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Le Cameroun ne confirme pas l’arrestation de Tambe

BBC | “Je ne fais pas de commentaire sur les déclarations des sécessionnistes, encore moins sur ce qui se dit sur les réseaux sociaux. Je n’ai aucune réponse à vous donner”, a dit Issa Tchiroma Bakary.

“Dès lors que je serai en possession d’une information digne d’intérêt (…) nous en parlerons”, a-t-il ajouté, refusant de “faire un commentaire sur les déclarations des sécessionnistes”.

Ces derniers ont mis en place un “Council Government” présenté comme l’organe exécutif de ce qu’ils appellent “l’Etat d’Ambazonie”, dont Ayuk Tambe est le chef autoproclamé.

Un communiqué de cette instance affirme que M. Tambe et huit de ses proches ont été arrêtés à Abuja.

L”Ambazonie” est présentée par Ayuk Tambe et ses collaborateurs comme une République dont ils n’ont pas publiquement défini les limites, explique le correspondant de BBC Afrique à Yaoundé.

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  1. Hihihi Tchiroma, le mouton préféré de Biya!
    Tu ne peux pas bêler sans l’autorisation de ton maitre.

  2. Sad to note that nothing, will happen to the detained Ambazonian leaders.
    It is a stepping stone, for greater things to come, Mr. Tchiroma. Shine your eyes.

    • Give the man credit for his restraint. The government’s image is not something to toy with by adventurism and false news relays.

      • @ JD, your man is only expressing his happyness in a cunning to please folks
        like you.
        No eve`s play with a snake.

  3. Conduct a referendum in Southern Cameroons to affirm or reject the UN-imposed wedlock in 1961 when 60% voted to join Cameroun. Has the marriage worked out? The people of Quebec have voted many times!

    • That’s right, 1961. It’s all about 1961. Was there a nation called Kamerun prior to 1961?

  4. Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Uhuru Kenyatta, Joseph Kabila, Teodoro Nguema Mbazogo, Idriss Deby Itno, Paul Biya. What would this group have in common? Long stay in power and how to go about it without raising eye brows.
    Why do people want to over-stretch the presidential mandate? Is it the love of the job? Is it the attraction of fringe benefits? is it to please the people who have no confidence in any other citizen’s leadership? Is it the fear of vulnerability during the twilight years when there are no more bodyguards to provide protection against avengers of those whose blood was spilled over the years?

    Citizens need to be careful with fires lit for a discreet purpose which may burn out of control and immolate everything. This Anglophone crisis…..the 2018 presidential election,…..

  5. The White man cannot determine our future. They tried to separate us for their national interest but God brought us back together. LONG LIVE CAMEROON..

  6. Owona nguini

    La republic is foolishly preparing for Frank Biya as their president when Biya is dead