passing judgement on such matters.

        • derick,
          The drama is not coming from where my father used to drink palm wine! Imagine people with everything fighting over crumbs, they must be cursed! It stems from poor upbringing! I don’t vacillate between presenting Akere Muna as a serious presidential candidate and as someone who hasn’t aveiled himself of the insurmountable obstacles on his way!

  2. Long live Ambazonia, hallelujah

    Even though I’m not fan of the Munas and think Akere candidacy for president is another stupid move be manipulated by the French , promise the presidency in East Cameroon which will never happen under the gang star regime of Mr biya ,cause they’ll scare will bring his money to support Ambazonia independence,the gang star regime of Mr biya want to create a false motives to go after Akere by using dis useless halot daughter of pa Muna , Akere is 10 times wealthy than his late father from his work as a renowned international lawyer &others international institutions , secondly not the head of the Munas clan meaning has no control of the management Muna foundation, why’s the gang star regime of Mr biya using dis useless halot to tarnish his successful brother for political purposes ,like any

  3. Long live Ambazonia, hallelujah

    Serious Cameroon has ambitious to that office from Titus Edzoa, Atangana Mebara and others has been locked up in kondengui on false charge in the kangaroo justice system, too Akere stop wasting your time on election that even the European union stated will not be sending observer to monitor the outcome cause is a farce, if u want restore your family dynasty come back home to Amba land while the still time , it’s a matter of when Amba land will be liberated from dis evildoers GoD willing , going to very difficult for us majority Anglo to forgive dis useless stupidity from people like yourself

  4. Anyone who considers voting for any person called Muna should go and read some history about Solomon T. Muna. Their dad betrayed West Cameroons and, even up to his last days, all he thought about was making money and securing his family. What about the others who were betrayed in the process?

  5. Akere Muna is being manipulated by Biya to divide and rule. His father also placed the divide-and-conquer role for Ahidjo. The other bother tried to break up SDF Party at its peak.

    If you look at the whole family, you will get a trend in how they behave and manipulate others for the selfish gains.