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Mancho Bibixy : Cameroon on brink of civil war if dialogue is not resumed

Journal du Cameroun | There is urgent need for the Government of Cameroon to free all those arrested in connection to the uprisings in the English-speaking regions or the country will plunge into a civil war, activists, Mancho Bibixy told a military court in Yaounde on Thursday.

In one of the marathon court sessions that has been going on since the last year, Mancho Bibixy and seven others were back in court to answer charges against them amongst which are secession and hostility to the state.

“I have a heavy heart because Cameroon is on a brink of a civil war. We find ourselves in this situation because our politicians have failed in finding tangible solutions to our problems,” Mancho Bibixy told the judge while urging authorities to free all arrested and resume dialogue.

Mancho Bibixy also told the court if he and other anglophone detainees are freed, they will iwork hard to bring peace to the troubled English-speaking regions of the country.

Same view echoed by another detainee Thomas Awah Junior, another detainee who stepped forward to present his arguments.

The journalist pleaded not guilty to the charges levied against him and called on the court to free him on medical grounds.

“I am not guilty of secession” Thomas Awah, a former journalist of Equinoxe radio told the court while dismissing another charges of lack of national identity card.

“I don’t understand why the journalist I am will be charged of secession meanwhile several security authorities know I have collaborated with them (in his reporting duties).

“I was arrested on the field while doing my job (corresponding for Afrik 2 radio owned by his former equinoxe colleague Polycarpe Essomba).”

After hearing the arguments put forward by the defence team, the court adjourned the case to the 16 of March.

The case between the State and Dasi Alfred and others arrested in Mbengwi allegedly in possesion of explosives and amunitions will equally come up the same day.

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  1. For the first time since it all started, i have to say that keeping Bibixy in jail makes no sense.
    He didn`t call for secession, refuse dialogue, kill anyone, insult almighty biya, rape anyone,
    vandalize any public property, embezzle public funds etc. etc. etc. and you name it.
    His rights have been very much trampled upon and he should be compensated and given
    an apology signed by biya.

  2. How can anyone dialogue with a brainwashed absentee landlord, who believe he is a French/swiss first and African second?

  3. “It is better for 99 persons to be set free than that ONE innocent man be sent to jail”- Common Law.

    • Did you mean 99 prisoners?

      • @ Fon
        Where do you draw the line between an ordinary person and a prisoner in the Civil Law practice operational in Cameroon? Are you unaware of the reality that imprisonment invariably precedes trial and/or judgement?

  4. Mancho,

    don’t waste your energy! Your show has already been stolen by pple in safety in faraway horizons.

    Civil war or not, they don’t care about you guys on the spot. They’ll all nuke you guys, you’re all obstacles on their path cos you still have dialogue at heart, despite all…

  5. The kangaroo military court is simply playing to the gallery waiting for Chief Justice Biya to sign a decree to free the innocent men.

  6. The war between the neocolonial froggy cult and their black anglo-saxons rivals is on-going. Let them tear each other to shreds for all i care so long as they do not ignite a larger war that will kill innocent Africans.

    • @ Brothajoe You are a very intelligent and proud African. These idiots are still enslaved mentally. The brutal Biya regime and these foolish Ambazonians are prepared to destroy the country to protect their colonial master”s identity.

  7. How does one measure the efficiency of a judicial system that arrests and detains a citizen for over a year with no clarification of the specific charges against him or when the trial should begin in earnest? Justice is not only supposed to be done, it is supposed to be seen to be done.

    • Épée Dipanda

      Dear John,
      This you story might as well be Greek to Francophones and Larepublique. They do not in their culture believe in the sanctity of personal freedoms. This is why many people have said we cannot live with these people under one law, our values are different.

  8. Before one chooses their actions in the public square of politics, they must first and foremost establish a path to victory, because no one makes the law from the street. To make the law, you must be in charge. And those in power are not meant to give away their power just because some people ask for. Things don’t work that way. And speaking civil war, I guess anyone can take cues from Rwanda, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Angola etc. How did that work out? So for all of you tribal people, think twice about what you are wishing for. And most importantly, don’t think war can help you achieve anything. In Katina, under the UN watch, how much money is falling into the local people pockets from mining, what about the Central African Republic? Iraq? Syria? Etc ? Be careful what you wish for.