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Luc Michel: déstabilisation du cameroun – pourquoi le ministre Tchiroma a raison [+vidéo]

Panafricom-tv | Luc Michel: déstabilisation du cameroun . Pourquoi le ministre Tchiroma a raison

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  1. Original Black Bantu

    Tous mes respects a toi Luc Michel. Comme je l’avais dis il y a plus d’un an (Voir discussion avec Chi) une sourie qui cours a grande vitesse dans une glasse de laboratoire a toujours l’impression d’etre mieux que celle qui est restee aux champs.

    Un grand respect pour l’elite Bamileke (Bam+Bass+Saw..) qui sont les plus proches et plus familiers des anglophones parce qu’ils ont vite compris le jeu. Quand Hollande annoncait dans un language satanique qu’ils allaient reprendre le carnage des Bams, il etait (selon moi) convaincu que ces derniers allaient rejoindrent leur freres anglophones (voir revendications du Laakam, tentatives de greves a Bafoussam, etc.).
    Nos freres Anglos vont aussi comprendrent et ensemble on va les defier. Memes ceux qui sont refugies o Nigeria vont retourner biento

  2. Nous sommes nombreux qui comprennons ce ballet de démons autour de notre pays. Ils n’arriveront pas à destabiliser notre pays.
    Bande de vautours! Le pire c’est qu’ils sont nourris par la naiveté et l’ignorance de certains internautes myopes, qui ne voyent qu’au bout de leur nez. Tellement ils sont betes et haineux.

    • Votre pays est destabilise’ depuis soixante ans par vous meme et vos amis vautours qui chantent la destabilization. Vous etes plus haineux que les internautes que vous droitez. C’est vous qui avec le concours des vautours comme Luc Michel aviez initie’ et execute’ le genocide contre les Bassas et Bamilekes. L’hustoire se repete avec les tueries que vous etes entraine d’executer au moment. Eat-ce que vous avez besoin d’un mirroir?

  3. Imperialist propaganda paid by Tchiroma just like Biya paid his French biographer to sensationalize his politics. Sorry my friend after six decades of French rule that revealed three axis of Gaul evil smeared with a tang of French farts from Giscard d estaing, Jacque Chiraq, and François Mitterrand, we are beginning to get the whiff of freedom a la Sankara! You think we are inspired by MI6 and CIA, no you better check out Kagame, Magufuli, and yes the ANC. How ironical that you mentioned Togo and Cameroon! You murdered Sankara and created puppet nations like cote d ivoire, burkina fasso, Togo, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo et al, we are now awake and it’s time for ‘The Sick man of Europe’ to go!

    • @senator

      what about the USA who are destroying other countries

      Vietnam, middle east, South America, Africa, Russia even Europe.

      The USA has destroyed, Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, Pakistan,russia, divide Korea in two north and south and more other countries

  4. A joke in bad taste. The Anglophone Question was created by the french and french puppets in Cameroon. Southern Cameroonians must find a FINAL SOLUTION to their predicaments now or never. LRC can use money from Ndian oil to bribe people to come and preach nonsense. Like it or not, Southern Cameroonians have now taken their collective destiny into their own hands and are determined to shake off forever the fetters of French-sponsored annexionist-cum-assimilationist enslavement and trammels.

  5. Quite besides my limitations in the mastery of Moliere’s language, I found it problematic grasping a delivery from a mouth full of water.

    Nevertheless allusion to Christopher Fomunyu as one of those destabilizing Cameroon caught my attention. Between the speaker who is clearly an armchair critic and a citizen who doubles as an NDI staff, who has more to offer? Are members of this forum not always challenging those in the Diaspora to come home and try their hands on the field? Christopher did just that when he offered to run for the presidency but was treated like the Hogbe Nlends, Titus Edzoa, etc.

  6. Ni Bah Acho,

    Tah Mugabe is under house arrest….I only hope those soldiers are going to ease him an honourable exit tho—we don’t want Africans at Den Haag again.

    Back to story: Luc has been saying these things ever since Boko Haram, but are we going to listen? We’re more concerned with killing each other and wishing our country doom than protecting her from vultures like France.

    I wish our army could be that bold like those in Zimbabwe and prepare an honourable exit for Biya while laying down a solid foundation ground that would finally appease Anglos in the long run. We don’t need to kill each other—it would be the greatest blunder for us. We simply can’t afford to bear the consequences…

  7. Robert Mugabe out; one more to go

  8. Original Black Bantu

    One must be brainless to rejoice over such an idiotic and highly stupid action as the arrest of an African freedom fighter on his own land. He asked Trump to blow the trumpet of peace and not the local idiots to act on Donold behalf. I hope they will be able to bear the consequences if they do not give up rapidly their nonsense.

    • Original Black, Africa don’t need freedom fighters but free institutions. Africa has been a free Continent for decades with abundant resources and Trump is not responsible for the misery in African countries. There is time of everything and people must learn to evolve and adapt to changing time. I guess you have a brain so put that to use and make your own contribution to the continent and stop hiding behind old people in the name of freedom fighters. Mugabe, SanKara, kwame, lumumba and the rest have given their best and gone we can’t go back in their era. So it will be in your best interest to leave in reality.

      • Original Black Bantu

        Chris, your short comment is full of interesting and open topics.
        1) What type of institutions do Alkebulan need in Alkebulan? maybe those that allow the military to use their weapons whenever they want
        2) Is Alkebulan free? I know when you talk about it been free, you are referring to our caricatural independence we have been enjoying for decades; with millions of dead in Congo, hundred in Southern Cameroon, thousands in Mediterranean sea, etc. Before SA had the right to have nuclear weapon; after, no more right
        3) Do we need freedom fighters in Africa today?
        4) What kind of contribution can we make to our continents?
        5) What is the real (reality) status of the continent today?
        No long ago, IMF embarked on a urge project of identification of any single resource on the continent.

    • @ Original Black Bantu;
      If you really are not confident with today’s history, go back to the days of Noah. If he was a freedom fighter, that was a duty as a President of a nation. Do you know Zimbabwe was once the bread basket of Africa? But today, they are in need of food aide. How did this happen?
      If you don’t rejoice over the imminent change in Zimbabwe, I tell you those who are in Zimbabwe are rejoicing with no death toll so far. No blood shed, no seizing of farm tools and on and on and on.

      • Original Black Bantu

        @Moh Ewelle,
        Why should the army proceed with an unconstitutional act when the elections are going to be held in a year’s time. If the people of Zimbabwe are so eager for change why not go the legal way by means of elections?
        I don’t the debate about the country being a bread basket today can be perceived from different view points so, focusing solely on Mugabe alone and not considering other multiple aspect is to be very selective.

        • Original Black Bantu

          Sorry! My last sentence is horrible, it should read:

          I think the debate about the country not being a bread basket today should include different viewpoints. So, focusing on Mugabe alone and not considering other aspects is to be selective.

    • I’m shockingly disappointed in you @OBB as I use to think you are a very levelheaded person. Are you really saying it was a right decision to sack his VP and pave the way for his wife to rule and later on transfer power to the sons? Thus is exactly what started a war in South Sudan plunging the country into darkness till this day. When did Zimbabwe become a kingdom? What is the curse of this our mentality of worshiping eternal freedom fighters even at the twilight of their final years? Mrrdrrrr!

      • Original Black Bantu

        @aGee I respect your view regarding the unlimited ambitions of Grace Mugabe. However, as a citizen, an influential member and leader of the Zanu party, she has the legal right. It is therefore up to the Zimbabweans to legally choose by means of elections their favorite candidate. Since Mugabe’s mandate ends in a years time, I don’t see why the army has to go the unconstitutional way if there is no hidden agenda. I think acknowledging the good work (specially done in hard conditions) is far from worshiping the person.

        I think many Africans and African organizations (e.g. SADEC and AU) are condemning this military (bloodless) coup the same way I did.

        • Original black bantou, serieusememt Mandela ne s etait pas accroche au pouvoir malgre tout ce qu il a connu. Apparemment pour Mugabe, son combat etait juste personel vu qu il ne laisse aucun heritage ä son peuple. Pareil pour Biya que tu vas un jour appeler freedom fighter parce qu il a dit la plus grosse connerie devant un francais” ne dure pas qui pima , mais qui pima”

        • Original Black Bantu

          Uhmm pays, je penses que c’est une erreur de faire la comparaison entre les deux: dans le cas du Zimbabwe, c’est une question de personne (la personne de Mugabe). Au Cameroon, c’est question de systeme; le systeme (repressif de Foccard) soigneusement preparer et mise en place pr mieux gerer le neo-colonialisme. Paul Biya n’est qu’une figure representative du systeme et par ricochet s’il quitte et le systeme reste ca ne va rien changer. Tout comme Ahidjo est parti ca n’a rien changer.

          (cl) Au Zimbabwe, l’occident lutte pour changer le systeme tandisqu’au Cameroun, c’est le peuple averti qui lutte pour changer le systeme tandisque le peuple non averti se concentre sur Paul Biya.

  9. @ Original Black Bantou
    You are one of those who se beyong the surface. Keep that line of though, Africa need clear thinking people like you now then ever.
    History is keeping repeting itself in front of us, and some Africans with no sens of direction, no knowlege, no pride, empty spirits parading this planet like fools, are rejoincing without even know what’s going on!
    When are we going to learn? From Khruma, Lumumba, Um, Sankara, even L Bagbo, we don’t learn! Are we really stupid people or just hate personified? Wow!

    • You can add your tribal warlord Biya to your list. Confused lost and arrogance is all you can ever put up.

    • Original Black Bantu

      @Bikutsi Thank you for your appreciative and motivational comment. I think any of our ideas presented with good intentions, be it contradictory, is constructive.

  10. Mugabe out, One to Go! Biya

  11. Original Black Bantu,
    You sound quite smart, but why do you spoil your ideas with hollow excuses? Mugabe grooms a successor along, someone who has been a companion in arms and when it is his time, the old man’s greed gets the best of him and he initiates and intraparty fight without batting an eye. Had he prepared the minds of his closest aids that it will be his wife, he wouldn’t have carried out this hold up. The army has just paid him back in his coins. The debate is not whether his wife can legally stand or not, it is the hold up he attempted. He forced the hand of the army chief, who happen to be his close
    Party comrade. His gunning for a monarchy has backfired spectacularly!

    • Original Black Bantu

      Regarding the greedy ambitions of Grace, I fully agree with you and everyone else. But still, I am not convinced that the only reason why Uncle fired his VP; I continue to believe that there must be an act of treason hidden somewhere in the whole scenario. Let’s wait and see.

      • [email protected] i looked up the word treason it means overthrowing or worse the head of state or the goverment …there is no word of Zimbabwes goverment being dismantled ,the president has been asked ,pretty well manneredly to step down so,if he is such a great leader he can put himself up as a candidate with or without his wife in the up and coming election…meanwhile he will have to accept that the army has come to the conclusion he is not fit to serve the people and considering his age,and the length of his continual service he should just on the fact his wife considers it no big deal to publicly assume she can take over a democratic service which in itself is technicaly…..treason ( ok a soft version ) towards the freedom of a governing process.Kind of like Ivanka saying scuse me darlin ..

        • Original Black Bantu

          You are talking like you don’t know the old man. Uncle Bob is like a honey badger; it is his corps that will gently resign. I don’t know yet the outcome of the negotiations with the delegation from SA representing SADEC and AU. However, I don’t think he is showing any sign of flexibility. By the way, he is still the elected president of Zimbabwe and arresting him during his mandate is unconstitutional and therefore not different from a treason. Let’s wait and see.

        • [email protected] whos exactly is going to fight on his behalf ? ,apart from his wife who already staged the coup in the bedroom .Prime ministers get booted out routinely if the ruling partys had enough of their party leader and it seems his party unaniomuosly have had enough,so has his comrades ,just twisting it round and calling the main server of the citizens a president dosent mean other elected officials on mass are going to stay for ever in a servent mode to you .He is getting respect for his inital good deeds but thats about it .
          However the timing is in Zambians favour and they should concentrate on getting new fresh political candidates and their ballot vote counted next time especialy for true inteligent fair regional representatives .Their forces took a risk to serve them this change

        • Big correction Zimbabwians

  12. great philips

    this man na mumu with his water water mop

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