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Les Muna en justice pour l’héritage familial

APAnews | Ama Tutu Muna, ancienne ministre des Arts et de la Culture, a assigné ses frères dont Akere, en justice pour obtenir une répartition égale des biens de leur défunt père.

Ama Tutu Muna
Les enfants de Solomon Tandeng Muna ne s’entendent pas sur la manière dont est géré l’héritage de l’ancien président de l’Assemblée nationale du Cameroun.

Le 19 février dernier, Ama Tutu Muna, la cadette de la fratrie, a assigné ses frères en justice pour réclamer un partage équitable des biens laissés par leur père.

L’assignation est adressée à Bernard, Akere et Fombad Muna. Ama Tutu Muna entend ainsi obtenir une répartition égale de l’héritage familial, ce d’autant plus que cette réclamation ne daterait pas d’hier.

En effet, cette mésentente a été soumise à l’attention des autorités traditionnelles de leur village à Ngye-Mbo. Des solutions n’auraient pas été trouvées à l’issue de ces assises.

Cette assignation arrive au moment où Akere Muna se prépare pour la présidentielle 2018, pour laquelle il a annoncé sa candidature.

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  1. Being a former minister and coupled with her recent appointment at the bilingualism commission, this lady is still not satisfied with what she’s got. It’s been a while since S.T. Muna passed on and she decided to bring up this during the presidential elections year. I’am starting to believe that this lady has been paid by the CPDM regime to jeopardize her brother’s presidential ambitions.

  2. Foresighted individuals usually leave a will before they pass away; in the case that a person passes on “intestate” (without leaving a will) the courts can intervene and set things right.

    As for chieftaincies, the traditional kingmakers usually take charge unless the famous “Chefs de Terre” Interlopers.

  3. So because she has money she should abandon her heritage? to who? the other two rich brother? please stop and think before commenting on anything!

    • Everyone is aware the father was not very bright, else he would have left more to the only girl of the family. That said, in African tradition it is a travesty for her to be bandying looks with her elder brothers because her own portion of the family property is smaller. As the only woman, she will even be dismissive of receiving a dead man’s property, especially if she has her own husband, and the desire to be the family’s center of attraction and the one with the mother aura over the others will trump any worldly considerations. This saga only has one thing to highlight; her toxic personality. This is news need to anyone, judging from her poor show as Minister of justice several moons ago. Her stubborn standoff with Prince Eyango is still fresh in our minds. She lost her ministerial

      • because of her extremism, and I’m afraid she will lose again. If the father did not leave a will, it is a slippery slope and difficult for her to prove why the property should be divided equitably. This is exactly the reason why the traditional authorities of Ngyen-Mbo could not bring reason to bear on her. She lost her only child two years ago, around the time she was chasing shadows about Prince Eyango. Without a will from the father and without a surviving offspring, wouldn’t she be satisfied with what she made from her own sweat and the little her dad left for her? She wants to lose love, family to get gold!

    • …she would even be dismissive …family’s center of attention…motherly aura…

  4. In Meta tradition, the woman inherits the least as she’s expected to acquire and build more with her husband. This biatch was too mouthy to her elder brother and drove him to commit suicide. Let’s keep on opening the can of worms. It’s not Akere’s fault you divorced so many times and ended up with the wrong gold digger. Can’t you learn from your quiet brother Dr Wally Muna? Your association with this Beti criminals have turned you into one of them. Take your old pussy and leave it with them Eboutou cultists idiet. Fcuck you biatch.

    • Oh my God is this type of language good for a public comment forum? This is really terrible to insult a lady with such language and the moderator would publish this trash? I am terrible disappointed sir.

    • You just knocked on the right keynotes. She is a nuisance or is so so arogant a lady.
      We could really see her attitude, when as minister. A time she would have gathered
      enough for herself and stop the nonsense giving her brothers a bad name for nothing.
      The girl child, should be wise from day one and they should stop being proud, don`t
      they remember, that a proud dog, never eats a fresh bone? Let her go to her boy
      friends or husband{s} for property.

  5. will this be called sister Act ,brother act or Muna Act…
    keep banana and monkey in one room and see what happens…
    if they can fight over such family property and what will happen when biya hands over to them…
    God forbid…satan smoke banga

  6. She is more beautiful without the make-up…titwank!

  7. The make up makes her look like a harlot of St. James. She is a Vampire.CPDM praise singers.

  8. What a useless harlot , only wanna to paint her brothers black to the public eyes ,unfortunately for her more than %90 of Cameroonian know she’s got a very bad reputation

  9. Cat woman. I knew that the CPDM would somehow get you involved in ruining your brother’s aspiration for the presidency. This has never been a problem until election year. Any coincidence?

  10. This litigation is untimely and politically motivated. Opening this can of worms in this election year is likely to become problematic or have a negative outcome for Akere Muna.

    Surely, Tutu Muna is being remotely controlled by Agents Provocateurs of the CPDM.

  11. Dr Fondohe Emma

    What about Dr. Muna who passed away several years ago? He’s the dad of my childhood friend. This lady is just obsessed. Ambazonians need to target her next.

  12. Her name is “tutu”. Enough said.