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L’ancien Ministre Jean Pierre Biyiti bi Essam nommé Ambassadeur du Cameroun en Israël

237online | C’est la substance d’un décret du président de la République signé ce 31 mai 2018. Il a été nommé par décret du Chef de l’État du Cameroun, Paul Biya, signé jeudi 31 mai 2018.

Un nouveau départ professionnel pour cet originaire du Sud du pays.

Le président Paul Biya a procédé ce jour à la nomination d’un nouvel ambassadeur du Cameroun auprès de l’Etat d’Israël. Il s’agit de Jean Pierre Biyiti Bi Essam, ancien ministre des Postes et Télécommunications. Le décret relatif à cette nomination a été lu ce jour sur les antennes du poste national de la Crtv.

Biyiti Bi Essam rejoint un poste qui avait longtemps été vacant. Car depuis le 22 novembre 2017, la fonction de chef de mission diplomatique dans cette ambassade avait été vacante, après le rappel d’Ernest Claude Nfonguen Ewonkem, chargé d’affaire, pour son admission à la retraite.

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  1. Recycling only persons from the same tribe in positions of responsibility is a recipe for instability in the country

    • You know that with the right-sounding set of names, being appointed is a, b, c for a governance whose hallmark is decree signing!

      • So in your empty coconut head Fonguen ewonkem is from the same ethnicity as Biyitti Essam , senile man

    • What’s wrong with being from the same tribe is the job is well done.
      Not to say I am for a he appointment, but please have an open mind.
      Innocent until proven guilty.
      I am sure you are “speaking” out of rumours instead of solid proofs

      • It causes unequal opportunity, breeds nepotism, pile up injustices and condones tribalism. Why are you this stupid and empty headed? Isn’t this enough train to let those you hate so much go away and govern themselves by themselves? Hard dealing with chimps.

        • I just nailed you narrow mindset.
          There is nothing having people from the same tribe at the helm if they are qualified for the job and are doing a good job for the whole country.
          The problem with your type is your are complaining about the actual regime and will do the same.
          Sad indeed

        • This fellow Mbappe is really a hard ear who sees nothing wrong in a man that went as far as stealing money stashed to bribe the pope. Mbappe, Biyiti Bi did not take the money from his savings. He stole it including lots of other Treasury funds earmarked for developmental projects. In a civilized society, decreed appointments should be screened by the lower and upper houses so that criminal frauds as such could be examined under the spotlight and character flaw exposed. This is why big organisations conduct credit check to eliminate criminals from benefiting from credit sale grandeur or stopped from holding responsible posts. As such, get it into your thick head that your uncle Biyiti Bi Essam is a thief belonging to prison and therefore lacks the nous of holding a public office. Dullard.

  2. This is no News for a Country with political instabiltity and very high unemployment rate for University graduates, seing old supposed retired Folks still in power, what heart do they have for the future Generation?, do These People even care about the future Generation? This is pure greed in this Country. What a shame!!!!!!

  3. Idi Amin was a better Leader. Biya, you have disgraced LRC. To appoint people like this thief to a position of this importance shows that LRC is in deep shit and really shithole place. Imagine the West Cameroon that we know off, such a person would never ever get such a position. He even stole funds scheduled for the preparation of the Pope’s visit to Cameroon some years ago and today appointed Ambassador!

  4. Dis man with big nose like kanas for ngombe no get for dey prison? Na Essimi Menye number two dat wey baby Hitler Pinguiss ku ask all man for leave yi alone. Na man dis wey Pope cam yi carry money for rice bag go dumpam for yi account. Na kindenguiable financial thug dat wey Pinguiss dem don move yi to safety .

  5. LRC is considered a failed state since it becomes incapable of providing basic law and order and its basic structure of legislature, executive and judiciary cease to operate effectively..
    we see that in Cameroon today, the state can no longer perform basic functions such as education, security, or governance. This is due to Tribalism, segregation, marginalizatuin and corruption. because the economy is in the hands of very few irresponsible Thugs led my an old half death despot, the country is in fractious violence and extreme poverty. Within this power vacuum, people fall victim to competing factions and crime.

    I thought many smart cameroonians will wake up and join the liberation fight from the NWP and SWP..Today lazy folks just call them terrorist and allow slavery to continue.