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Le parti d’Ayah Paul Abine réclame 100 milliards de francs de dommages à l’Etat

Le Popular Action party a aussi proposé des solutions à la crise qui sévit dans les régions anglophones du Cameroun.

Le Popular Action Parti (Pap) a publié un communiqué le 30 août dernier relatif à la libération de son président, le magistrat à la retraite, Ayah Paul Abine. D’après ce communiqué, le Pap a déposé une plainte auprès de la Commission africaine des droits de l’Homme et des libertés contre l’Etat du Cameroun, à cause de « la détention arbitraire et abusive » de son président Ayah Paul Abine. A cet effet, le Pap réclame la somme de 100 milliards de francs CFA au titre dommages et intérêts, suite à cette injustice.

Par, ailleurs, le Pap a également prescrit des solutions qui « touchent les véritables causes de la crise dans les régions anglophones », susceptibles d’y rétablir l’ordre, si elles étaient appliquées. Le parti propose, à cet effet, de libérer toutes les personnes encore emprisonnées dans le cadre de ladite crise, et de verser des dédommagements à toutes les familles ayant perdu des membres dans cette crise, ainsi qu’à quiconque aurait subi un abus sur sa personne à cause de cette crise.

Le communiqué du Pap ajoute que tous les exilés politiques doivent être autorisés à rentrer au Cameroun, que les zones anglophones soient démilitarisées et, enfin, qu’un dialogue franc soit enclenché entre les leaders anglophones, les autorités de la République, en présence d’une troisième partie tel que recommandé par l’Onu.

En rappel, le Popular Action party, qui portait le nom de People’s Action Party avant juin 2016, a été créé par Paul Ayah Abine, après sa démission du Rdpc. Le siège de ce parti est installé dans la ville de Bomaka dans le Sud-Ouest. En 2011, le Pap a présenté son président comme candidat à l’élection présidentielle. Ce dernier en était sorti 5e après avoir recueilli 61.158 voix, soit un pourcentage 1,264%.

Journal du Cameroun

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  1. that amount is small, he should ask more

  2. Collective legal action would carry more weight than isolated individual efforts. A period of reflection and calculation would include more essential ingredients than a hurried affair that may oversight important matters.

    Should a thorough medical examination not be part of the claim? How could this have been done at such short notice?

    • Collective action will be better if and only if the victims could unite under a common agenda and speak as one; which on the surface seems relatively easy to achieve but for reasons unbeknownst, achieving such unity has evaded our people since time immemorial. I can already imagine a situation where parties to the action group start dropping out of the case as soon as Atanga Nji hands them a Manila envelope with CFA 100,000 while undermining the legal process. Go for it alone Abine, an any man for himself.

      • What do you know about collective action? Are you shrewder than Magistrate Ayah?
        Why would a courageous and clean man like him allow his party to launch such a compensation claim on his behalf, meanwhile it is quite clear to him that he was not the only one in prison? Think and think, and re-think.

        Keep on buying that crap that all those that were arrested are clean and innocent—our secret service may be full of drunkards, but no underestimation.

        The more time I spend here the closer I become to children tho…

      • Huh? Is what you mentioned above supposed to invalidate my point or are you really just living up to your Zam Zam moniker? I’m lost ohh… Are you a mad person?

        • He is indeed a Zam Zam lol, i couldnt decipher which way he is headed too.

        • @Nikov, what is your prob?

          Are you the one calling for collective action?

          Ayah knows the moves to take, collectively or individually, better than all of us combined in this forum…

  3. Non of us are in a position to advice a Senior JUDGE like A Paul, I believe he know the positive and the negative of what we call class (collective) action suit, WE don’t know when he started it and what are his motives but it does stop the other from teaming up with him, the most important thing is that not only LRC as a nation will pay but Biya and his minister shall pay personally,

    • @ LOVE

      In this world, there is room for learning and teaching; it is better for the world if the former precedes the latter. My earlier comment to you has been inexplicably withheld by our famous web Administrator for unending moderation, whatever that is.

      A physician does not treat him/herself or family. That duty falls to a colleague of the profession. Similarly, lawyers like Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho Balla know that their defence should be handled by another lawyer. This principle of ethics holds true for many other professions.

      So, it is not because retired Justice Ayah Paul Abine knows the law, that he must handle his own case!

  4. I was expecting this, cause a good case afterall.
    Overseas medical exam, an added advantage.

  5. This is the party’s claim relating to its president, not Ayah’s personal claim on himself. So in effect, there’ll be two claims.

    • Not just two. Why should Ayah`s wife and family, hide their voices and faces?

  6. To somehow struggle to push down people’s throats that Ayah Paul has a monopoly of ideas when it comes to determining whether to sue the gov’t or not is nothing but groping in darkness. Prior to his arrest, no one ever heard anything pertaining to illegal activities carried out by him and his party? Stay Paul was not arrested because of political problems brought about by a dispute between his party platform and the ruling cpdm regime. Ayah Paul is an opinionated opinion and one of the leaders of the anglophone cause. It will not be of good taste to start bringing in his party’s frivolous financial considerations to muddy the reputation he his built as a maverick of the anglophone cause. Distinction must be made between national politics and the noble anglophone cause! Parties a no good!

  7. …Ayah Paul was not arrested…, Ayah Paul is an opinion leader..,muddy the reputation he has built..,

  8. Why did Biya khimin the first place? They kidnapped himand released him when they saw that they could not suceed in normalising things in NW/SW

  9. Hopefully ambashitnia will have enough money to compensate you, but as barren as the the north west is, i sincerely doubt they will be able to do so . They will be broke