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Menchum : Three arrested over murder of gendarme

Journal du Cameroun | Three persons have been arrested in connection to the murder of a Gendarme officer on Monday in Weh, few kilometres from Wum, headquarters of the Menchum Division in the North West Region of Cameroon.

The gendarme officer, Jean Bosco Ndjamya was shot and killed as he and his colleagues attempted to intercept a gang of robbers who had attacked a microfinance agency in Weh.

The robbers reportedly seized his gun after a fire exchange before shooting him and taking off with the weapon.

The suspects, whose identities have not been revealed were arrested on Tuesday after a manhunt to track them down was activated, reports the Guardian Post.

A security source equally confirmed their arrest but declined to reveal their identities for reasons described as « investigation secrets ».

The suspects were arrested as they attempted to escape from Weh to a neighbouring locality, locals say.

In collaboration with bike riders and the local population, the suspects were blocked from leaving the village before being arrested.

While the suspects remain in custody, investigations have been opened to track down other suspected members of the gang who are on the run.

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  1. None arrested over killings of civilians on the 22nd and 1st of Oct.We now have guns.We will slaughter all those LRC’s thugs in our land….

  2. In a country where there is fair play, duty, merit, honor, patriotism and the rest, one would have expected the arrest of Michel Nguele, the run-away murderer of taxation employee, Christelle Mfegue at her home in Olembe, Yaounde since January 16. But alas, prompt action seems to be reserved only for a certain category of victims!

  3. They are war prisoners not arrested, it is like la republic du cameroun has not yet gotten it, they are at war with another sovereign nation (Ambazonia).

  4. Good news

  5. Picking on scope goats will not quell the Ambazonia resolve. Thieves don’t confiscate weapons! The resistance is on until the colonial occupiers are completely pushed out. The struggle continues…

  6. “Investigation secrets”? Do LRC a sh*t hole country have secrets or any intelligent service. Odontole drinkers claiming to have secrets. As usual they have pick up some poor graffi boys who are now been tortured as scape goats. The fight continues

  7. A sh*thole President of a sh*thole country issuing sh*thole warrants of arrest

    Nothing can stop the present momentum of the liberation struggle.
    Arresting innocent Southern Cameroonians, electing Akere Muna as President, decentralisation, a ten state federation, etc will not stop the momentum.
    The present momentum can only be stopped by resolving the ROOT CAUSE of the Anglophone Question.

    As a reminder, the ROOT CAUSE of the Anglophone Question was the UN-envisioned federal union code named, FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON, made up of TWO STATES EQUAL IN STATUS, i.e. Southern Cameroons, and la Republique du Cameroun, as defined in UNGA Resolution 1608 of April, 21, 1961 that was NEVER implemented.

    The Anglophone Question will be resolved this time around come rain come shine.