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Le président de la Conférence épiscopale invite Biya à penser à «une transition pacifique»

APAnews | Le président de la Conférence épiscopale du Cameroun (CENC), Samuel Kléda, a appelé mercredi le président de la République à «se retirer» du pouvoir, plutôt «que de prêter une oreille attentive à ceux qui lui demandent de se représenter».

Samuel Kleda

Dans une interview accordée au quotidien à capitaux privés La Nouvelle Expression, et concernant la vague de motions de soutien des élites du Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais (RDPC, au pouvoir), invitant le chef de l’État sortant à briguer un nouveau mandat en 2018, l’évêque de la métropole économique, Douala, invite plutôt celui qui est aux affaires depuis début novembre 1982 «à une transition pacifique en passant le pouvoir à une autre personne soit au sein de son parti (…), soit au sein d’un parti d’opposition».

«Je suis convaincu que s’il y a des élections libres et démocratiques au Cameroun, la vérité sera surprenante», déclare-t-il, souhaitant par ailleurs qu’il soit mis en place un conseil de sages composé de personnes qui aiment le Cameroun, pour pouvoir trouver des solutions à tous ces problèmes qui se posent aujourd’hui.

A une question sur la crise anglophone, qui paralyse et ensanglante les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest depuis plus d’un an sur fond de revendications sécessionnistes, Samuel Kléda déplore la mort des civils, des militaires, policiers et gendarmes, qui «montre que la crise est loin d’être résolue, qu’elle s’enlise au fur et à mesure que les jours passent».

Pour lui, quand les gens s’organisent désormais en guérilla pour agir, il s’agit d’une situation à laquelle personne ne doit rester indifférent : «Chaque Camerounais doit vraiment s’inquiéter face à la dégradation de la situation. A mon avis, il est temps de faire faire quelque chose, il est temps de convoquer une assise nationale à laquelle prendront part toutes les forces vives de la nation, afin de trouver une solution à ce problème. On ne peut plus continuer dans cette radicalisation que l’on observe de part et d’autre.»

Le prélat déclare ainsi avoir observé que les populations, particulièrement dans les zones visées, sont très réceptives aux discours des sécessionnistes, toute chose qui semble traduire le fait que, selon elles, «ce sont les sécessionnistes qui apporteront des solutions aux problèmes socioéconomiques qui sont les leurs».

Invité à se prononcer sur la forme de l’Etat, au regard des menaces séparatistes, le président de la CENC estime que «toutes les questions doivent être abordées», y compris celle relative à une réflexion profonde et inclusive sur la meilleure manière de gouverner et de gérer le pays.

«La forme de l’Etat est un processus dynamique, qui peut subir des modifications en fonction de l’évolution et de la gouvernance. La forme actuelle des Etats africains est un sujet de débat.»

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  1. Careful before you end up like Bishop Balla. The old senile chief gerontocrat see any reasonable advise of power transition as a threat to his God given right. Ask Marafa, Edzoa, Mebara et al. Anyway what ever you lot decide to do with the LRC pest Ambazonians are gone clean like a whistle.

  2. This man of God is right AND Biya should know that this message is from heaven.It is a Roman Catholic Bishop who advice Mugabe to step down and he listen to God voice.So bIYA MVONDO tAKE THIS SERIOUS.

  3. One of the nation’s characteristic cultural traits is dying a natural death – Motions of Support.

    • …still researching to discover the law/Constitution /decree which makes it a crime to discuss/debate the form of the state of the nation. Anyone knows?

  4. Patriotic Southern Cameroonians already consider Biya as history.
    This is so because:

    1. The ICC will take care of Biya and his crime syndicate.
    2. the independence of SC was restored on the 1st of October 2017
    3. Biya’s war against the peaceful people of SC will serve as a golden opportunity for the occupiers to be kicked out of SC once and for all

    • Thanks to Biya’s declaration of war, it is now abundantly clear to Southern Cameroonians that the only language that Biya understands is the ARGUMENT OF FORCE. Only by war can Southern Cameroonians therefore succeed to free themselves from the evil hands of LRC.

      Southern Cameroonians should therefore forget about any dialogue with LRC. Insult me or not, an INCLUSIVE and GENUINE dialogue will NEVER EVER take place under Biya’s watch.

      Patriotic Southern Cameroonians must now take their collective destiny into their hands and shake off FOREVER the fetters of French-sponsored annexionist-cum-assimilationist enslavement and trammels

      Biya’s declaration of war against Southern Cameroonians is therefore a blessing in disguise. The war will resolve the Anglophone Question once and for all.

      • “ADF Forces attack and sink BIR boat off the Eyumojock Agborkem German River; kills ‘uncountable’. In some related news, ADF forces claim to have seized a BIR Hilux”

        Issa Tchiroma will NEVER report such a humiliating defeat of LRC.

        I repeat, Biya made a fatal mistake to attack Southern Cameroonians in SC. He will meet his Waterloo in SC


        • Believe me or not, la mitraillette ne saurait endiguer une mouvement.

  5. The french slaves in Etoudi are ready to compromise good governance in Cameroon,to satisfy their master. They are ready to kill Ambasonians to maintain the status quo.But I think the Ambasonian president have made his position clear on this issue that he would not negotiate with genocidaires…The Ambasonian poresident,HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe re-iterated recently over France 24 that the independence of Ambasonia is not negotiable..And that all options are on the table,including military,to chase the occupying force out of Ambasonia.

  6. Vaiocomputers

    This man of God should be asking but the french masters for a pacific transition.

  7. Korup Forest

    Religion and politics don’t go together and should always be separated. But he has a point.

  8. Slavery may have diferent forms and diamentions. Many African countries maybe suffering from metal slavery by their leaders. if not how can a continent that has University professors both at home and abroad live under one president for the average life span of its citizens.? Political scientist , sociologist they go to class and teach ?? .Teach a new form of government or democracy that leaders can stay in power till internity and keep on promissing the youths that they are the leaders of tomorrow till internity?
    If the inteligentia can ‘t find anything wrong with this, one may have to revist the kind of eduation these guys got and reflect on the lessons they teach in classrooms. EDUCATION FROM A DIFFERENT angle and PERSPECTIVE given by a new breed of teachers may FREE AFRICANS.

  9. kick these peoples out..however vous ne pouvez pas remplacer klk chose avec le vide….la rosecroix et les francs mason..et mm les eglises occidentale sont une copy de notre civilisation negroide egyptienne..ils ont copier mais pour nous deraciner ont cmcer a salir original…donc faut penser a moderniser nos societees secretes du viillage en encouragents les jeunes et lancer une vrai bataille contre ces societees secretes venu d’ailleur qui nous pourissent la vie…sans xa nous sommes perdu ttes les societees au monde ont leur societees secretes mais nous le blanc a dit que pour nous c la sorcellerie…menteurs!

  10. Cameroons problem is caused by cameroonians..
    Cameroonians are very greedy people..
    The combination of the people that made up the 10 provinces cant get along that well..
    We need basic education to underdstand what it means to work together for a common interest…
    We spend our whole time discussing and spreading hate..BAmis, Banso, Sawa, betis, Ewondos…
    if we cant define what it means to be a cameroon..Define a win win strategy for all cameroonians, use the strength of every people or group to grow our economy, nothing good will come out of that country..
    Our level of primitivity is very shameful..NWP against SWP is being supported in this forum to stair up tension..We are really sick…
    Biya will ruin the country if we dont wake up now….He is worse than MUGABE..

  11. If Biya can not speak for less than 2 minutes without reading from a speech then the signs are all there that he is tired and ripe for retirement.

  12. HouseKeeper!

    What every dictator fails to know is that the senility or infirmities of age will become apparent with time to the extent that governing becomes difficult & staying in power a fruitless burden, a load which is carried along gradually to the grave resulting from the craven thought of being prosecuted or persecuted in return for their evil ways.
    Biya will be gone soon and his French masters will scramble to put another caretaker dictator for their stolen estate. And the people will rise & stand up to colonial hegemony.
    Biya is being extinguished by the ruthlessness of time which has weathered him without reserve & subjected him to the pain of his foolish animosity towards his people whom he unfortunately has hated for so long & who celebrate any news of his passing. The clock is ticking!