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May 20, 2018 – National Day’s Theme Unveiled

Cameroon Tribune | Below is a press release from the Minister of Communication.

The Minister of Communication hereby informs the national and international community that the 46th edition of Cameroon’s National Day will be celebrated on May 20, 2018, under the following theme:

English version:

“Cameroonian citizens, let us remain united in diversity and preserve social peace, for a stable, indivisible and prosperous Cameroon.”

French version:

« Citoyens camerounais, restons unis dans la diversité et préservons la paix sociale, pour un Cameroun stable, indivisible et prospère. »

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    • Mvomeka, some of you hide behind computers while others take the risk to die…..I hope you are in the forest too like other buffalos destroying the peace of Cameroon….Shameful. Remember the evil that men do live after them. Innocent souls are being killed each day, yet some of you continue to flame the fighting that kills our own people.

      • @mr.no worry get a hold of yourself coward .What do you mean comrade mvomeka is also in the bush fighting with others you shameful traitor of my people.Even the Americans had to fight for their freedom and that is exactly what we are doing if you don’t like it crawl back to that hole you a coming from you cpdm troll .Cameroon is in free fall and all you can do is cry like some girl.Coward

      • Mr. No Worry,
        You must be out of your senses. Do know for long this greedy regime had starved Cameroonians? If you are part of langa republic of Cameroon, good and find with you but don’t come hear and try to tell people what their opinion should be. I strongly believe you are not even an Anglophone but a borrowed anglofool.

        • @kingsley

          you are the most dullest person here.

          MR or Mrs opportunist “no wahala” soon Cameroon will speak Chinese as the national language.
          I hope you are in your senses too, with your fake propaganda here ” bastard”. we will behead all the resistances include your overseas, therefore I wish English was your native language so I will stop calling you anglo fool or bushman.

        • @ Kingsley

          It’s funny how you Ambazonians always call reasonable anglophones CPDM, Biya supporters, Francophones or Bamilikes. What ‘No worry’ is saying is exactly what most anglophones think of your terrorist organization. Name one thing you have achieved with this your madness apart of causing the destruction of anglophone villages and the killing of anglophone villagers. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOUR TERRORIST GROUP HAS ACHIEVED. For all I know Biya hasn’t even blinked. You are following the wrong path which will only lead to more destruction and killings of anglophones without Biya paying any price for it. You guys are letting your emotions over power your intelligence and as a result of your foolish actions Biya is the victor. Why don’t you attack Biya’s village if you have any balls?

      • According to you Dictator LRC terrorists have the right to kill Southern Cameroonians with impunity. Self Defence is a human right.
        What is LRC celebrating if I may ask???
        The union is over. Our mission now is to kick out LRC terrorists from our fatherland


        • The 1961 referendum was not all about bilingualism. It was about a federation of two states EQUAL in status. English was supposed to be the official language in SC while french the official language in LRC.
          This important element in the so-called unity in diversity was what Dr Foncha bargained for. He did not bargain for bilingualism or integration.
          The so-called Commission on bilingualism is, therefore, a mere distraction from the Anglophone Palaver

        • @MVOMEKA

          search a thirsty person ” Langa”.

          you need to bring the truth on the table, so each Cameroonian will know because a person like you will never ever change the history of Cameroon. you like to use your ” 1961 ” as an excuse or reference fine.

          if that was correct, what happened last year when some of your clan was trying to meet with “Queen Elizabeth ” what she told you, people” ambasonia member “.

        • You didn’t answer my question. WHAT HAS YOUR FOOLISHNESS ACHIEVED apart of inviting the BIRs to destroy anglophone villages? Why don’t you carry out your kidnappings and killings in Biya’s village if you have any balls? No anglophone who doesn’t support your foolishness is a Biya supporter or is saying that what the BIRs are doing destroying villages is right. Our question is why do you keep on carrying out your terrorist activities in those anglophone villages when you know fully well that it will do nothing but invite the BIRs to kill and destroy those villages. We don’t think you truly care about those anglophone villagers. From your actions we know that you have your secret agenda which has nothing to do with the well being of anglophone Cameroonians. The truth will come out one day

      • Epée Dipanda

        Mr. No Worry,
        I hope the tax payer’s money was not wasted on your education.
        Why is it so difficult to realise that this “eye shadow” wearing Nganakor called Issa Tchiroma Bakari and his father Mbiya are the real people disturbing the peace and tranquility of Cameroonians?
        The St-u-pid theme which they have chosen for the national day , is that not a provocation?
        First why is 20th May the national day? When was our independence literature Promulgated? Was it 20th May? Why should we be celebrating Germaine Ahidjo’s birthday? Are we m.a.d?

    • @MVOMEKA

      just shut up, like you said ” the war continued” we will eliminate all the resistance

  2. The minister is right and the call is for la republique citizens. It is not for Southern Cameroonians. Southern Cameroonians are already united to fight for thier freedom and get rid of the enemy

  3. It sounds like begging or a cleaver way of apologising for wrongs done.

    • @oshua

      I hope you are in your correct mind, begging who your rat “terrorist”, you need to go and protesting

  4. Unite with your lost territories in Gabon, Eq Gunea and congo.

    • @ Mbong

      For your information the so-called Southern Cameroon was not part of Nigeria. It was a British fabrication formed during the era of colonization for their national interest. I need not remind you that it was and still is Cameroon territory. The era of colonization is long gone and God brought back Cameroon together as he had created and nobody on earth can ever divide it again.
      I feel like throwing up when I see a bunch of African idiots fighting to maintain a colonial master’s fabrication just as I feel like throwing up when I see those mentally enslaved African judges and lawyers wearing those silly wigs.

      • Epée Dipanda

        Do you throw up when you see Gabon and CAR?
        If you don’t then please don’t pretend to try to keep Ambazonia with larepublique.
        A nation of lies built on lies.
        For 9’years Ambazonia built a democracy before being laden with the liability of Larepublique.
        We are decided to fix what our parents left crooked

        • Epée, I don’t know what you call Ambazonia. That sounds like an eastern European name to me. I have searched the world maps from thy kingdom come and have never ever seen any country that ever existed in Africa called Ambazonia. This must be a virtual country in your dream land. If you are talking of Southern Cameroons, I will advise you that it was just a colonial master’s fabrication for their national interest and was never a country. I can only find it in the world maps as part of Cameroon and nothing more. I have nothing to do with Gabon or CAR to throw up for they are Gabon and CAR and don’t have the name Cameroon associated with them. PLEASE YOU NEED TO EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY. That was the late great Bob’s advise to all black people before he died.

  5. Unity in diversity was the dream of JN Foncha. Face reality minister Tchiroma, the people of Southern Cameroons have denied our efforts to make LRC succeed the Cameroon confederacy while reducing Southern Cameroons to mere regions of LRC. It is so transparent and wrong annexation. Also the Treaty of Versailles which had liquidated the short-lived German Kamerun/Neukamerun did not deny to any of her component peoples the right of self-determination.

    You cannot burn down villages, kill people under arrest, decapitate corpses of Anglophones and come here with unity slogans. End this internecine war, now or face personal liability in the near future.

    • I believe now that idiocy is contagious .

    • @ MD
      Just as Ambazonians cannot kill and kidnap security officers and think they will fold their arms and not retaliate. All you idiots are doing is inviting the BIRs to destroy our villages. You don’t care about those villagers as you know fully well that your terrorist activities in those villages will do nothing but invite the BIRs to destroy them. Why don’t you carry out your silly attacks in Biya’s village if you have any balls?

    How could you say that..??..
    This man na devil…

  7. “LRC succeed the Cameroon confederacy while reducing Southern Cameroons to mere regions of LRC. It is so transparent and wrong annexation. “”

    LRC is reducing Ambazonia to mere regions in Cameroon.This is the narative LRC media uses on a daily basis There were two countries that came together! Ambazonia never accept to be reduced to cameroon regions

  8. Actions Speak Louder than Words. It is not enough to say we are one and Indivisible! Executive Branch of Government held by La Republic, Legislature La Republic, Judiciary also Held by La Republic, so where is Southern Cameroonians? If you say two cameroons came together as one and all the powers on tge country rest with one man. Where is the other guy?

  9. Imperfect as it was, the reunification of French-speaking East Cameroon and English-speaking West Cameroon was a project to be improved upon with time. But instead of building and improving, larger-than-life individuals took on the aura of deities and embarked upon dismantling the delicate edifice. One of the two stars was dropped from the flag that symbolized and gave meaning to the union. Then the English language began the painful journey down to Oblivion, passing through limbo with incredible distortions and mangling. And now this.

    • Epée Dipanda

      Oh dear John,
      The “Cameroonian” English has lost its illustrious fame of yester years. These days it’s so painful to listen to “alleged” Anglophones reading the news in English. One can never be certain of the medium of communication, the words are very often a hybrid of French, English and Pidgin. I am always at my wit’s end trying to explain to people why it’s so difficult to understand Cameroonian English.
      The truth is that Cameroonian English is no longer English. This is the work of LaRepublique, to denature west Cameroon and make her a pale shadow of herself.
      We’re not gonna take it!

  10. Where’s pinguss?

  11. monkeys fight monkeys search a shame

  12. 20th May! the controversial date that made SCnians second class citizens in the ”one and indivisible” LRC.This date was masterminded by Ahidjo of LRC, and Muna,the appointed PM of West CMR and VP of the Fed Rep of CMR, after the sacking of Jua and Foncha as PM of West CMR and VP of the Fed Rep of CMR,respectively .This two thieves masterminded the illegal and fake referendum,after they have succeeded to overthrow the elected and legitimate gov’t of West CMR.The war that is been fought today,should have been fought since 1972,by West and East CMR.Foncha and Juas would have team up to fight Muna and his masters, and West and East CMR would have seperated a long time ago.And we would not be having people today to come and tell us about ”one and indivisible” bruhaha.

  13. @KONGOSA

    I hope you heard what Donald Trump said about ” ambasonias members” hahaahhahahahah

    the war continued ” mvomeka , kongosa , firefighter “.

    don’t worry LRC paid the USA too hahahahhahaha

  14. Epée Dipanda

    Manage your laughter as you will need it soon when we leave. Your free money will be over and LaRepublique will become like its brother CAR, broke. Then will you need all this your laughter.
    As for Donald Trump he doesn’t suffer with us when we can hardly move to the toilet without Carte d’Identité. He can scream all he likes, we are out of this illegal Union.

    • The visiting World Bank/IMF team has urged belt tightening in view of disquieting financial situation, the end result of corruption, embezzlement and reckless spending. Suggests more involvement of the private sector over the money guzzling public service.
      And US ambassador cautions using the two donated aerial surveillance planes for anything other than fighting Boko Haram in the north.

    • You cannot and will never leave you must be educated by fire by force luckily many have got this message.

  15. @Colby Ha ha ha ha..The celebrations has already been cancelled in all the rural areas in SC.The only areas in NW and SW that u still suceed in celebrating your 20th may is in the urban areas,under high security.Gradually,20th may is cancelling it self in NW and SW…Feel free to celebrate it in East Cameroon.
    We are making u learn the hard way.

    • Kikiki You are really funny @kongossa you would have started in urban areas where the whole world will see then end up in rural areas where they don’t even know what Is may 20 parade due to farm works.

  16. Chiroma should clean dirty slum french Cameroon instead of bribing false 20 may celebration of cpdm theives day, Southern Cameroonians government law is no slavery day celebration,lrc can continue to waste money on useless projects to fool their doom ass empoverish voiceless citizens who live in slums for 57 years pretending to worship the butcher biya,a embarrass country infested with mosquitoes,rats, muddy,dusty roads,no clean drinkable water, exposed sewages,what has the biya regime develop in all the regions? old foolish colonial french dictator in regression who is in denial,those weak men supporting a failure are unpatriotic failures too,lrc is a ugly dirty shithole country