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Le gouvernement camerounais vend son Plan directeur d’industrialisation aux opérateurs économiques

Investir au Cameroun | Le ministre camerounais de l’Industrie, Ernest Gbwaboubou (photo), est allé le 23 février 2018, à la rencontre des opérateurs économiques, à l’effet de leur présenter et de les intéresser au Plan national d’industrialisation (PDI), adopté par le gouvernement camerounais en 2017.

Ernest Gbwaboubou
Cette rencontre a eu lieu dans le cadre d’un atelier sur «l’appropriation du plan directeur d’industrialisation par le secteur privé», organisé à Douala, la capitale économique du pays.

Pour rappel, le PDI repose sur le développement de trois secteurs prioritaires. Il s’agit de l’agro-industrie, de l’énergie et du numérique, autant de secteurs qui, au regard de l’impact que leur développement peut avoir sur le reste de l’économie, ont été qualifiés de véritables «sanctuaires» industriels pour le Cameroun.

Selon les autorités publiques, l’implémentation du PDI devrait permettre d’augmenter de 11 points la contribution du secteur industriel au PIB du Cameroun, la portant de 13% actuellement à 24% au moins, à l’horizon 2035.

Mais, de manière globale, le PDI, ambitionne le gouvernement camerounais, a pour objectif principal de faire de la locomotive économique de la Cemac, «l’usine de la nouvelle Afrique industrielle», à l’horizon 2050.

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  1. Cameroon’s leaders, especially those in Douala, need help in TOWN PLANNING. Scandalous floods that impede easy flow of traffic in February, lack of clean drinking water on the eve of AFCON competition, all point to a city in need of basics. What is true of Douala is equally true of Yaounde, Bamenda, Buea, Victoria, Bafoussam, Garoua and other population centers that can support industrialization. Town Planning!

  2. Épée Dipanda

    Big Johnny don’t mind them them.
    Only a mad man will bring money to invest in a lawless country which doesn’t respect its own constitution (1996) , treaties (plebiscite arrangements and outcomes/federalism) and international law (attempting to extradite persons under the protection of international treaties back to a country in which they face torture).
    Who in their correct mind would put money in such a country?
    I foresee economic collapse for that country if change doesn’t happen soon.

    • Pal, it saddens me that people tend to use politics as an end in itself instead of a means to that end. But the most distressing aspect of Cameroon is that intellectuals from Bachelor’s to doctorate degrees allow themselves to be used like toilet paper and then tossed away. While others use their setbacks as stepping stones to better things, Cameroonians inexplicably remain fixated on the spot. How can a nation use its intellectuals in such a manner? Yesterday it was James Onobiono, Inoni Ephraim, Bepanda Mouelle and others; today it is Agbor Nkongho, Ayah Paul, Paul Nkwi, Issa Tchiroma, .

      John Fru Ndi, like his SDF, rose and fell like a meteorite. He ought sit down and take stock of what went wrong instead of writing a lengthy epistle to President Paul Biya at a time he is down to zero

      • Is Fru Ndi now the Scapegoat?

        I am stunned to see how folks can metamorphose overnight without any transition nor shame, Fru Ndi has always made it clear from day one that he’s no friend to extremists. Why the Fru Ndi-phobia only today?

        Spare Fru Ndi /SDF the trouble, in your pants I’ll rather go after my leadership. Exactly there lies the problem to your anguish. Alas! That leadership puts all its ruse in play just to make sure it diverts the blame elsewhere.

        Isn’t it said that when one frog falls into a pit, all other frogs flocking would do same? This is exactly what I am seeing in ur mov’t. None is able to stretch his oblong (FF only) head out of the box and think squarely.

        It is easier to point a finger than to drag one’s leg into the toilet and face the mirror, n’est pas?…

        • —frog/toad-ruse into—

        • Épée Dipanda

          I would love to understand what you really mean.
          The struggle has always been to restrict francophonisation to la Republique. If it is done by 2, 10 or five federal states so be it.
          In Ambazonia we will be managed as a federation. Fru Ndi agrees that we can no longer be managed from Yaoundé, how is that different from the position of the majority of Anglophones?

    • Cameroon is not working. Cameroon will self-implode economically if the country does not redefine itself and embark on a new strategy for development. The current leadership, including all the ministers, must retire and hand over to a new breed of technical and competent people.

      Why am I saying so? People should refer to an IMF assessment and report on Cameroon in late 2017. If you read through the technical jargon, Cameroon burrowed money not for investment but to pay workers. Yes, borrowed money to pay for running its administration. Also, the depth for Cameroon is now just over 40% of its GDP. Yes, more than 40%. Now, if a country starts borrowing money to pay for administration, then what has it got to pay even the interest on its debt?

      Cameroon is a walking disaster!

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