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Les Etats-unis condamnent le “meurtre” de deux soldats en zone anglophone

Yaoundé (AFP) Forbes Afrique | Les Etats-unis ont condamné mercredi le meurtre en deux jours de deux soldats camerounais dans les zones anglophones, tout en appelant le gouvernement camerounais “à faire preuve de retenue face à ces actes de violence” imputées par les autorités aux séparatistes anglophones.

“Les États-Unis condamnent le meurtre d’un marin camerounais à Ekondo-Titi dans la région du Sud-Ouest le 14 janvier et le meurtre d’un gendarme à Wum dans la région du Nord-Ouest le 15 janvier”, a indiqué mercredi l’ambassade américaine à Yaoundé dans une déclaration transmise à l’AFP.

“Nous exhortons le gouvernement de la République du Cameroun à faire preuve de retenue face à ces actes de violence”, a plaidé l’ambassade.”Nous continuons de lancer un appel à toutes les parties pour qu’elles engagent un dialogue significatif et large”, a-t-elle souligné.Pour les Etats-Unis, “le dialogue est la seule voie vers une résolution des griefs légitimes” exprimés par la minorité anglophone du Cameroun.

Dimanche, un militaire a été tué par “des séparatistes” à Ekondo-Titi, dans le département du Dian, avait affirmé à l’AFP un officiel.

Lundi, un vent de panique a soufflé sur plusieurs établissements scolaires du sud-ouest, une rumeur ayant annoncé une série d’attaques de séparatistes pour protester contre la détention au Nigeria de leurs leaders.Etudiants et élèves avaient alors déserté les campus et les salles de classe.

La minorité anglophone du pays – environ 20% des 23 millions d’habitants – proteste contre sa marginalisation depuis plus d’un an.Si certains anglophones exigent le retour au fédéralisme, une minorité réclame la partition du Cameroun.Deux scénarios que refuse catégoriquement Yaoundé.

A mesure que le président Paul Biya et les autorités camerounaises ont accru la pression sécuritaire et la répression des manifestations séparatistes, les rangs des sécessionnistes se sont étoffés ces derniers mois, en même temps que se sont multipliés les incidents violents, faisant craindre, selon observateurs et analystes, l’émergence d’une “insurrection armée” dans la région.

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  1. You amba-dreamers know what this means right? I told you a good while ago that letting Talibans highjack a well justified protest movement which would have led to needed change will make you loose the diplomatic fight prematurely. Once you get labeled as a Terrorist Group, it’s game over. We are now passed that crucial point. Good luck!

    • Get off your high horse and stop dreaming, anything the us says they have it on record, it is not like cameroun where something is said and later denied because of lack of accountability. The us has said nothing concerning this and they have instead written on their website asking their citizens to avoid certain areas in Anglophone cameroun because of fighting. So stop dreaming and wake up. Even if they we labeled terrorist group so what? Take a look up north, boko haram still goes on despite 5 different countries combining troops to stop them not counting the other numerous countries that offer logistics assistance. I don’t want to assume you are confused.

      • Truth Hurts…

        • Ah big man, what truth nah brother? Lets be realistic here and objective and not just write because we want to write or because we disagree on how this crisis is going on. Both sides has lost love ones and will continue to do so. What this report claims usa has said is false and doesn’t count.

    • I think they should start parading these AMBAFOOLS on the streets.

    • Hello Confucius,

      Do you know that Nelson Mandella was considered a terrorists by the U.S.A. until 2008? This classification was also extended to the African National Congress as well.

      Need I say more? Well, of course because you are too dumb to realize that the A.N.C achieved its mission of ending apartheid in South Africa while it was still considered a terrorist organization by the U.S.A.

      Suffice to say we might be on the right path if the U.S.A. agrees with LRC that we are a terrorist movement.

    • @confusion,
      Where is Patrice Nganang now? Loud mouth airhead. Btw you are not saying anything regarding the 17 military corpses transferred to Kumba mortuary from Kwakwa in the cover of darkness. You can’t even condemn the killing of Kwakwa Chief by the Colonial DO that started all these. That’s the problem with you dishonest fascist lying Beti occupiers. Want to dodge the root cause of every problem you started . Nub heads! 2 more were taken out in Bamenda yesterday. One in Bawuru the day before. I repeat, we will resist you till the last man. Www(dot)ambatigers(dot)com are here to stay. The struggle continues.

    • My brother confusion. I don advise them tire but too much hatred of Francophones no di make them reason well.

      • Smelly Mbouda idiot, reserve your unsolicited advice to yourself and your Bamilike kinsmen.

  2. How is it gonna help the Anglo cause?….let us all kill ourselves popol is unruffled…

    • And as usual you have nothing to say regarding the carnage in Kwakwa no be so? How can soldiers burn an entire village of 6000 to the ground and you want the people to fold their arms and watch? Tertorists say soldiers.

  3. Who cares about what the US says? to me its like the fool in Muyuka speak and beating his drum…cameroon is KAMERUN and no one will ty us let wait and see how this will end.

  4. Pour les Etats-Unis, “le dialogue est la seule voie vers une résolution des griefs légitimes” exprimés par la minorité anglophone du Cameroun.

    The message is clear to the Sh*thole President of the sh*thole LRC: DIALOGUE NOTHING BUT DIALOGUE

    The US did NOT say that:

    1. there is a military solution to the crisis
    2. the Commission on Bilingualism was the panacea
    3. Presidential decrees could resolve the crisis

    Sh*thole Biya does not want dialogue. He wants to use his Presidential decrees to impose DECENTRALISATION. A SHEER WASTE OF ENERGY, precious time and resources time

    One thing is 100% certain:



    • The foolish decision to arrest the leaders of SC has backfired.
      The Restoration Forces have become extremely popular. Southern Cameroonians have been contributing to their war chest more than before. I even doubled my contribution.
      When Biya declared war on the peaceful people of SC, he expected a Blitzkrieg (= flash war ) that was designed to shock the Anglophones into submission. Now he has realized that it is another Vietnam for sh*thole LRC. This open-ended war is UNWINNABLE. LRC lacks the financial and human resources to sustain let alone win the war.
      The USSR abandoned Afghanistan when sie realised that the war was unwinnable. Of course, sh*thole LRC will abandon SC through the backdoor. Niya will soon send Anglophone CPDM sycophants to go and “dialogue” with Anglophone CPDM.

  5. Tell the American embassy to condemn the Government killing of our citizens also.

  6. Not judging.
    It is just childish to stand for something and hope for somebody else to do the job.
    Typical African. Reason why we qualify as sh&holes.
    You want to fight, rely on yourself if the fight is right the people will follow you I mean your people.
    Result: you are resorting to terrorrism and that is a lost battle.

    You ambazombians have to go back and revisit the reason for “your fight”

    • @ Mbappe

      Who is the terrorist here? La Republique’s soldiers or Ambazonians? How will you call or characterize Shekau, the Boko Haram war lord?

    • Loud sounding fascist ethnocentric Gorilla @mbappe and as usual saying nothing.

  7. I’m an American citizen of Southern Cameroon extraction. The sh**hole American Ambassador does not speak for me. We have the universal rights to defend ourselves against Biya’s continuous aggression. Why did the so-called Ambassador not condemn the genocide being perpetrated on our p’ple? To hell with this son of a bi**h. The train left station months ago. No mercy for terrorists LRC soldiers. We shall fight till the last man. Our freedom and independence is non-negotiable.

  8. Those crying kumbaya like Confucius how US is going to label ADF a terrorist organisation should think very well. US has never labelled any group fighting for self determination a terrorist organisation instead to them those guys are freedom fighters. Not long you will hear them charge big head biya with crimes against humanity.. Just wait and see. The fight continues

  9. Please ignore francophones who post here. Let the government of Cameroon tell American the truth of how many of their soldiers ambazonians have killed so America can label us as terrorists. Why are they hiding the true numbers?
    Folks we need to start using roadside bombs to bombs those LRC military cars in our country. We have to use roadside bombs to bomb lorries transporting petrol to Douala. We have to use bitcoins to raise funds to support our soldiers.

  10. @Dinga Ron, you said it all bro. Why are they hiding their casualties . It could have been better they tell US the truth about their pathetic lost since they started killing them in Manyu, so US state department might labelled our leaders and ADF a terrorist group soonest. Loosing face and fear of instigating low morale and rampant defection within their thugs should be the reason for staying mute but reporting that one or two deaths. Sh*t hole country

    • “Why are they hiding their casualties ? ”

      This is the same credible and compelling question I have been asking myself.
      After sh*thole Biya declared his foolish war, the corpses of his terrorist soldiers were displayed in Bamenda and Buea. Civil servants were intimidated to go and pay hommage to the terrorists. The corpses were decorated with medals from the Commander in Chief. CrTv and Cameroon Tribune displaed the pictures oft he killed terrorists while Tchiroma promised to annihilate the SC terrorists.
      However, unfortunately for sh*thole LRC, the Restoration Forces went on the offensive. The casualties of the terrorists from LRC increased exponentially. Sh*thole LRC never expected the Restoration Forces to be so deadly. Sh*thole LRC finally realized that Biya’s war is not a Blitzkrieg.

      • It is an open-ended war. Displaying the corpses of BIR terrorists was therefore not only humiliating but might also trigger a revolt against sh*thole Biya in his sh*thole country.

  11. hahaha, you will also use bitcoin to reconstruct the country. Why don’t we ask the ordinary Cameroonians in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon if they love the situation on the ground and would like it to carry on? If they vote, I believe the answer will be NO to violence and YES to peace. I would love to see a federal system coz I know that an independent SC will be HELL. The NW & SW can not cohabitate. Speaking of marginalisation or equality… You’ll find that in every society around the globe. In the SW region a member of the royal family has privileges , like wise in the NW. What do SWterners call NWerners? They see them as laborers , having work in their cocoa and coffee plantations. The issue of class is always around us. We need to sit and dialogue NOT Kill

    • Really? If North West and South West cannot cohabitate, how does staying in union with LRC solve that problem?

      Ooh, I forgot that the francophones and some anglophones with inferiority complex believe that Biya’s dictatorship is the binding force that keeps NW and SW calm. You must be one of them based on the junk you are proudly spouting on here.

      Durty Iass man like you, slave pickin.

  12. En 1986, un câble secret de la CIA a averti M. Biya de renoncer à une assimilation plus poussée des anglophones ou de risquer la guerre avec des anglophones armés. M. Byiya a ignoré le mémo à ses risques et périls. Maintenant, l’enlèvement des dirigeants anglophones au Nigeria peut précipiter une affaire judiciaire dans laquelle la chicannerie politique du Cameroun comme une néocolonie de la France sera mise à nu au monde. Les anglophones ont à ce moment rejeté Francafrique. Quelle forteresse britannique!

  13. Apologists of the statusquo will brandish this apparently clear message from the US as a badge of honor, forgetting the underlining desire for there to be a broad-based dialogue. It is now abundantly clear that Cameroon has no opinions of her own. For there to be beastiality in the fight against a part of the populace, French helicopter gunships are needed. For there to be magic in coaxing Ambazonian leaders to embrace an imaginary decentralization, French negotiators must be breathing down their necks in Nigeria, dictating the the terms and outcome of talks. If France could help in picking out anglophone leaders around the world, then the momentum of the talks would evaporate. Those who swore here that we were neither Francophone nor anglophone, do not have a leg to stand on.

    • When the American President branded African countries as assholes, people were up in arms. If the US brands Ambazonia fighters terrorists, the same people will fall over themselves pouring panegyrics on the same country. Some have already broke out champagne! To them there are two kinds of terrorists. Those who maim, kill and burn down entire villages but must not be pinpointed and those who kill a gendarme once in a while and should be pilloried. So essentially apologists of the statusquo and their handlers are behaving like someone struggling too hard to cheat his barber, forgetting his hair will soon grow back. No amount of assassination of Ambazonian leaders with the help of France will make the dialogue America refered to less desirous!

  14. promoting shithole regime will not stop the struggle,who cares what america thinks about the killings,the should encourage the yaounde regime to organise Referandum.thats a democratic instrument that will peacefully resolve the crises.

  15. America is a hypocrite are two LRC soldiers more than thousand Cameroonians killed from last year by colonial soldiers of LRC????gOD PUNISH SATAN

  16. While the US ambassador to Panama is resigning over his inability to serve under Donald Trump, the new US ambassador to Cameroon is starting off by inviting a trio of American musicians to tour Cameroon universities and stage concerts to urge Cameroonians to register and vote. Can anybody interpret this diplomatic gesture in the light of the present impasse in the triangle?