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LNG carrier Hilli Episeyo arrives at Kribi

Business in Cameroon | The LNG carrier Hilli Episeyo which left Keppel Shipyard in Singapore on October 12, 2017, accosted at Kribi port in South Cameroon.

The information was revealed by Golar LNG, a partner of the French group PERENCO and of Cameroon oil company SNH (the State’s secular arm in charge of oil and gas exploration) on Cameroon’s first natural gas liquefaction project.

Credible sources revealed that the floating unit will start operating once a processing unit is built near Kribi.

Hilli Episeyo whose processing capacity is 1.2million tons of gas per year will help produce natural liquefied gas in Cameroon while awaiting the construction of a foot-plant near the deep-water port which is yet to operate.

The floating unit which is the result of an investment of about CFA700 billion of Golar LNG will also produce 30,000 tons of domestic gas every year and 5,000 barrels of condensate every day.

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