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‘Made in Cameroon’ buses [+video]

Now if you have ever embarked on an intercity bus journey in Cameroon recently, you may just have travelled in a bus that was entirely manufactured in Cameroon.

The ‘Made in Cameroon’ buses are not only generating a delight amongst the manufacturers but also amongst commuters.

Although manufacturing output are still small there are huge prospects.

Please play the video above for more on the story.


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  1. A good example of home made goods. More power to your elbow. Hope reckless and power hungry officials will put push this brilliant initiative to the wall with their ambitious Cameroon China-Auto that has taken years with nothing to show.

  2. The best news item I have had this month.
    This is the pride of a country and should benefit from government assistance to bring production to a reasonable capacity. This would not only create much needed jobs at home but would generate much needed foreign currency.Thank God we are moving out of the primary production sector and consumers of imported manufactured goods.

  3. Assembled in CameroUn is the right expression

  4. Ka, you put it right.
    This is the deplorable English that the teachers have cried out and we all know the
    reactions of gov`t – rapes, arrests, imprisonments, deaths etc.

  5. Question, it’s assembled in Cameroon or made in Cameroon?

  6. Is there a correlation between these Chinese dead traps and the rise in accidents?

    • Cameroonian lexicographers and cartoonists have worked overtime to describe the automobile of all makes. Yesterday they were called the “houses of prostitution on wheels”. Today they are known as “mobile coffins”. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? And life goes on, n’est-ce pas?

    • Congratulate the entrepreneurs. It is an assembly operation which is not easy. We got to start somewhere!

  7. MD congratulations to ?????????

    • … to the folks behind the operation. It matters less if they make mistakes because they would have had invaluable experience and developed intellectual property. The only way to avoid mistakes is to do NOTHING and complain.

  8. There may be no strict distinction between manufacturing and assembling in a practical sense. Automobile makers also import many parts from different countries. it is always some percentage of domistic parts and some percentage of imported parts put together or assembled. Yes it is a bus assembly plant with some parts locally made .Given that production is progressive ,gradually more parts will be made at home and one day 99% of the bus would be made at home. Cheers, it is a great step forward.

  9. rain onto others

    “Yes it is a bus assembly plant with some parts locally made .”

    Really? The last time i checked all our natural latex is being exported and if this latex is being exported how can we even produce a common tyre. Second hand tyres are entering the country every day because we cannot produce one That is where we can start before moving in to the mechanical parts of a car.
    Well, i really want to see made in Cameroon part one day but for now it is 100% assembly plant. That is the only truth

    • I like your commentary which goes to highlight the deficiency of this reporting specifically and newsmen in general: – the failure to provide for the W (where, why, what, who), H ( how, how much, how many). Basics like these would obviate the need to raise the concerns and doubts of the reading public.

  10. Please , entirely assembled NOT made in Cameroon. It would take you 100 yrs and you may never never make a car entirely in Cameroon

  11. Please start from a bicycle, then go motorbike and the rest will come automatically.
    Ask yourself this question again “what is really made in Cameroon??” A country that imports office chairs from China !!!

  12. The parts are manufactured some where else and assembled in Douala. This is great for Cameroon and central Africa. This will challenge the importation of buses into Cameroon.