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L’écrivain qui menace de tuer le président Biya est porté disparu

Koaci | Jeudi 7 Décembre 2017- Patrice Nganang écrivain camerounais installé aux Etats-Unis, en visite dans les régions du Nord-ouest et du Sud-ouest, est porté disparu depuis mercredi soir, apprend-on de ses proches ce jeudi.

Patrice Nganang
Ses contacts sur place confirment la disparition de l’écrivain camerounais qui a menacé de “tirer une balle” dans la tête du président Biya, s’il l’avait en face de lui.

D’après ses proches au Cameroun, Patrice Nganang est gardé dans un lieu secret. il serait injoignable.

Il aurait été aperçu la dernière fois à l’aéroport de Douala où il devait prendre son avion.

Sur internet, l’écrivain qui s’était rendu dans la zone anglophone, avait menacé de tirer une balle dans la tête du président Biya, s’il en avait l’occasion.

La publication avait été très critiquée par les internautes de tous les bords.

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  1. Your threaten to shoot the president of any Western country including the US, you will get arrested and jailed for a very long time… So I hope they got you and this should serve as a lesson to others. This would be a matter of law and if you fight for democracy as you pretend to, you should have basic respect for the law in order to be taken seriously.

    • All you do on this forum is celebrate retribution. Do you know the guy who broke into the whitehouse to kill Trump is a free man today? The woman that wrote Fcuk Trump on the back of her car is free. You escape a brutal system to enjoy the benefits of a free society in the USA yet celebrating your tribal repressive uncle holding 22M people under bondage. What a waste!

    • #I AM 4CHANGE

      @ Confucius and the law allows one to be assassinated on such grounds without any legal due diligence. He who goes to equity must go with clean hands.

    • Alain Patrice Nganang is not from Ambazonia. He was born in Yaounde, educated in Cameroun and Germany. Anglophones do not bear “Alain Patrice”.

      • Ambazombi does not exist.

        • @ MD

          so those bamenda who has been born in douala are what ?—————

      • Ras Tuge must be an alien not to recognize current affairs. Southern Cameroons renamed Ambazonia since the 80s by Fon Gorgi Dinka in his famous new social order. Tje rest is history. Its flag reprinted in a school reader now banned in LRC.

        • Kamerun was divided into two: La Republique du Cameroun, and Southern Cameroons. These are the two entities that took part at the Foumban Conference. Ambazombi simply disqualifies your delusional claim even further. Like I have state over and over again, you and your so-called leaders have absolutely no clue.

        • Oh, and by the way, you accuse ‘La Republique du Cameroon’ of abandoning the union… but Ambazombi was never part of the union! So, assuming that you are seeking some type of legal redress, if ever you imagined that your claim was legitimate, you will loose.

          You fellows are mixing up too many unrelated issues… and now you are talking about Nigerian ‘Ejagham’ (known as EKOI), Delta and Bakassi boys! Well, it may take some time but you all will be compelled to accept that your delusional secessionist fantasy is just what it is.

  2. Quite apart from the fact of the pen being mightier than the sword, we each have our individual “chutzpah” that allow us to defy the many challenges around. There are those who use brain and those who use brawn. Each receives a degree of ululation from the standing crowd.

    This writer was indeed daring to challenge the lion right inside its den. But then again, Cameroon wants to be counted among modern nations that play by the rules, which certainly does not allow for arbitrary arrests, indefinite detentions, extrajudicial killings, etc. Our men in uniform seem to delight in each of these, oblivious of the fact that some where down the road, there is a day of reckoning, if not for them, at least for their commanding officers.

  3. Threatening the life of a sitting president or anyone is inappropriate and on the extreme borders of free speech. However, he was not carrying a gun and probably was never in a position to carryout the action. Locking him up is unfair retribution given that he was about to leave Cameroon and go further away from the focus of his anger. He too had no business going to Yaounde. If the regime is a crocodile then stay away from the river banks.

    • What exactly are you struggling to defend?!!! ‘LOCKING HIM UP IS UNFAIR RETRIBUTION’!!! Really? What do you know?

      In Sweden, you don’t issue threats of any kind to anybody. Telling somebody ‘JAG SKA DÖDA DIG’ (I am going to kill you) will land you a direct jail term. That’s serious business, man!

      • Rat Stoogeee!
        I wish i could JAG SKA DODA DIG you mf criminal in the slums of Scania! Dealing with people like you one ends up listening to animal languages. What do you know about Sweden? Every day on social media, restaurants, universities, etc people say things that can be considered threats all day and they walk the streets! Sweden is one of the freest countries in the world. Here in the US, it is a daily affair on Donald Trump…no one has been arrested! So, I know you were born in the streets and that’s where accidents happen! Rasclaat boomba claat…let me bring some humor in my household tonight!

  4. Once again, simply because the name of Mr. Biya is mentioned in the article and/or it is about Cameroon, there is an immediate rush to judgment.

    There is just not enough information in this article to really say what is going on. If the authorities wanted to arrest him, why not arrest him when he first landed in the country? Why wait for him to spend time in Cameroon and only arrest him when he is leaving?

    If they did in fact arrest him, can it be because he did something during his stay? The article mentioned him visiting the NW and SW region. What did he do there, who did he meet, what did they do and/or discuss?

    Did he meet with any terrorist ambaZOMBIAN? Did he provide them with any level of support, material or otherwise?

  5. Professor Patrice Nganang is in trouble for his writings in JeuneAfrique and not because he threatened Mr. Biya with flying molten metal.

    Professor Patrice Nganang predicted that “L’anglais sera la langue officielle du Cameroun”. He further wrote that “Seul le changement au sommet de l’État peut régler le conflit anglophone au Cameroun. Ceux qui exécutent la violence militaire ne font même pas l’effort d’être bilingues, comme la population”.

    Such blunt writings by Professor Nganang are intolerable to the Franco-Cameroun power establishment. This establishment sees a credible Camerounian American threat from inside the house with objective views. The regime can easily KILL him. Hope his students at NY University start burning candles at the French Consulate to overcome this oppression.

    • I wonder when your kind is being called “merchandise” and sold as such in Libya and elsewhere, do they sell only the “franco” or the “anglos”.

      You see how stupid and outdated is your narrow vision of dividing Cameroonians along fictitious and imposed lines…

      To those who want to be French, pack your crap and move to France.
      To those who want to be British, don’t let the door hit you on your way, get the f*ck out of Cameroon!

      Cameroonians, stay put. It is our country, given to us by the almighty himself. He gave us the courage and ability to defend it. We fear no human and we will live as Cameroonians or we will not live at all.

    • ‘You chercha, you trouva’ – Lapiro.

      A billion candles can be lit for over a thousand years in America, and Nganang may still have to face justice in Cameroon. It reminds me of this ingenious Eritrean journalist, Dawit Isak who had obtained Swedish citizenship, and started lambasting the wretched Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki here in Sweden some 2 decades ago. Then all of a sudden, he thought he had become invincible as he got emboldened by his delusion and reckoning that the almighty and affluent Kingdom of Sweden would come to his rescue… So he made the hazardous trip to Eritrea with his powerful Swedish passport; and of course, he was immediately picked up and locked up. He has been imprisoned in Eritrea ever since then. Sweden has tried and tried… and finally given up on him.

  6. Watching Cameroon from the Diaspora is like watching a football match from the grandstand. A spectator has a much broader view than each player on the field of play and may shout applause, obscenity or even nudge some player to commit a foul play.Telling your player to kick an opponent risks being caught by the referee with consequences just like telling one’s military son to shoot and kill some innocent civilian may have unintended consequences ahead. One’s nation may be the greatest in one’s eyes but there are more powerful supranational forces capable of bringing the powerful nation and its leaders to their knees.

    And it is prudent to watch out for the “victory of blindness” whereby a discriminated minority may go rejoicing at a temporary achievement only to fall prey to hurdles ahead.

  7. @Ras Tuge and others: You have to revisit the Dec. 26, 1959 treaty (cooperation accords) between Cameroun and France to understand how we ceded our sovereignty to France. The French Ambassador in Yde is the next most powerful person in our country. France makes opinions binding on Yaounde. To deny is to be a simple Simon who went to carry water with a net. Bring damn foolish. Mr Biya tangentially complains about the imperatives of neocolonialism in communal liberalism (page 100 and something)..

    • If you want to discuss Cameroon with I-Man, you are welcome.

    • On the one hand you are celebrating Ambazombi… saluting a rasclaaat flag and hailing a dubious anthem that never existed before. On the other hand, you are talking about how WE ceded OUR sovereignty… and the next most powerful person in OUR COUNTRY…. So where do you belong?!!!!! You can’t be for Ambazombi delusion and at the same time you are talking WE, OUR in relation to Cameroon!

  8. Patrice nganang not long ago and I quote:
    “Faites-moi confiance, et je ne blague pas – je l’ai devant moi, lui Biya, et ai un fusil, je vais lui donner une balle exactement dans le front”.
    At the minimum he should explain that.

    • I really like this guy Patrice ngagnag:
      Another one of his diatribes and I quote:
      “Un Bangangte est trop noble pour fuir à cause de ce qu’il va faire si on le laisse. Qu’il vienne m’arrêter s’il a encore des couilles.

      Voilà ma position. Live with it.”


  9. Nothing will compel us to live in the same space with with people who do not understand the basic requirements of a democracy.
    Hail the Land of glory and baby you know we pledge our loyalty!

  10. Encouraging the president to get tough is one thing, looking ahead to see who will be answerable for the excesses of today is another. It is not love nudging the president of a nation to make mistakes that will cost him in the long run.
    First president Ahmadou Ahidjo began his reign over Cameroon with the “marquisard” bloodletting and ended it with the April, 1984 one. Current president Paul Biya began with the 1984 bloodletting which he won and now in his twilight years, there is blood flowing in Mamfe, Buea, Bamenda, Bui, Mimboman, Nkolbison and many more. No use to pause?

    And Cameroon citizens try to outdo each other in parroting “one and indivisible” the favorite expression of the self-proclaimed best pupil of France, as plagiarized from General Charles de Gaulle.