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Le gouvernement crée un Programme d’aide au retour des jeunes camerounais de la diaspora

Le ministre de la Jeunesse et de l’éducation civique (Minjec), Mounouna Foutsou, a signé le 14 février 2017 une décision portant création, organisation et fonctionnement du Programme d’aide au retour et à l’insertion des jeunes de la diaspora (Pari-Jedi), placé sous l’autorité de son administration.

Le Minjec explique que le Pari-Jedi est un mécanisme de mobilisation des jeunes camerounais à l’étranger en vue de leur retour et leur insertion économique. C’est aussi à travers cet instrument que cette diaspora peut participer à l’œuvre de la construction nationale. Ceci par le biais d’une gestion concertée du phénomène migratoire et de ses conséquences en milieu jeune. De façon ciblée, ledit programme s’intéresse davantage aux Camerounais à l’étranger porteurs de projets professionnels ou entrepreneuriaux désirant s’installer au pays.

Pour gérer le Pari-Jedi, un comité de pilotage a aussi été créé. De même qu’un département de la prévention des migrations irrégulières. Son rôle, entre autres, est d’élaborer et mettre en œuvre des stratégies visant la fixation sur le territoire national de certaines catégorie de jeunes identifiées comme sensibles, exposées ou affectées par les phénomènes migratoires.

Par cette décision, le gouvernement pourrait tirer les dividendes du dynamisme d’une diaspora camerounaise qui pèse 1,2 milliard de dollars US (près de 585 milliards de FCFA) pour la seule année 2015, selon la société britannique WorldRemit, leader mondial du transfert d’argent digital.

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  1. Nonsense story…

    • unitypalace Sweden

      Dem don first give jobs and better social care to the youths presently in cameroon??????)
      Now then want make diadpora dem go back
      WTF are these old stupid PIGS are thinking????
      They should solve the SC problem at hand first RUBISH
      They want catch them put for kondengui ????
      Make dem come europe come catch all kameroonians take go back

    • The increase in LRP. MARGINALISATION OF SC. is appalling. that is the reason I have been in compendious Laconic lacuna, not a recapitulation, but let me tell you this, that it is lecal and pongratidinious that in a negotler in an inbizle flagitious and enavating lematters where excogitatedly ruminated.
      We all saw it how the receividistical political’s moved from civilians disappearance to leaders unlawful arrest. doctoration now we are faced with a debilitating exasperating a rebarbative and a hormonegious internet cut from whole of SC has emanated with a financial lubutumization but I pray that this will not ignite a clamorous demonstration futher on.come to think of it how dear they diply the citizens of there oftriferous and vociferous modusvivendy. Enough of these vilification and solipsism this is execrably prognathous, pestilential and atanoating.
      Imagine the imbibitous of the political rodomodate which has kept us in an abject cululuation WHY?
      Now LRP is in a political sumnapolism and manuclution, SC in a financial economic banktigism, look at the way the game politics I’d becoming a progable.
      What a political holly bully, what a political hoity toity, what a political fuddy duddy, what a political Hocus-Pocus it has come with, what a political jabber worky, what a political popicau, what a political gobble the cock.
      With these consantanation, Southern CAmeroonians ask that “U” accept thier ;
      pentinatous sacrum locution,pentinatous sacrum manbagous grandiloquence and thier magniloquence, bcus they will not coto in LRP poho, and they have unitedly refused to coto in LRP poho..

  2. The President promised to give computers to University students and till now not a single computer has been given.Diasporans don’t be fooled .They want to arrest diaspora and if you are deceived by this promise you will be a victim. Our government is controlled by devils who need blood to survive.A government full of lies and unfulfilled promises.Be warned.

  3. Good initiative.
    With the right incentives in place this can be a “winner” for Kamerun.
    A country seeing big can benefit from the expats. A lot of talented Kamerunians outside that can bring positive experiences that could benefit the country.
    This needs to be explored

    • The money your tribesmen have stolen from our treasury has forced you to become a refugee with filthy transactional motives. Now the CPDM crime syndicate is luring diasporans to their Kondengui trap and you open your fangs to appreciate it. The question you should be asking is if brains like Collins Nji could rise within the internet blackout, what difference will make to lure back established diasporans and silence them with decrees? Until you forest monkeys understand good governance comes with accountability, LRC will be heading to hell in a handbag. Still waiting for those laptops that will be working with no internet connection though.

      • Stop sniffing my behind.
        It is a good initiative not for folks like you.
        You are not needed as that is not your country.
        You should worry more about what’s happening in Biafra.

        • With over 80% of ministers, directors, generals and general managers from the Centre, South, East axis, yet it still look like slump or a giant scrap yard, we cannot wonder why primitive mind sets like yours will
          remain perpetual praise singers. Ateba Eyene was so correct. I will pounding that your pea size brain until it expands. Idiot!

  4. The regime is in real panic mood. This shows the pressure is working.

  5. Some of the decisions taken at home such as the Internet blackout cannot excite/attract talents that depend on such a tool to accomplish developmental initiatives! This is where blind praise singing hurts more than whole-hearted constructive critique.

  6. You have just arrested over 500 youth men and women who were just voicing out their opinion and now you are creating program to attract people. You want the diaspora to come so that you can accuse them of terrorism and arrest them. This is just a setup.

  7. So they can kill all of them, right?

  8. These cpdm crime syndicates have completely ran out of idea and are making a mockery of a very serious problem by acting like incorrigible dogs that are chasing their own tails.
    So what is wrong with the youths back home with university degrees that are now force to survive by selling puff-puff, work as Benskin, phone booth operators or worst still sell themselves? So they are not good enough for jobs to be created that will absorb them?
    Finally, they are telling the world that parents in Southern Cameroon are acting rationally by keeping their children at home, away from a failed educational system that educate young people to only think on having a government job where they become looters with the goal to take their loots to the french leeches and the swiss chameleons.

  9. Hihihihihi you can’t even provide for the thousands of graduates roaming the streets now you want to act like you even care. Bunch of old greedy men

  10. Épée Dipanda

    It is why our destination must be de-linked from their fast!
    Ambazonia! Forever!

    • @Dipanda,
      No Ambazonia oil money in our name. Quit Ambas bay. Focus on Kribi and explore for oil, gas and gold in the grand South and North.

  11. Program should target stranded youth in Arab countries. Bring them home and hold the parents to pay. Don’t worry about France – les sans VISAs get bundled to the back of the plane anyway to disturb every other traveler.

  12. Even if it was a genuine programme, we know the outcome. Francophones will be the ones to be given the priority. This government has failled and they have to accept it. Our confidence can only be won again if the state form is changed from its current “status quo” to either a FEDERATION or COMPLETE DECENTRALIZATION.

    • Insanity is also defined as doing the same thing over and over and then expecting a different result(Albert Einstein). Returning to a Federation has a “deja vu” ring to it, yet its proponents prescribe it with such relish, hardly giving a second thought to HOW and WHY it was jettisoned in the first place.

      And we are supposed to have an analytic mind in problem solving!

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