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Members of the National Commission on the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism appointed

The Head of State, H.E. Paul Biya has this 15th March 2017 signed a decree appointing members of the National Commission on the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism.

Peter Mafany Musonge
Former Prime Minister, Senator Peter Mafany Musonge was appointed President of the Commission.

Senator Peter Mafany Musonge shall man the 15-man body alongside his vice, Oumarou Djika.

Other members of the commission include: Ama Tutu Muna, Angouing née Ndanga Françoise, Djenabou Bakary, Mbappè née Tiki Ngonde Ndjo’o Agnès, Abbé Jean-Marie Bodo, Abouem à Tchoyi David, Ahmadou Mohamadou Baba, Efoua Mbozo’o Samuel, Halle Nicodemus Ndessi, Itoe Mutanga Benjamin, Mbafor Jean-Marc Afessi, Ngambo Fondjo Pierre Vincent and Ngwane George Essambe.

The National Commission on the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism was created by a Presidential Decree on 23rd January 2017.

It has as mission to promote bilingualism and multiculturalism in Cameroon while consolidating peace and unity.


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  1. Cameroon’s thorny problem consists of a large number of effete functionaries who sit on the lid of reforms, allowing progressive elements to suffocate underneath.
    If Parliament and Senate can neither pass legislation that accommodates and embraces an evolving society nor tolerate popular demonstrations, what kind of society is being projected as “image de marque”? We cannot eat our cake and have it too, can we?

    What happens if and when a citizen encounters an arrogant service delivery that stands on the way of a non-bilingual service provider?

  2. Promotion of bilingualism and multiculturalism, and you keep on appointing old pals at the helm of such institutions. When are the youths going to have their own chance? Genuine talks on real decentralisation and/or federalism is the only remedy, not bilingualism—you may even revert to monolingualism—no wahala.

    So Tutu would now maintain her much disputed gov’t house at Bastos, legally?

    Anyway, one man’s joy is another man’s sorrow…

  3. Zam-Zam my brother, I was expecting that appeasement could begin with youths who really feel the pinch of the socio-economic burden. The same recycling day in day out. How can Pa Po Mbia keep appointing the same people who are a disappointment to him and their people, the same old guard that is the reason for the present social discontent and expect positive change?
    So there is no young person betwween 25 and 50 years, a no-name that has the academic and professional qualification to do things the way the present generation are asking for???

    • Oh yes, Kitts!
      The youths shall grow.
      Biya is afraid of youths, that’s why all the youths who were close to him are meditating on their stolen youth in Kondengui—he is even suspicious of his own Frank or Junior. But for how long? The majority of our populace are youths, there is no way you’ll infantilize youths forever, for youths are custodians that would ferry the unachieved endeavours the old couldn’t achieve across the the river. But when you kill the youth, due to narcissistic longings, which youth is going to be willing to step forward and do that?

      Hayatou has now understood that…

  4. Cameroon has been a bilingual country since 1961 and it shouldn’t have taken the gov’t 56 years to realize that. The Anglophone crisis isn’t gonna be solved by this Commission, but by rather sincere and honest dialogue. Mafany in his 70’s has led his life serving decades as PM and GM and isn’t indispensable.

    Are young Cameroonians incompetent? Why the recycling of old faces? This commission is just another shady scheme to waste taxpayers money on huge salaries, SUV’s, luxury villa’s, mission allowances….. Why then are there ministries of culture and territorial administration?

  5. Mr. President is being given very bad advice. Could someone save this country from total destruction! We have a generation of young Cameroonians who are willing to think outside of the box and the President himself well advanced in age keeps appointing his age mates in positions of authority? Please God, what has Cameroon done so bad to be cursed this way. Is time Anglophones left this unholy union.

  6. It is a truism that people get the type of government they deserve. In Cameroon length of service (anciennete) has become the choice criterion for nominations and promotions to top job. Hardly is there ever an x-ray of the concrete achievement associated with length of service, not even if one were an Inoni Ephraim credited with implementing ANTILOPE to sanitize the public service of ghost workers.
    Herd Mentality allows all to play Messiah and clamor for kids to return to school BUT when it concerns unemployed certificate holders, zero Messiah’s stand up to be counted!

  7. How objective will you be ,when you are the one who is spreading tribalism and hate speeches amongst the very anglophone you have been appointed to protect their heritage???????
    How are you going to workeep sincerely with those Niger westernerkan you so hate?Unfortunate for u Mr pm,Our eyes are now wide open and we love our brothers from the Nw and SW.

  8. The problem with the Cameroons is not bilingualism?, appointments?of the old people. It’s squarely the unwillingness of the Anglophone government elite and the naivit y of biya to know what the country needs. It’s the fear for change. Until the Anglophone issue is solved no amount of whatever can lift that country forward

  9. when will the youths of cameroon own a post? Only those old faces parrading the doors of power in cameroon,but they claim youths are the future but power never changes hands,how will the youth learn to govern when they are dead or they will carry the posts to their graves?

  10. The whole thing is nonsense. Since Paul Biya came to power, non of his commissions has ever worked.

  11. Young innocents have died once again for old greedy, selfish and wicked friends of Biya to put money in their accounts. Na witch? Copying the Canadian bilingualism/biculturalism approach used to settle the Quebec grievance will not help. Can the old head be reminded that the Canadian parliament passed the resolution bill in 1963 and it was later followed by the 1980/1993 referendums to put the query to bed and even until now, lots of people in French Canada are still seeking autonomy as a separate state without the fear of being arrested or made to disappear. Another Foolish approach.

  12. Why are you guys bothering yourselves arguing about who is in the commission? In Cameroon, we form commissions when we don’t want solutions. Commissions are only intended to drag on the problem and distract people from it. Commissions are intended to say “OK I have heard you and see I’m already looking into your problems”. That’s why the members of the commission are all his supporters. When Ahidjo introduced bilingual grammer schools in the sixties to promote bilingualism, did he have to create commissions?

    As Southern Cameroonians, we do not care anymore what biya is doing. SEPARATION!!!

  13. His days are numbered, whether he likes it or not. So let`s just tolerate him.

  14. For ever young Reserved

    Commission to promote multiculturalism is headed by a man who’s against our brotha & sister from northwest region with xenophobia even though Anglo with a common history ,than I wonder how he will perceived other ethnicities within Cameroon with no cultural affiliations or heritage from his own tribe in the country

  15. For ever young Reserved

    Or the commission is meant to promote civil strife like the xenophobia dis greedy Moron Musonge wanted to start with northwesterner even though very weak like cocoleaf, for him too now extend the division& madness with the different ethnicities in the country

    • Bro we are dealing with a blood drinking regime. The president is a criminal that rewards evil done by his administrators. Look at Fai Yengo who was the DO for Menchum in the lake nyos disaster promoted to governor after that. Bell Luc Rene who terrorized Bamenda in the 90s became minister, Oben Peter Ashu who orchestrated madness as a DO in the NW was reciprocally compensated and today the godfather of xenophobia is leading a useless inconsequential commission. Honest politicians/leaders like Wirba, Ayah, Agbor Balla and Tassang are either in jail or have fled. The struggle continues……

  16. It should be a lot of fun to watch a team of largely monolinguals toy with a bilingual problem.

    In Cameroon (also known as Absurdistan), a popular adage is “Impossible n’est pas…”

  17. Hayatou is gone. Now is your turn. Time will tell(hardened dictatorship)