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Le président camerounais Biya ordonne de “rétablir” Internet dans les régions anglophones

Le gouvernement camerounais a annoncé jeudi le rétablissement d’Internet dans la région anglophone du pays, après plus de trois mois de coupure du réseau.

Le président camerounais Paul Biya a ordonné jeudi 20 avril le rétablissement d’Internet dans les deux régions anglophones du pays qui ont connu une situation inédite en Afrique avec une coupure du réseau depuis plus de trois mois. “Instruction a été donnée [par le président Paul Biya] aux opérateurs de la téléphonie de rétablir Internet dans les régions du nord-ouest et du sud-ouest avec effet immédiat”, a déclaré à l’AFP le porte-parole du gouvernement Issa Tchiroma Bakary.

Internet a été rétabli vers 18 h (17 h GMT), a indiqué à l’AFP Gakwi Derick Jato, journaliste camerounais résident de la ville de Buéa, en zone anglophone.

“Les conditions ayant présidé à la suspension provisoire d’Internet dans cette partie du territoire national ont fortement évolué”, indique un communiqué gouvernemental. “Le niveau de la violence a baissé, les journées ‘ville morte’ n’ont plus lieu d’être, les étudiants sont en classe et la vie retrouve son cours normal”, a détaillé à l’AFP le porte-parole du gouvernement, interrogé sur les raisons du retour soudain du réseau.

Fin mars, la ministre des Télécommunications avait, pour la première fois, reconnu à demi-mot que les autorités étaient à l’origine de la coupure, la plus longue jamais enregistrée en Afrique. “Le gouvernement de la République se réserve le droit de prendre (…) les mesures appropriées pour éviter qu’Internet ne soit utilisé à nouveau pour susciter la haine et la discorde entre Camerounais, ou pour créer des troubles à l’ordre public”, ajoute le communiqué.

“Mieux vaut tard que jamais mais quel gâchis et des questions restent en suspens. Le communiqué du porte-parole du gouvernement n’est pas rassurant”, a indiqué Julie Owono, responsable Afrique de l’ONG française Internet sans frontières, jointe par l’AFP à Paris.

Lancée en novembre par des professeurs et des juristes, la contestation anglophone revendique le retour au fédéralisme en faveur des deux régions ou, pour une minorité, le séparatisme, avec la création d’un nouvel État.

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  1. “Le niveau de la violence a baissé, les journées ‘ville morte’ n’ont plus lieu d’être, les étudiants sont en classe et la vie retrouve son cours normal”, a détaillé à l’AFP le porte-parole du gouvernement, interrogé sur les raisons du retour soudain du réseau.

    If the students are in class, why on earth is a lawyer suing Catholic bishops of Bamenda and Kumbo for closing their schools? Did the government spokesperson visit the schools to confirm so?

  2. Tif man Biya
    Your mammy pima

    • seconded

    • “””Le président camerounais Biya ordonne de “rétablir” Internet “””


      like this disgrace piece of crap create and connect the internet line.

      un sale porc ce type. pourquoi ne suspend t-il pas aussi le soleil, la pluie, et l’air ?

  3. Nobody is checking so any lies are possible. Since the instruction to restore was given by Biya I am convinced that Biya can be held personally liable for all attendant losses. After all L’etat c’est moi Et Internet Aussi.

  4. ‘Le niveau de la violence a baissé, les journées ‘ville morte’ n’ont plus lieu d’être, les étudiants sont en classe et la vie retrouve son cours normal”, a détaillé à l’AFP le porte-parole du gouvernement, interrogé sur les raisons du retour soudain du réseau.’
    Show s how out of touch the regime is or pretends to be with the reality
    Are Schools going on in the North west and South West? Internet is back very soon there would be videos of ghost campuses online and what will the minister say? Maybe ask Mr, president to shut back the internet because ??? Mmmmmm my job is a bit difficult now.

    • Usually a lie goes half way round the world while the truth is still tying its shoes. The truth is incontrovertible. It may be derided by ignorance. It may be spurned by arrogance. But in the end it stands tall and strong – the truth.

      The inconvenient truth can be burdensome – faced with an avalanche of circulating videos depicting the mayhem of armed troops on civilians(rape, murder,torture) government shut down the Internet, thereby condoning the mayhem of its armed men on hapless civilians.

      Some day mortal man will rise to face the truth, even on his dying minutes. Just watch.

  5. He has start to solve the problem with his presidential degree.Mr.president ,please go gradually and within days.After the restoration of internet, release of all detainees arrested during our present struggle in Southern Cameroon, and next call for dialogue, and in the dialogue accept Two-States Federation or else, we DIVIDED which will affect you the francophones miserably.Southern Cameroon will never suffer, we have the potentials to recover rapidly.So, for the security of La Republique,it will be preferable for them to accept Two-States Federation and use it to regain back their lost LOVE

  6. Wisdom is strength in every sector, and the English culture is more decent.Why not submit to the English culture?. Stinky people with dirty mentality and ways of doing things.Population is not strength.

    • Slave4Christ Canada

      The language one speaks does not dictate his character.

      • Mbappe-USA-Pinguiss Killer Reserved

        Track record does and by all means, Mvomeka foxes have been guarding the henhouse for 35 years reason this rotten administration is always at the door of IMF and foreign governments to borrow and steal. That my friend is a sick mindset.

  7. Now that 20th May is approaching, they decide to turn on the internet, hahaha. Southern Cameroonians will not take part in May 20th Celebrations. There is nothing to jubilate about. Internet access is a human right and we will not thank you for its restoration. Stupid politicians!

  8. Rain onto others Belgium

    Thiis is no news, the struggle continues

  9. The government of Cameroon is led by a group of shameless idiots. They think they can decide and think for their citizens when they have failed in all spheres of life to take their own responsibilities. Cutting internet for 100 days and being the only government in post Independent Africa is not an accolade that any right thinking government would love to be associated with.
    A government made up of a clique that wants to be in control for the rest of their lives. Old quarks who want to close all doors for the younger generation to contribute in any form towards nation building.

    • I tell you my bro Motabenama!
      Really a clique which wants to be in control for the rest of theri lives. Not an iota of patriotism, foresight or anything of that nature! Only greed!!

      • @Saco
        I have never seen a group of men stagnated because of their age refusing to give our generation a chance to implement strategies of modern day development so that our society can evolve. What good can come from men born in the 1930’s? We cannot continue to fold our arms and see the future of generations to come destroyed by men close to their graves. These men are wicked. Look at America,the most powerful nation in the world where Obama was President at the age of 47 now retired at 55. Bill Clinton was even a year younger. Why are these old fools so mad about power?

  10. It would be sad…very sad to imagine that this gesture is calculated and targeted primarily at May 20 celebrations.

    • Mr.John Dinga,i don’t think so.You should note 11 February was affected by internet blackout, which may convince me that, this restoration is not a target for 20th May celebration.This restoration is due to the counsel and pressure from the UN.Very soon you will hear release of detainees arrested during our struggle in Southern Cameroon.

      • I wish you are right. I pray you be right. Nothing will give more peaceful sleep than to see wrongly arrested persons returned to their families.
        The truth, said Winston Churchill, is incontrovertible; it may be disdained by ignorance or scoffed at by arrogance, but in the end it stands tall.

  11. Please bring out the gruesome pics, that the blockage kept in the hiding for
    future use. They forgot that cameras can keep pics for as long as.

    Fools who leap before looking and claim to be leaders.

  12. the UN and international pressure forced this old, fake, shameful dictator to install the internet, a colonial master puppet who cannot operate technology knows nothing about shutdown and bring back internet, he has exposed his genocide regime to the world on social media,more pressure photos will be exposed, the struggle intensifies.

  13. Biya is a thug. He originates from a thieving and murderous fang beti bulu clan. Bunch of occultics and blood suckers from hell. Killers and vampires.!!!!

  14. They have the military,the media,and all the resources u can think of.They are also present on the ground.But we will beat them becos God is on our side becos our only weapon is the truth.And the truth will always prevail.
    Long live Ambazonia…..

    • @KONGOSA
      Truly speaking, we are God fearing people, biologically and in culture.Just imagine the type of education the British gave us, most of their schools were mission schools.We are not children from broken homes, nor from the homes of the heathens.God will always be on our side, for God never bring those who fear him to shame.


  15. And how will they account for those six feet in mass graves around y`de?

    Again, those who have lost loved ones, should go and register with the DO etc.
    so that when the time comes, accountability will be no problem to ascertain.
    Time for fear and cowardice, is not now.

    I know for certain, that some have started questioning, why biya did not
    go and address this people at the start of it, to have stopped it from getting
    to this point.

    But man, God`s ways are wonderful.

  16. Bientot les Camerounais seront librent dans ce pays,ce n’est pas seulement les Anglephones qui soufrent,Mais tous les Camerounais qui souffre.

  17. Now we are going to have all pictures of kidnaps and torture by BIR and killings of young Ambazonians around Soa. We have some names and faces already!