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Menka: retour sur les lieux du massacre [+vidéo]

France Info | Des flaques de sang et des impacts de balles, toujours visibles. Il y a 10 jours, 32 personnes étaient tuées ici, à Menka, un petit village de la région anglophone du Nord-ouest du Cameroun.

Selon l’armée et le gérant de cette auberge, 27 d’entre elles étaient des séparatistes : «Ils m’ont dit qu’ils voulaient loger ici, qu’Ils étaient des membres de l’armée d’Ambazonie (état virtuel autoproclamé par les séparatistes anglophones)., et qu’ils avaient le droit de loger ici. J’ai refusé, ils ont insisté et ils ont menacé de me tuer si je parlais encore »

Parmi les victimes, 5 otages dont une jeune fille de 19 ans. Pour le leader historique de l’opposition, John Fru Ndi, président du Social Democratic Front, principal parti d’opposition au Cameroun, ce massacre aurait pu être évité : « Si l’armée avait encerclé l’hôtel et tiré en l’air, elle aurait pu capturer tout le monde vivant. Mais les militaires ont encerclé l’hôtel et ont tiré dans le tas… ils ont tué tout le monde. Monsieur Biya qui a ordonné cette guerre, devrait être poursuivi pour crimes contre l’humanité »

Depuis 2016, le Cameroun s’enfonce dans une crise socio politique qui oppose le gouvernement aux séparatistes de la minorité anglophone.

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  1. How I wish France Info could throw some new light and offer new insights into this mystery instead of regurgitating what has been drilled over and over ad nauseum!

    How many bullet-ridden walls were there compared with what another reporter showed for the Bafia Health Center attack in Muyuka? Who actually alerted the military? How about the wounded transported to an Akum Health Center before being retrieved and murdered?

    Even a primary school child can help take down the number of an escaping hit-and-run vehicle !!!!!

    • It seems like you have already took position and drawn a conclusion as to what happened. ” …being retrieved and murdered.” So why do you want a different perspective from France Info? Hypocrite .

  2. Just shut up with your nonsense; why the U.K. can’t be there why France this terrorist anglophone begging for France now.hahahahahahahhahahahaha

  3. Those killed in Menka were innocent souls.our self defense forces don’t lodge in abandoned hotels.they were all setup by the lrc,the fon and atanga nji paul.
    There is no justification whatsoever for such a gruesome act by the occupier on innocent boys and girls. Even those that survived and were rushed to the hospital were pulled out of their hospital beds and shot so as to hide the truth.we will not forgive and it will never be forgotten.
    Lrc pack out of our territory,the forceful occupation has come to and end wether you like it or not.
    The writing on the wall is very clear “we can never be one”.

    • “Those killed … Innocent souls”so all neighbours who testified there was shooting in both sides were wrong the military Man who lost his life during this raid guned himself down this is the mindset we must Wipeout by all means.

    • Palapala you and your guys are not representing SW and NW . You are not different from Biya’s gorillas. You guys are terrorising your own people who are not charing your point of view.
      Sad but they were ambazombians.

  4. Sir,i still maintain that those boys and girls killed in Menka posed no threat to lrcs terrorist forces.those bullets were unidirectional,and am sure you know from where.
    Again, for you to say a military man lost his life during that incident which is the first time am hearing that isn’t true.those are lies fabricated by lrc.
    Why kill even those that survived the gruesome massacre and were receiving treatment at the hospital if, lrc had nothing to hide?

    • You are a real palapala nothing more nothing less the deceitful Akere Muna lost its credibility over the same statement,Fru ndi visited the area and asked what were these people doing to the hotel he acknowledged that their fighters were in the bush, that these guys were criminals as claimed by local population then I asked here the difference between terrorists and criminals so enlighten yourself before uttering garage…

    • Palapala,

      You are delusional, my friend. You are the criminals that are tricking those misled youngsters to confront the military… and you cheer and urge them on when they attack soldiers and abduct civilians. Then you jump in with some ridiculous counterfactual logic, just like the ancient and clueless warlock that is always keen at making silly comments.

      Your gangs of armed robbers do not reside in motels, you chant! You know them so well… and you saw them rampaging the modern streets in a recent video! You are lucky that the military has been acting with extreme restraint.

      • Ras
        I was in Ambazonia last year and travelled from Buea to Muyuka,Kumba,Mamfe,Eyumojock,Numba,Widikum,Batibo,Bali,Mbengwi,Bamenda,Wum,Banso,Ndop,Bambili,Belo and Bambui.am not joking,i was in all of those places and talked with a lot of Ambazonians concerning this struggle.
        At that time,my stance was for a two state federation,but i often found my self at odds with most of our people who often told me and i quote,you are talking about federation because you are out there and have not seen the type of suffering we are seeing here,we would rather die than stay with these people.

        I had said it here before that initially i was for federation but massacres of the 22 and 1st,i became fully convinced that total separation was the only way out.

        • Make no mistake,no one is fooling our people on g zero.they are equally or more committed to this struggle.

          I may or may not know some of those boys but those that are fighting to liberate our territory are Ambazonians,and most Ambazonians out here know a lot of their fellow country men back home.

          I don’t know if you will not cheer or encourage a friend or relative to fight back or even kill an attacker in self defense but i would.
          Our forces are still SDF(self defense forces) for now and we are happy with the job they are doing thus far.

          If you say lrcs military is acting with restraint,then i will say that is a gross misinterpretation of acts being carried out by your military on my people.tell them to go home or we will continue sending them back in body bags no apologies,its SD.

        • Palapala,

          Well, you are free to encourage your gangs of armed robbers… but do not weep when they get massacred. That’s all I wanted to remind you about.

          By the way, there’s no place in Cameroon called Ambazonia. You can try all you want but that will stay just in your head, my friend.

          Yea, you claim to have been to Buea, Kumba, Mamfe, Muyuka! Oh well, I suppose you had a great chat with everybody there but you still are unable to explain why your gangs are attacking people and threatening the masses who totally reject their insanity!

          By the way, thousands of people have fled to so-called Francophone areas for safety… and we still have hundreds of thousands of so-called Anglophones living happily in Douala, Yaounde, Bafoussam etc! Can you explain this miracle?

        • Like I said Palapala, THE MILITARY HAS BEEN ACTING WITH EXTREME RESTRAINT (No Martial Law so far). This is because your gangs of armed robbers are still being considered as misled children of Cameroon.

          Trust me, if for example, the criminals in Nigeria’s Delta region attempt an aggression against Cameroon, the situation will be totally different.

          It has become clearer now why G. Jonathan was hesitant to mercilessly confront Boko Haram. But as you know, things changed when Buhari entered the scene.

          We need to decompress the situation… not such reckless buffoonery from delusional reactionaries like you who are bent on putting the lives of misguided youngsters at risk. You should lead by example and not trick others to get slain for your ego.

  5. Dictator Biya’s file at the ICC has been updated with this massacre. It is simply a question of time he will realise that he is not untouchable.

    Dictator Milosevic of Serbia also thought that Russia could protect him from the ICC. The rest is history.

    France cannot protect Dictator Biya from paying for his crimes. It is simply a question of time


  6. Biya, is evil that befell that country and he should pay for it before his death.

    What constitution or law, empowers him to kill fellow citizens and destroy property
    with impunity in any circumstance?

    Wake up people, and put a stop to this nonsense from Biya. He doesn`t own that
    country in any reaspect.

    • When you take up arms against the state you become a military target that must be neutralized. So you see, Joshua, the INSTITUTION empowers Biya to eliminate these types of renegade citizens.

      • @Ras tuge citizens have ears to listen these are not citizens they are animals and must be dealt accordingly cause cities are for citizens and bushes for animals…

        • So why did Biya’s start a war that he will beg Sesiku Ayuk Tabe to end? Bunch of sycophants!

        • @Dot, untill folks learn to not answer the little minds on this forum,
          then shall one have grown up and change will be effected.
          They have to be ignored.

  7. When i read the write up of RAS TUGE , BAMENDABOY ECT i am 100% certain this are not Southern Kamerunian (Ambazonian) they are either Frogs who studied in English or One of those Anglo Bami like the Causine of Fochive who infiltrated the IG and set up the Arrest of H E Ayak Tabe.

    Individuals from LRC whom form their standard are university PROFS or Seasoned Administrators made statements and calls names such as:
    What can You?
    You peaple came and Jiont us in LRC

    And the most recent is the prof Charle A whatever they call him said over STV on the 5 June 2018, That NW & SW are not gratefull and intelligent we are cannot compete on equal basis with Frogs, that it thanks to Biya goodwill that we access some schools in LRC,


    • Is that why your English is so poor? Then you wonder why the prof. whatever thought of you as being of low intelligence?!!! Judging from your substandard English, you are definitely a candidate that deserves affirmative action. What a pity!

    • @fire

      See who is talking I thought your English will be better; even your former master language you can’t write . search a raccoon who has told you English his your language.

    • Fire @ the fact someone with a uni degree and is even an employed to teach professer said that means the whole french based university system should be made into english,(maybe thats why he said the comment in the first place),textbooks ,time to resurch in english instead of French on the internet would be cut and qualified people would be more avaliable to work in governence and save the state money and open up investment oppertunities.Even in German universities some subjects are taught in English nowerdays,probably in Russia,Japan ,korea,and china too, i doubt its the same for french at all.We are in 2018 and though French is a beautiful language its useless ( unless you want to eat poetry or baudelaiire, insitead of food ) in comparison to knowing English.

  8. This poor hotel owner’s small business has now been ruined by a bunch of thugs—nobody is seeing with the unfortunate man.

    Disproportionate killing of civilians by the army is unacceptable, but all the eye witnesses are bearing testimony to the fact that there was fierce fighting between both camps involved.

    Let’s give them the benefits of doubt that they were no Amba fighters, but what is sure is that they were a ferocious gang that preferred death than surrender themselves.

    A gang that is ready to kill the hotel owner is no longer a thing that should be taken lightly by any elements of the armed forces…

  9. This poor hotel owner’s small business has now been ruined by a bunch of thugs—nobody is seeing with the unfortunate man.

    Disproportionate killing of civilians by the army is unacceptable, but all the eye witnesses are bearing testimony to the fact that there was fierce fighting between both camps involved.

    Let’s give them the ben#efits of doubt that they were no Amba fighters, but what is sure is that they were a ferocious gang that preferred death than surrender themselves.

    A gang that is ready to kill the hotel owner is no longer a thing that should be taken lightly by any elements of the armed forces…

    • Zam-Zam,

      You recommended a video the other day and I watched it and saw how these gangs of armed youngsters are putting their lives at risk and intimidating the community with Kalashnikovs and all what not!

      There are many such pitiful videos on Youtube where you see these gangs advertising themselves with guns and asking for support from their clueless sponsors like the ancient warlock in this forum.

      There are videos where soldiers were mutilated. In one particular video, a BIR soldier was beheaded; his body desecrated… and his manhood amputated!

      So you see, we are really not talking about some righteous children or civilians here, my friend!!!

  10. Let me unequivocally assure you all that biya’s days are so so close than most people here knows.Biya and his children will meet the same faith others in his position gone b4 him met. You can do the math yourself.

    • O yea, the entire universe knows that Biya’s days a so close… He will exit and Cameroon will outlive him. So what exactly is your point?

  11. @ RAS TUGE , how is the newspaper DELIVRY biz in SWEDEN going, when will U return to LRC which flows with Milk & Honey & become resourceful TO LRC , No matter how long a crocodile lives in water it shall never become a mammal.

    • That’s exactly why we shall send you back to the NW just so you can learn to stand on your own feet!

  12. @ RAS TUGE, YOU CAN GO BACK TO LRC AND TAKE OVER MESA PRESS the sole monopoly of newspapers delivery in LRC & SK, How do u do when it is -30c outside , I petty u for being a victim without a crime as a result BIYA/LRC & A PRISONER of Snow and cold.

  13. Killers of children.
    Why did BIR go to the hospital, remove the surviving victim took him back to Menka and execute him with his brothers who were with him in the hospital?
    They intended to kill every eye witnesses to their massacre.
    100 villages burnt
    200,000 internally displaced
    70,000 refugees in Nigeria
    5000 missing
    5000 killed
    Daily extortion, rape, killings, of innocent civilians in West Cameroon
    Did the university of Buea students attack the BIR when they brutalize and rape them?
    Did the lawyers attack the army before they brutal attack of lawyers?
    You run away from Boko haram terrorist because they have guns like you but you go around removing civilians in West Cameroon from their bedrooms at night and hospitals and execute them.
    CPDM unprofessional unpatriotic army

    • Nya Lum,

      No, the BIR chases Boko Haram and hunts them down right inside Nigerian territory. That is why Boko Haram never occupied any part of our country. If your gallant Ambazombi armed gangs want to emulate Boko Haram then the conflict will be upgraded… and you will not like it, my dear.

      One thing though, by instant alchemy, you conjure all those fascinating figures on behalf of the womanhood of Ambazombi termite nation! Absurdly, my indefatigable magician has absolutely no inspiration when it comes to the numbers of soldiers killed by her valiant gangs of armed robbers. Quite a sorrowful absurdity from an icon of justice with no clue about dialectical logic!

      • Hmm, so gangs also killed soldiers? Didn’t you jump out here dancing on the street that soldiers had arrived your back yard to wipe everyone out? Didn’t you even say the crisis would not reach your area? It is an incredibly sorrowful absurdity for an icon of scare mongering to repeatedly get everything wrong!

        • # kill all terrorists in our country as well as their backers both home and abroad !

  14. Lies.This was a planned massacre.Ambazonian forces don’t live in hotels.Atanga Nji and the army planned the killings to make the head of state believe they are doing their job.Liers.Occultic satanist killing young men for ritual sacrifice.Do you think we don’t know the true story?

  15. i still don’t get it. why on earth will people sit behind their computers and still try to justify the killing of innocent civilians. he entire system put in place as failed the entire nations and still yet, grown up adults still don’t get it. If some of you are not bold enough to call a spade a spade its better to see something and don’t say something rather than seeing something which is wrong, but yet want to justify it.